Overdose of vitamin E: symptoms, consequences

The natural balance of vitamins and minerals in the human body creates favorable conditions for work of all organs and systems. It is like a complex mechanism, where the failure of a single part causes failure of the entire device. Overdose of vitamin E, like any other substance poses a risk to human health. Upon detection of such problems should immediately adjust your diet and undergo medical treatment.

Tocopherol – a synthetic analogue of vitamin E. It is used as in the complex treatment of various diseases and as a preventive measure. Often vitamin E is assigned in cardiovascular diseases, pregnancy and the menopause and in case of problems with potency in men. Smokers should take vitamin E with caution as it is combined with nicotine can cause stroke. This important element is found in dairy products, meat, eggs, cereals and greens.

Doctors often prescribed the drug Limanowa Is alcohol solution for oral administration, which is available in drops and is a means of recovery after diseases. His daily dose is 20-40 drops in a quarter Cup of water.

Symptoms of overdose of vitamin E

An overabundance of vitamin E in humans, it is easy to suspect, as it is accompanied by the emergence of different reactions, but to confuse this phenomenon with other disease is quite simple. If this element in the body too much, it is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • from the nervous system: lethargy, apathy, constant fatigue, weakness, intolerance to exercise, headache, reduction in visual acuity.
  • gastrointestinal: diarrhea, nausea, spasmodic pain in the intestines or in the stomach, flatulence, fluid accumulation in the abdominal cavity;
  • with the genitourinary system: presence in the urine of creatine in excess, the lack of androgen and estrogen, oppression of sexual functions in both sexes, disruptions of the menstrual cycle, the development of renal failure;
  • from the side of cardiovascular system: heart attacks, hypertensive crises, heart failure;
  • external signs: dryness of the skin, breakage and hair loss.

In addition, an overdose of vitamin E reduces resistance to infections and thus has a negative impact on the immune system. At advanced stages may be hemorrhages in the eyes, thrombosis and internal bleeding on the background of a lack of vitamin K as tocopherol lowers its level in the body.

In severe cases, excess vitamin E is very dangerous, as it can lead to blood poisoning.

Overdose of vitamin E during pregnancy

Not surprisingly, when pregnancy is often prescribed vitamin E, as it not only has a beneficial effect on embryo development, but also helps to remove the threat of termination. Without the knowledge of the obstetrician-gynecologist any vitamins to use is not recommended – they are appointed, if there are regulations.

If the basic therapy is aimed at increasing the level of hemoglobin, iron supplementation and tocopherol need to endure an eight-hour interval. When the acute need to increase the content of vitamin E no woman gets this substance from the complex of vitamins for pregnant women.

In addition, to maintain the level of this substance is enough to consume a variety of foods of vegetable and animal origin. Provided that all processes in the pregnant woman's body occur properly, all required elements can be obtained from vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy products, and that will be enough.

Nature has that under the influence of progesterone and estrogen during pregnancy a woman gains weight, thus creating favorable conditions for the development of the fetus. Since vitamin E is a fat – soluble substance, which tend to accumulate in the body, excess dosage of this drug leads to the degradation of body fat and hormonal imbalance, which can have a detrimental impact on the fetus. The woman feels tired and exhausted, she observed the enduring morning sickness, weight loss and increased nervous excitability. This element affects the liver and kidneys, reducing their functionality, so women may experience indigestion, heartburn and swelling of the lower extremities.

Hypervitaminosis of vitamin E in the perinatal period threatens the development of various pathologies and deformities in the child in the womb. In the last trimester, the drug is usually stopped because it causes tension in the muscles and this can result in spasms and increased tone of the uterus, which is unacceptable in the last stages.

Yourself to take these drugs pregnant women are prohibited – the feasibility of reception of tocopherol during pregnancy is determined by your doctor.

How to prevent overdose

A person notice any major changes of state caused by an overdose of Vitamin E, the daily dose needs to exceed 1 year And to take the drug in such an amount need a few weeks – only then the overdose will manifest itself. How much tocopherol is to be takendetermined individually in each particular case take into account the presence of severe chronic diseases. Excess vitamin E can be prevented by knowing the maximum dose of vitamin e per day:

  • with different reactions from the nervous and cardiovascular systems due to menopause and elevated fatigue – 100 mg;
  • to revitalize the hair and skin, preserving your youth, improper diet, failure cycle – 200 mg;
  • hormonal imbalances in people of advanced age, severe stress, high physical activity – 400 mg;
  • in hemorrhages, gangrene, thrombophlebitis 600 mg;
  • the highest dose of 800 mg is assigned smokers and drinkers people because nicotine and alcohol withdrawal of this useful element.

Increasing the dose leads to undesirable consequences, but not to improve the patient's condition. On the contrary, the disease may progress. In addition, intake of Tocopherols can not be combined with antibiotics, iron supplements and certain vitamins, such as vitamin K. Drinking tocopherol on an empty stomach is bad for the digestive system and can cause diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.

The presence of vitamin E in the human body is necessary. It is often prescribed by experts as a preventive measure, if there is a risk of developing cardiovascular disease, there are frequent breakdowns and problems with the hormones. However, overdose of vitamin E leads to the opposite effect and exacerbate the disease, therefore, exceed the dose prescribed by the doctor, or assign this drug alone is dangerous.