Harm to Wi-Fi radiation on human health

Wi-Fi is everywhere around us – at home, at work, in shops and cafes. To it had all rather used to it, because this technology is an extremely convenient way to wirelessly access the Internet. For this reason, people turn a blind eye and prefer not to know what harm Wi-Fi radiation is applied to the environment and the human body. However, it is necessary to know at least in order to have an idea about what is invisible, but tightly surrounds us and is an integral part of life.

What is Wi-Fi radiation

In addition to wireless Internet access, Wi-Fi technology allows you to transfer other data to the home and portable computers, digital players and gaming consoles. It is the second most common form of wireless technology and gives it just cellular. As well as all other wireless transmitters of radio frequency waves, such as Bluetooth device, remote controls for doors, appliances, garage, Wi-Fi equipment emits a Wi-Fi radio frequency waves.

Non-nuclear radiation, the type of which is a radio wave, is not the cause of the destruction of chemical bonds in the human body. What can be said about nuclear radiation, which is representative, for example, x-ray machine. So in this respect, equipment with Wi-Fi radiation has a definite advantage over x-ray, although in General it is considered that these rays are identical.

The human body partly absorbs the radio waves emitted by Wi-Fi devices , depending on the degree of remoteness of the body from its source and the signal strength, the figure will vary. In this regard, cell phones are much more harmful, since during a conversation the source of radiation is minimal from the brain distance. The device range Wi-Fi impact is often not so closely to the human body. Therefore, the harm Wi-Fi, if you compare it with the level of other radio signals such as FM wave do not exceed the overall indicators of the impact of the waves on the human body, which, of course, are the place to be.

Wifi or twisted pair

Wi-Fi technology rapidly entered our lives and literally in a decade put their nets everywhere so that there was a need to have at least somewhere to "free wifi zone".

However, it was not always so, and conventional wired Internet on twisted pair just recently had no competition, which has completely supplanted it everywhere. But what better and justified such rapid changes?

Wired Internet access is really quite clumsy and bound to a localization wire that in modern conditions of extreme mobility conference "on the hour" and other constant movements make it bulky, uncomfortable and outdated. However, this endangered species will be extremely useful for those who have children, because radio waves, even at low power affect the human body – the only intrigue is whether or not it is this influence harm. One thing is for certain, it definitely does not add to the rising body with unformed nervous system, thin-walled skull and a still weak immune system to any radiation should be avoided.

The world health organization classifies the radiation produced by mobile phone is dangerous for health, although Wi-Fi equipment until the official opinion is not.

The Wi-Fi effect on the human body

Scientific studies have shown that radio waves are recognized as potentially dangerous to humans, and the world health organization (who) recommended that to protect children from its direct impact. During research was noticed irregularities in the blood vessels of the brain, although the evidence base for these studies is still there. Thus, the negative impact of wifi on the human body due solely to the presence of the very radio waves that emits Wi-Fi equipment.

In addition to Wi-Fi equipment, radio waves, nuclear radiation emit such all the usual appliances, such as microwave, TV, radio.

A hypothetical health risk from radio-wave radiation shouldn't be ignored – although the evidence from the scientific community is still not found, the limited availability of evidence, albeit controversial, become the factor that inspires some concerns, including reproductive function, the effects on future generations and the risk of cancer.

To the Wi-Fi effect on the man was not above acceptable, one should observe safety precautions. The level above which the emission should not to rise in public places shall be monitored by an official medical statement. The "threshold of harm" waves Wi-Fi must be above the limit, the maximum allowed in the regulations. But while such statements in our country there is no, and the process of propagation, including Wi-Fi, not controlled by anyone, you need to set the technique to 50% or less of the capabilities of the routers.

However, the capabilities of the routers have limited capacity and their use is not so harmful, how harmful radar, or other specialized equipment.

Wi-Fi and health

src="/poisoning/images/807-3.jpg">International safety limits of the Wi-Fi signal is consistent with the security of citizens, and it gives hope that our routers are made according to international standard. In this regard, precautionary measures for the prevention of increased Wi-Fi radiation is not provided. In addition, each router or other device that supports the transmission of waves Wi-Fi, there are instructions that should be studied independently to adjust the signal to a minimum. After all, the less effect of radio waves on the organism, the less risk to health and immediate influence on the behavior of cells in the human body.

When trying to figure out harmful Wi Fi health, Danish researchers conducted an experiment. Human cells, according to their research in the experiment on the children they had to spend a night with his phone under his pillow, which was active Wi-Fi tend to change under the influence of these rays. Scientists have identified the subjects vasospasm and decreased concentration. However, children, unlike adults, the skull is thinner and has more capacity.

As well as TV, radio or mobile phone reception, wireless LAN Wi-Fi uses radio waves in the range 3-30 GHz. According to who, outgoing rays of this range do not have adverse medical effects. But despite this, it is strongly recommended to protect children from exposure to any radio waves, including Wi-Fi spectrum.

