How to get the radiation out of the body after radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is an integral part in the treatment of patients with malignant tumors. It is prescribed after surgical removal of tumors in combination with chemotherapy. Radiation tends to accumulate in the internal organs and adversely affect their work. So the question is, how to derive the radiation from the body after radiation therapy remains an important issue.

Ionizing radiation destroys not only cancer cells but also healthy. To minimize the impact of radioactive substances on the body, you need to pick up:

  • method of treatment of radiation therapy – contact or at a distance, interstitial, intracavitary;
  • dosage;
  • protection and excretion of radionuclides.

Drug removal radiation after radiation therapy

To maintain the body during the radiotherapy and after the conference appoint a specially formulated dietary supplements and medicines of natural origin.


Is a drug developed by scientists of the USA to reduce side effects from radiation. Its mechanism of action – blocking protein (protein) in the cells, reducing the toxic effects. Thus, the therapeutic effect of radiotherapy is not reduced, malignant cells die according to a matched dose and time of exposure.

The medicine stops the process of self-destruction of healthy cells. Its application improves the overall condition of patients during treatment and after it. It has no side effects.


The drug belonging to the group of antiseptic stimulants. Its action is aimed at stimulating the immune system, normalization of all cellular processes. ASD helps the body to recover itself and Marshal all the forces of the immune system to fight the tumor.

The drug promotes adaptation and stimulation of biological processes. The main areas of influence:

  • increase the body's resistance;
  • help healthy cells to get rid of radiation;
  • the restoration of hormonal background;
  • strengthening the stress resistance of the organism in adverse conditions (radiation).

ASD is well tolerated by patients, has no toxic action and side effects. To take the drug follows the scheme prescribed by the doctor (considering the dose and area of irradiation). Release form – vials with a solution of unpleasant pungent smell. Method of use: drink in the morning an hour before meals and at night before sleep (after 2-3 hours after the last meal). During the course, you must drink plenty of fluids to 2 liters per day. It helps in better cleansing of the body from radiation at the cellular level.

Drugs to activate protective functions of the body

To deal with radiation by strengthening their own health. The possibilities of the body are great. If you create favorable conditions, he is able to cleanse itself. Bring x-ray irradiation of the body by using these drugs:

  1. The potassium iodide. The drug has radioprotection action (protection against radiation), whereas the lack of iodine in the body. It can only be used during treatment to protect against radiation exposure. After treatment the efficacy is greatly reduced and does not affect the excretion of ionizing particles from the body.
  2. The methandrostenolone. It is a steroid remedy, the main effect of which is cell renewal. Shown in physical exhaustion during long-term treatment, the defeat of radionuclides and protein deficiency, metabolic disorders. Available in tablets.
  3. Maximin. Designed for the prevention of radiation sickness. Possess high radioprotective activity, compensates for the oxygen starvation of the tissues, reduces side effects of radiation therapy. Meksamin taken orally half an hour before the session of irradiation. The drug is well tolerated, in rare cases, causes dyspepsia (aching pain in the epigastric region, nausea, vomiting).


Actively removes radiation from the body after radiation vitamin complexes. They restore the changed chemical composition of cells, restore function, eliminate the structural tissue changes. Therefore, the vitamin is necessarily present in the treatment of cancer patients.

Revalid contains daily norm of all necessary vitamins, micro and macro elements, acids. Rapidly absorbed in the digestive tract. Take 1 capsule 3 times a day course of 1 month.

Vitapect is a dietary Supplement based on Apple peptides. Cleanses the body of radioactive particles and heavy metals salts.

Amygdalin (vitamin B17) – acid contained in the seeds of almond, plum. The Supplement is designed to use cancer patients for removing radiation. Scientific anti-cancer effect of the drug has not been proven. But it has analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect, improves metabolism, slows down the process of destruction of healthy cells.

Products to neutralize and remove radioactive particles

Nutrition during radiation therapy occupies an important place. Products that present radiation from the body, must contain the following components – usefulorganic matter, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids and many other nutrients.

The list of food components that must be present in daily diet:

  • Antioxidants protect and support the immune system. They act selectively on infected cells, cleanse them from radiation and accelerate the recovery process. The greatest content in green vegetables.
  • Selenium enters into cells, binds the particles of radiation. Destroys and removes from the body cells, which can not be recovered. Is found in nuts, cereals.
  • Fibre interacts with radioactive elements, forming with them a complex and excreted from the digestive tract unchanged. Present in large quantities in vegetables and fruits.
  • Coffee acid breaks down complex molecules of harmful substances more easily, which makes it easier to bring radionuclides from the body. Its main source of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Carotene – rehabilitates damaged cells, restoring their structure and destroying the radioactive elements.
  • Calcium – strengthens cells and increases their resistance to destructive factors. Provides special protection of mucous and skin.
  • Potassium – prevents the penetration of the illuminating particle into the bloodstream and spread them throughout the body by creating a barrier.
  • Fruit pectin – locate heavy metals, group them and output through the digestive tract. Most are contained in citrus fruits and apples.
  • Amino acids form the body's immunity by building up antibodies, promote rapid recovery.

The diet of the patient referred for radiation therapy must include lean meat and fish, mushrooms (contain a lot of selenium), seafood, which contain Pufas (polyunsaturated fatty acids) required for removing harmful particles.

Dairy products from radiation are shown in mandatory. They are rich in calcium and amino acids (protein) that are important in the recovery of the body – low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream.

Recommended vegetables – greens (parsley, dill, spinach), celery, zucchini, beets, carrots, pumpkin, corn, peppers, tomatoes. Fruits – apples, oranges, grapefruit, berries (strawberries, strawberries, black currants), grapes, plums.

Cleans the body the kidney beans, lentils. It is useful to drink a decoction of oats or flax seeds. The diet should be nuts (walnuts, almonds), dried apricots, seaweed. Patients prescribed teas from rose hips and mountain ash with honey. These teas contain vitamin C, strengthen the body and help him recover.

If the patient has cancer of the digestive tract, many of these products are contraindicated. In this case, the patient is prescribed a strict diet, failure to which can lead to death, especially in the last stages of the disease.

Products that are banned in radiation therapy:

  • meat broths;
  • animal fat;
  • beef;
  • hard-boiled eggs;
  • fruits – apricots, cherries.

A diet rich in proteins and fiber, administered after an x-ray of the internal organs. Use of irradiating apparatus for diagnostic purposes widely since the results of this survey as informative as possible. This man gets harmless for a life dose of radiation, for example, after CT (computed tomography). What to do with extensive exposure during the examination to protect the body? As prevention, you can drink a glass of milk or make the sorbents.

The excretion of radioactive elements is very long process. To get rid of the consequences of radiation therapy, it might take several years. Products output radiation from the body gradually, step by step, restoring damaged organs and tissues. Therefore, the diet of cancer patients must be complete and balanced to include all the useful body substances. You need to remember that the pharmacological drugs and products can not fully ensure the safety of irradiation. Therefore, when recovery is essential to carry out restorative measures – active lifestyle, proper rest and sleep.