Aluminum poisoning: symptoms, signs and consequences

Aluminum poisoning occurs when the body gets an excessive amount of this metal. In recent years, aluminium has been actively used in many industries, so we can say that this metal is present in almost everything that surrounds us. The amount of aluminum in the body and its excess can lead to undesired consequences. Intoxication symptoms everyone should know, so to quickly recognize the danger.

The scope of metal

Aluminium is used in various industries, which include:

  • engineering;
  • aircraft;
  • the production of different utensils ranging from forks and spoons, and ending with large pots and pans;
  • the production of drugs – mainly added to creams and ointments for treatment of dermatological pathologies;
  • as a catalyst in various chemical reactions;
  • for water purification.

Aluminum poisoning is not only harmful to health, but also carries a danger to human life.

The use of aluminum cookware and products in Tetra Pak cartons is banned in Russia since 2008, as this substance is a depressing effect on children.

The influence of the metal on the body

Aluminium is an essential trace element in the human body. This metal takes an active part in metabolism, participates in growth of bone tissue, and also stabilizes the amount of phosphorus in the blood.

If the body has an oversupply of aluminum, the cells of all organs cease to function normally. Under the action of metal many cells die, while a huge amount of aluminium enters the bloodstream and causes severe intoxication. Already proven carcinogenic effects of this metal on all organs and systems of man. Aluminium promotes the binding of calcium and iron eventually leads to anemia and hypocalcemia. In case of accidental contact with mucous membranes causes their atrophy, in contact with skin has a detrimental effect on all layers of the epidermis.

For a long time it was thought that aluminum cookware is absolutely non-toxic, if it is open with a protective film. However, this is not so, despite the protective film, the metal has a toxic effect on all living things. Under the influence of chemical substances, the cells begin to hard to share, it is absolutely not performing important functions.

Constant exposure of aluminum on the human body can lead to the development of cancer.

The causes of poisoning

In a certain amount of aluminum is in food, air and objects that surround man. Intoxication can be in such cases:

  • When using aluminum cookware. When using kitchen utensils on the dishes often form scratches, and tiny particles of metal get into the food. A small amount of a chemical does not distort the taste of food, so people eat the chips without noticing it.
  • Long ongoing dialysis in acute renal failure.
  • When consuming food that are rich in this chemical element. The most dangerous are foods that contain preservatives.
  • Through the skin. With constant use of deodorants. Some cosmetic products to ¼ of the entire volume is aluminum and its derivatives. This chemical element clogs the sweat glands and can accumulate in them.
  • In the treatment of some drugs. In medicines aluminium compounds are added as preserving agents.
  • When properly purified water. For drinking water purification uses special filters, which are composed of aluminum. If the working life of filter has expired or violated treatment technology, the water gets a lot of metal.
  • Mild poisoning can be obtained with vaccination. Almost all vaccines as a preservative substances contain aluminum.

To possible poisoning when working in hazardous environments, where a high concentration of aluminum dust in the air. Symptoms of poisoning often notice people who live near production sites and further processing of aluminum.

Most prone to poisoning by aluminum dust elderly people and those who have chronic kidney pathology.

Symptoms of intoxication

The symptoms of aluminum poisoning-specific, although sometimes reminiscent of other diseases. To prevent dangerous complications, which may cause an excessive amount of a chemical element in the body, it is necessary to know how it manifests itself.

The main features of aluminum intoxication are:

  • Prolonged depression, which resembles depression in cancer patients.
  • Persistent memory loss. First, forget only those events that were a long time, then amnesia is getting worse.
  • Dementia, which subsequently leads to more serious diseases.
  • Violations of the qualitative composition of the blood.
  • Dystrophy, which is manifested by weakness of the muscles and joints. In this case this condition is not amenable to correction by vitamin D.
  • Diagnosed disease of the lungs in which the respiratory organs as a shrink, can't function.

The people who work in hazardous occupations, are especially vulnerable tothe risk of poisoning. In such a case, the toxic metal is carried by the bloodstream to all organs and causes damage.

To diagnose metal poisoning on the basis of x-ray and bone biopsy. Sometimes the specific diagnosis.


To avoid the negative consequences to the victim as quickly as possible you need to give first aid. If the person is a long time in contact with aluminum and have it display the symptoms, assistance is provided by this algorithm:

  1. Preclude any contact of the patient with chemical element.
  2. If victim is conscious, that it quickly put on the fresh air.
  3. In that case, if a large quantity of aluminum has been swallowed, the stomach is washed with a weak solution of potassium permanganate and give the sorbents.
  4. Be sure to call for an ambulance. Even if after the first aid man was better, he still needs to be some time under the supervision of a physician.

Timely action will help prevent heavy damages of internal organs. To prevent serious intoxications employees of hazardous industries should regularly undergo a medical examination.