The danger of Wi-Fi radiation

Non-naturally occurring fields of electromagnetic waves, which are artificially created by people, causes unnatural for the human body. The fact that man and other living organisms, there is no indicator that would have told them about them and created adaptation. The danger of such fields impalpable and invisible, as already mentioned, it is not proven thoroughly. However, the bulk of Wi-Fi technology has gone on too small a period to assess objectively its impact on generation and long-term effects from exposure.

Electromagnetic smog today affects a person 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Many people are accustomed to the presence of invisible rays and not give it much importance. But how dangerous this could be? Entering into direct contact with the natural electromagnetic fields of the person distorts it. According to research scientists, found that a similar effect can impair immunity, as the cells heat up and are damaged under the influence of alien fields. Information to be compromised and cellular metabolism, deteriorating functional health, different diseases appear. Research centres in different countries dealing with this issue, I suspect the influence of electromagnetic radiation on the development of cancer, problems with memory, which is clearly deteriorated in the subjects during the experiment. Also spotted a link between prolonged exposure to field development and impotency, eye diseases, diseases of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, reduction of red blood cells in the blood.

Health effects may be particularly noticeable in children and pregnant women, as a growing and emerging body still can not resist the aggressive action of the fields. The growth of Wi-Fi networks in universities, schools and kindergartens can cause irreparable harm to children and adolescents.

In addition to cancer, wifi radiation can also affect cardiac function and cause development of dementia. In Europe and the United States are increasingly abandoning the use of Wi-Fi in kindergartens.

Some experiments with waves Wi-Fi

A variety of experiments were conducted by both professional technicians and ordinary concerned citizens of different countries. But the confirmation of the harm Wi-Fi radiation is still on the official level no.

Experiment with plants

To find out whether Wi-Fi on human health, the Danish Schoolgirls the experiment was carried out, as the waves of Wi-Fi affect plants. Schoolgirls were planted 12 seeds of lettuce in the trays 12. Thus six trays were put in a room where no rays passed wifi, and the other six stood in the same room with the router. While students diligently took care of seedlings, watering them in time and providing sufficient light and fresh air. After 2 weeks started sprouting seeds, but among those plants which were not electromagnetic waves. The rest of the seeds either did not germinate or germinate late and quickly faded.

Experiment high school girls interested in scientific minds of Sweden, who promised to spend a similar experience in the laboratory.

Experiment with water

The intent of the researchers, if the contact Wi-Fi with natural water will be changed, these changes will be in the human body, as it also consists of water. For this purpose was selected a few varieties of water that has been exposed to electromagnetic radiation for 12 hours. In the course of the experiments were really committed changes in pH, decreased the ability of electrical conductivity, has changed its composition, among impurities, the properties of water. Thus, the researchers came to the conclusion that the chemical composition and properties of water, which is part of the human body and other living things, is also undergoing change.

Experiment within the wallsUniversity

Student volunteers were asked to sit in a shielded cell, where not penetrated the external radiation, while another group of students was asked to sit in a regular room with Wi-Fi network, gadgets and the Internet. In the experiment, it was found that with free access of several dozen wireless networks, the water demand of the students sharply increased. While in net against electromagnetic smog chamber thirst of the students was significantly less.

This experiment confirmed the who studies that the presence of steps EMV makes the cells of the body move faster, which leads to dehydration and other processes.

How to protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation

Different obstacles in different ways absorb Wi-Fi signal. Concrete brick walls of the house can significantly reduce, but additionally to protect yourself against radiation by using special devices: there are, for example, special aprons with a shielding effect, not miss any rays. They are in demand from pregnant women who rightly fear the impact of wifi radiation on the development of the child. Also exist in the sale of Wallpaper with a metallic coating, which, as stated, also greatly reduce the rays of this spectrum.

If there is an overwhelming desire to protect themselves from radiation in the home, it is useful to know that this will help quite a dense material of metal or fine metal mesh. Reflective abilities, for example, has the usual foil – the degree of protection unknown to science, but the people is widespread – it can be used in partial or complete isolation from radio waves.

In an apartment building the problem is more multifaceted: even if to protect themselves from radiation, applying all the necessary prevention:

  • to reduce the signal level on the router;
  • to make the partition using foil between the body and the gadget;
  • buy radio reflection apron for pregnant women;
  • disable wifi at night to keep the equipment away from children.

All the same, the signal will penetrate from the neighbors, as even a very thick wall capable of transmitting electromagnetic radiation.

To set the flat reflective panels on walls or special Wallpaper, need a lot of capital, as in turbulent atmosphere on the subject of the target audience, enterprising businessmen have found a gold mine and similar devices are very expensive. Therefore, in this situation, and the Russian reality in General will be easier to talk to the neighbors, familiarizing them with the topic and ask them to make the signal smaller, if they are on other floors no additional connections.