What is the danger of cooking gas, first aid for choking gas

We used to use natural gas for heating or cooking. And the main advantage is its cheapness. In addition, it quickly heats the housing, and to cook with it much faster. He enters the house with a special pipe (methane gas) or purchased in cylinders (gas propane or butane).

Gases have no smell, but they specifically add a strong smelling substance, to feel it leak. What can happen if the gas will be in the room?
The risks posed by the domestic gas?

The risks posed by household gas

If it is correct to handle it, the problem usually does not arise. But improper use of the possible poisoning or explosion. Both happens regularly, we will learn about it in the media. How dangerous is natural gas, you know all, but many relate to its use very carelessly, without observing elementary rules.

To explosion of natural gas when it leaks, quite a lit cigarette, a lit match or spark lighter. By itself it is not explosive, but when mixed with air becomes dangerous.

Small enough flash to the explosion, and then fire. The explosion may be so powerful that can destroy the wall of the house, break the Windows, completely destroying part of the housing. In burn centers with severe injuries get people that were home during the explosion. It is therefore important to observe the safety rules when using gas appliances.

If poisoning ambulance should be called immediately. If not quickly take measures, the possible death of household gas. Poisoning quite frequent phenomenon, it can happen to anyone for different reasons. So it is advisable to be aware of the signs of poisoning and be able to provide first aid.

Sometimes this compound is used as a means of suicide, to die voluntarily. Besides, suicide doesn't want to be saved. If it is still possible and the person is saved, then later needed psychiatric help.

Signs of poisoning

Signs of poisoning are well-marked, so it can be defined even without a specialist. If inhaled gas, it experiences the following symptoms:

  1. Nagging headache, which gradually increases. Sometimes it is localized in the temporal and frontal areas. But most complain of common pain and is not always able to say exactly where it hurts.
  2. Dizziness occurs, and with it raskoordinirovannosti movements and staggering gait. Hands be weak, the patient is unable to hold even a Cup.
  3. Observed the confusion that is associated with poisoning of the brain. People can not tell the day of the week, forgets his name, doesn't remember what happened to him.
  4. Nausea and vomiting – constant "companions" of poisoning. And if vomiting is strong, then it can save a life. People will feel a little better and have time to contact others.
  5. Pain behind the breastbone, which often complain about the victim. But the presence of such pain is not necessary.

It happens that if poisoning causes loss of consciousness, so there is no chance to ask about what the patient is experiencing. To the clinical picture of poisoning is not possible. One of the symptoms, if you breathe in the gas, reddish or bluish skin color.

A number of people are poisoning occurs rapidly and in an acute form if they:

  • suffer from chronic diseases of the respiratory and cardiac systems.
  • smokers with great experience;
  • risk groups: pregnant women, the elderly and children;
  • the holders of the chronic pathology of the blood.

First aid measures

What if the ambulance didn't come quickly? This situation is possible in remote areas, it is therefore necessary first aid with choking gas. Perform the following steps:

  • Remove victim to fresh air. If you cannot do that, then open the window. The main thing that the apartment did fresh air.
  • To put the patient on the street to on his back, and the legs should be above the body. To head to ice (any cold object or product) and make sure that does not fuse language and people suffocated.
  • To release the body from constricting clothing. Air should pass freely to the lungs, so the victim can breathe easier. Otherwise asphyxia – respiratory distress.
  • RUB the Breasts, cover and allow to smell liquid ammonia. If you start vomiting, then the patient should turn over on its side.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Best suited pure water. If the poisoning is not severe, it is best to drink yogurt.

In a rare breath or no it is important to apply artificial respiration. In order not to get poisoned, inhale the air, using bandage soaked with moisture, and during exhalation of the patient will deviate to the side. If the pulse is not heard, proceed to chest compressions.

First aid for choking gas is important, it can save the life of the victim. Well, if there will be a man who knows how to do artificial respiration and chest compressions. In the future will require medical help.

Note that in the room where there was a gas leak, no lights were used appliancesand lit a match or lighter. If accumulated gas, it can cause explosion and fire.

How to recover from poisoning

In this type of poisoning there is no antidote, which could quickly remove toxins and restore the body. Therapy is conducted in three stages: conducting a full examination, physiotherapy (breathing exercises), schema therapy, which is individual, but has a common approach. Apply:

  • Preparations for the recovery of the cardiovascular system.
  • Pain in the pain of the head and behind the breastbone.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs to restore the respiratory system.

Therapeutic treatment methods are performed when the patient is awake. It is related to the intensity of the disease. If a strong poisoning carried out resuscitation procedures. And only after you have stabilized prescribe inpatient treatment.

Recovery after poisoning by natural gas can last a long time and over chronic diseases. Every six months the victim has to undergo examination. And so for 3 years.

Compliance with safety regulations

You need to follow the simple steps to avoid leakage of gas. It is important to remember that methane is light and rises, propane and butane (in cylinders) are able to accumulate at the bottom because it's heavier.

In a suburban or rural homes have cellars and crawl spaces where it can accumulate. Possible death from gas in the apartment, but it's easier to choke in the basement, when not realize the danger. In addition, it is harder to get, and any spark can cause an explosion. Chances to stay alive in this situation is minimal.

Poisoning and explosions associated with the elementary negligence and neglect of safety regulations. To emergency not occurred, it is necessary to remember:

  1. When operating gas appliances in the space shall be ventilated. The vent or window slightly open, it is possible to system of artificial ventilation.
  2. Before you light the gas, check the traction. It is necessary to follow during combustion.
  3. Gas appliances when the work needs to be supervised. And please do not use them for heating.
  4. Prohibited repair of gas equipment of their own, and in the case of a malfunction or odor, call "04".
  5. If a long time the room is empty, the gas cylinders need to get out of the house, gas equipment – off. Gas can accumulate in an empty room, if the system is not sealed. Then in an empty house formed an explosive mixture.
  6. On the gas pipeline accident can happen. In this case, home valve need to be blocked. Gas after repair will appear in the system at any time, and it can simply not pay attention.
  7. The flame in the gas stove should burn evenly. Not allowed blowing out a flame, or spills. Then the disaster will come soon, as the gas with air in the presence of fire will explode almost immediately.
  8. You can't leave the kids with the included gas appliances, or to allow them to prepare their own meals on the gas without the presence of adults. Gas cylinders should be in the box and lock it, if the house has small children.
  9. It is important to perform an annual inspection of gas equipment for integrity.

You will protect yourself and your loved ones by using these elementary rules. Do not be afraid to use the gas at home if you approach it sensibly.

Detect gas leakage, use the following:

  • Eyes: if on the tube to pour soapy water in places of leak bubbles
  • Hearing: the gas is "whistles", if the leak is fast
  • Smell: in the place where he goes, the smell is strongest.

There is a modern device – the alarm device of a gas leak, which prevents the appearance of gas in the apartment sound and light alarm. Such a device will help you to solve all problems with a combustible substance.

Poisoning by household gas is a serious test for the organism. It requires immediate care and treatment. And not always our health is able to recover. Sometimes the consequences is a chronic disease. So be vigilant and take the necessary precautions.