The effects of radiation from television towers on human health

Innovative technologies appear more often. Modern man tries to make his life more comfortable and convenient, and make it more fun. Today is very difficult to imagine life without high-quality television. Television has firmly entered the life of modern man. For many people this is not only a fun, but also the ability to remain constantly in the midst of important events. TVs help brighten up the loneliness of the elderly and actually very easy a person's life. But for any enjoyment you have to pay. So, TV towers negatively affect human health and can cause serious disorders.

The danger of cell towers

Tower are sources of powerful electromagnetic radiation. To build houses and public buildings close to impossible. But many builders not only comply with building regulations, but do not hear the voice of your own mind.

In fact, the TV tower it is possible to place within the settlement and at the same time to minimize the impact of harmful radiation on the human body. Such communication did not harm people, they are sufficient to place away from residential buildings and structures for public use.

The fact that electromagnetic radiation has a bad effect not only on health but also on human health. The effects of constant exposure to electromagnetic fields on humans can be unpredictable. The level of this impact may be different, depending on compliance with performance standards of the facility. The people who live directly near the tower. Are such disorders:

  • chronic fatigue;
  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • pathology of the nervous system;
  • mental disorders;
  • the syndrome of sudden death among children.

A strong electromagnetic field has a very negative impact on human health. It was noted that such sources of sufficiently high rates of suicide and death of unknown etiology.

The who declared the protection of the people from the strong electromagnetic radiation with issue # 1. Although it should be noted that in many European countries the limits radiation above, than in Russia.

Who is sensitive to irradiation

The harm of influence of the tower by the state of health of a person varies significantly, depending on the distance of the object from the houses. The most sensitive to electromagnetic radiation are the following groups of people:

  • children of different ages;
  • pregnant women;
  • elderly;
  • people with chronic diseases.

The radiation from television towers may lead to radio wave sickness. The term was coined in the last century and it refers to the pathological changes that occur in human organism under the action of electromagnetic radiation.

The main symptoms of radio wave sickness is a common migraine, impaired sleep and concentration, and depression. These symptoms are not specific, so diagnosis is difficult.

The effect of radiation on various organs

Electromagnetic waves have different effects on the vital organs and systems. Most affected are the heart and the nervous system, but, in addition, the source of radiation is extremely bad for the endocrine system and the immune system. If people live in the vicinity of the TV tower, then it can develop a serious illness.

Nervous system

The nerve cells of the brain under the influence of the external field significantly affects the conductivity signal. This can cause not only severe but also irreversible consequences, since under attack is the whole nervous system. And this system fully controls all the conditional and unconditional reflexes. The person can severely disrupt memory and coordination. There may be different mental disorders, up to phobias and suicide.

In violation of the functions of the nervous system can worsen chronic diseases.

The immune system

If near the house is located TV tower, can be seen, and the frequent incidence of colds and infectious pathologies. This is not only due to the suppression of the immune system, but also due to attack of immune system on its own cells. This is due to the decrease in the number of lymphocytes, which are supposed to fight infectious agents.


Under the action of electromagnetic waves, which radiate the TV tower, can clump red blood cells, and platelets. The source of radio waves may be the main cause of obstruction of the membranes of cells. Under the influence of the tower may change the qualitative composition of the blood. The body on this anomaly reacts to the release of large amounts of adrenaline. These processes badly affect the heart and blood pressure, as a result, may begin an arrhythmia.

Tower near the house can lead to serious pathologies of the cardiovascular system.

The endocrine system

The action of the electromagnetic field leads to excessive stimulation of the endocrine glands, which are located in the pituitary gland, adrenal gland and thyroid gland. As a result of hormonal disturbance, which leads to different health disorders.

Particularly sensitive to radiation source women. Radio waves have a negativeoperate in pregnant women. Under their influence may slow down the development of the fetus or premature birth occur. In the first trimester of pregnancy are formed all the vital organs of the child and misinformation posed by external sources of radiation, can alter DNA.

How to reduce the negative effects of radiation

The danger to humans lies in the fact that he does not feel the action of radio waves and the negative effects are noticeable only over time. To protect yourself and your family from the negative influence of the TV tower is easy, if you implement the recommendations.

  • Initially you need to determine how dangerous in terms of radiation from all appliances that are in the house.
  • For home use you can buy a special dosimeter.
  • It is not necessary to include both TV, microwave and mobile phone. If they work together. The radiation dose is significantly increased.
  • It is impossible to put appliances in one place. It is better to distribute them evenly.
  • Do not put many appliances near dining table or lounge area;
  • It is undesirable to put a TV and computer in the room of a small child. This can lead to frequent illness and allergies.
  • Outlets, which include TV and computer, must be grounded.
  • It is impossible to keep up the cordless in the bedroom or nursery.

When buying a house or apartment you need to pay attention to the proximity of the location of cell towers and broadcasting towers. If they are too close to a residential neighborhood, then such property should be abandoned, for whatever bargain price it may sell. If you ignore this advice, you will encounter a strong incidence of all family members.

People are surrounded by a lot of different home appliances, which he can't refuse. The most harmful are considered to be mobile phones and microwave ovens, but the tower next to the house is not the best way affects on health. If it is not possible to remove from home creature comforts, then you need to follow the advice of experts on the safe use of electrical appliances.