The poisoning with ozone, the ozone effect on the human body

Ozone is a gas of natural origin, which, being in the stratosphere protects the planet's population from the negative effects of ultraviolet rays. In medicine this substance is often used to stimulate hematopoiesis and enhance immunity. At the same time, the natural formation of ozone in the troposphere results from the interaction of direct sunlight and exhaust its effects on the human body the opposite. Inhalation of air with high concentration of gas can lead not only to exacerbation of allergic reactions, but also to the development of neurological disorders.

Characteristics of ozone

Ozone is a gas consisting of three oxygen atoms. In nature it is formed as a result of exposure to direct sun rays on atomic oxygen.

Depending on the shape and color temperature of the ozone can range from light blue to dark blue. The molecules in this gas is very unstable – a few minutes after the formation of matter breaks down into atoms of oxygen.

Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent, thereby often used in industry, aerospace, medicine. In terms of production this gas is present in welding, procedures, water electrolysis, production of hydrogen peroxide.

Answering the question of poisonous ozone or not, experts give an affirmative answer. This gas belongs to the highest class of toxicity, which corresponds to many chemical warfare agents, including hydrogen cyanide.

The influence of the gas on humans

In multiple studies, scientists came to the conclusion that the influence of ozone on the human body depends on the amount of gas enters the lungs along with air. The world health organization established the following maximum permissible concentration of ozone:

  • in a residential area – up to 30 µg/m3;
  • in the industrial zone shall not exceed 100 µg/m3.

One-time maximum dosage of the substance should not exceed 0.16 mg/m3.

The negative impact

Negative effect of ozone on the organism is often observed in people who have to deal with this gas in a production environment: specialists in missile industry workers using ozone generators and UV lamps.

Prolonged and regular exposure to ozone in humans leads to such consequences:

  • irritation of the respiratory system;
  • the development of asthma;
  • a depression of respiratory function;
  • increase the risk of allergic reactions;
  • increase opportunities for the development of male infertility;
  • immunosuppression;
  • the growth of carcinogenic cells.

The most active ozone affects four groups of people: children, persons with sensitivities, athletes performing exercise outdoors, and the elderly. In addition, the area at risk includes patients with chronic pathologies of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

As a result of contact in a production environment with liquid ozone, crystallization which occurs at a temperature of -200 degrees Celsius, the possibility of deep frostbite.

Positive impact

The maximum amount of ozone is in the stratospheric layer of air shell of the planet. Co-located ozone layer helps to absorb the most harmful part of the ultraviolet rays of the solar spectrum.

In carefully calibrated doses of medical ozone or oxygen-ozone mixture has on the human body beneficial effects, thereby often used for medicinal purposes.

Under the supervision of the attending physician the use of this substance allows to achieve the following results:

  • to eliminate oxygen deficiency;
  • to intensify the redox processes occurring in the body;
  • to reduce the consequences of intoxication due to the excretion of toxins;
  • to eliminate the pain syndrome;
  • to improve blood flow and to ensure the supply of blood to all organs;
  • to restore the proper functioning of the liver in various diseases, including hepatitis.

In addition, the use in medical practice of ozone therapy allows to improve the General condition of the patient: to stabilize sleep, reduce anxiety, boost immunity, eliminate chronic fatigue.

Thanks to the ability to the oxidation of other chemical elements ozone is often used as a means of disinfection. This substance helps to effectively fight fungi, viruses and bacteria.

The use of ozone generators

Described positive properties provided by the ozone, has led to the production and use in industrial and household conditions of ozone generators – devices that produce trivalent oxygen.

The use of such devices in the industry allows us to undertake the following activities:

  • to disinfect the air in the room;
  • to destroy mold and fungi;
  • to disinfect water and sewage;

In medical institutions of ozonators used for disinfection, sterilization of instruments and consumables.

The use of ozone generators common in the home. Such devices are often used for enrichment of air with oxygen, water disinfection andeliminate viruses and bacteria from cookware or household items used by person with infectious disease.

When using an ozonator in the home must comply with all conditions specified by the manufacturer of the device. It is strictly forbidden to be in the room when the device and immediately use clean with it, water.

Symptoms of poisoning

The penetration of high concentrations of ozone in the human body through the respiratory or prolonged interaction with this substance can cause severe intoxication. Symptoms of poisoning with ozone can manifest as sharply – after a single inhalation of excessive amounts of this substance and discovered gradually in chronic intoxication as a result of poor working conditions or rules of use of household ozone generators.

The first show signs of poisoning the respiratory system:

  • irritation and burning sensation in the throat;
  • difficulty breathing, shortness of breath;
  • the inability to take a deep breath;
  • the emergence of rapid and irregular breathing;
  • pain in the retrosternal region.

When exposed to gas in the eye may be watering them, the emergence of cramps, reddening of the mucosa, vasodilation. In some cases there is a deterioration in or complete loss of vision.

The systematic contact of ozone can affect the human body as follows:

  • occur structural changes of the bronchi;
  • develop and worsen various diseases of the respiratory tract: pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, emphysema;
  • the reduction in breathing causes asthma attacks and a complete cessation of respiratory function.

In addition to the impact on the respiratory system, chronic exposure to ozone leads to pathological processes in the functioning of other body systems:

  • the development of neurological disorders – decreased level of concentration and focus, headaches, loss of coordination;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • violation of blood coagulability, development of anemia, the occurrence of bleeding;
  • aggravation of allergic reactions;
  • disturbance in the body oxidative processes, in which the spread of free radicals and the destruction of healthy cells;
  • the development of atherosclerosis;
  • the deterioration of secretory functionality of the stomach.

First aid at a poisoning with ozone

Acute poisoning with ozone can lead to serious consequences, even death, therefore, in case of suspected intoxication, the victim should be immediately provided first aid. Before the arrival of specialists necessary to carry out the following activities:

  1. Remove victim from the zone of destruction of toxic substance or to provide for the inflow of the fresh air.
  2. Undo tight clothing, give the man a half upright position, avoiding tilting of the head.
  3. In the event of termination of spontaneous breathing and the heart stops to conduct resuscitation – artificial respiration mouth to mouth and chest compressions.

Upon contact of the ozone with the eyes it is necessary to do washing with plenty of running water.

In the case of human exposure liquid ozone in no case should one try to remove the casualty's clothing at the place of its contact with the body. Before the arrival of the experts is to wash the skin with plenty of water.

In addition to providing the victim first aid, should immediately take him to the hospital or call the ambulance, because the further measures of intoxication may be conducted only by qualified medical personnel.

Treatment of poisoning

To eliminate the poisoning with ozone in a health facility takes the following measures:

  • perform alkaline inhalations to eliminate irritation of the upper respiratory tract;
  • prescribed drugs to stop coughing and restore the functions of breathing;
  • in acute respiratory failure of a patient connected to the ventilator;
  • in eye disease are appointed vasoconstrictor and disinfecting preparations;
  • in the case of severe poisoning therapy to normalize the function of the cardiovascular system;
  • is antioxidant therapy.

The consequences

Long-term exposure to ozone on the human body, improper working conditions or violation of the rules of use of the ozonator can cause a chronic poisoning. This condition often leads to the development of such consequences:

  • The formation of tumors. The reason for this phenomenon lies in the carcinogenic action of ozone, whereby there is damage to the cell genome and the development of mutations.
  • The development of male infertility. Systematic when inhaled ozone there is a violation of spermatogenesis, the cause of which is lost the possibility of procreation.
  • Neurological pathology. The person is impaired attention, poor sleep, General weakness, regular headaches.


In order to avoid poisoning the ozone expertsit is recommended to observe following recommendations:

  • To abandon the sport outside during the hottest time of day, particularly in summer. It is advisable to exercise in the premises or in the area, distant from large industrial enterprises, and wide roads in the morning and evening.
  • In the hottest time of the day should be less likely to be outdoors, especially in areas with high gas content.
  • Upon contact with ozone in an industrial environment the room should be equipped with ventilation. In addition, during the manufacturing process, it is necessary to use a protection device and special sensors, displaying the gas level in the room. The time of direct contact with ozone should be minimized.

When choosing a home ozonator, it is important to pay attention to its technical characteristics and the required certificate. Buying uncertified device may result in intoxication trivalent oxygen. Before using the device you need to familiarize yourself with its operation and precautions.

Toxicity ozone is quite a serious condition that requires immediate intervention of medical personnel. Therefore, it is worth remembering that when working with this gas or household ozone generators should adhere to safety, but upon the slightest suspicion of poisoning is to contact a health facility.