Poisoning by sulphuric acid: symptoms, first aid

Sulfuric acid is a dangerous chemical reagent, aggressive in nature. Poisoning with sulphuric acid can be or liquid reagent, or in pairs – pairs of poisoning her as dangerous as a spilled liquid inside or outside, in the eyes or on mucous membranes. If we talk about safe for human normal sulfuric acid in the air, it increased in the 1 mg / sq m, in the form of liquid safe dose of 0.008 mg per liter, and deadly – has 0.18 mg / l.

As can happen poisoning?

If the person is involved in the production process, which uses sulfuric acid – a situation in which a worker can be poisoned vapors of the chemical or its concentrate, and the solution can happen often enough. The most important thing to the victim and others know what help should be provided to the victim.

The poisoning occurs when direct contact with sulfuric acid, which is in a liquid or vapor state. In regard to the question – in what case of poisoning by sulphuric acid is heavier, if poisoning or solution, doctors give a definite answer that in both cases the consequences are rather severe.

Symptoms of poisoning

Poisoning by sulphuric acid has a very characteristic symptoms, and to confuse them with other symptoms of poisoning, for example, medicines or food disorder, it is impossible. In relation to the symptoms of poisoning by sulphuric acid doctors have identified its distinctive features – it all depends on poisoned patient pairs its liquid or its solution.

The poisoning of the sulfuric acid

Speaking about the symptoms of poisoning by vapors of sulphuric acid are the following:

  1. The patient receives as a result of poisoning of different severity of lesions, burns to the eyes.
  2. Much exposed to injury to the mucous membrane of the respiratory system – there is a burn, irritation of the nasal passages bleed.
  3. And she suffers respiratory system – diagnosed wheezing and severe sore pain in the throat may develop spasms. Spasm of the respiratory tract is particularly dangerous for the victim, and the subsequent swelling that develops after poisoning the lungs and throat, it blocks the Airways and leads to asphyxia.
  4. Affects the digestive system – in cases of poisoning by sulphuric acid the gastrointestinal tract is injured by burns, affects mucous walls. Can develop internal bleeding, which is accompanied by attacks of pain, abundant vomiting with specks of blood.

Poisoning with sulphuric acid in its liquid form

In the case of a poisoning liquid solution, concentrate sulphuric acid – symptoms will be more vivid, the consequences will be more severe than in cases of poisoning her couples.

In cases of poisoning by sulphuric acid, much depends on the percentage of its concentration, and whether there has been damage internal organs, or there is a loss of the skin.

Symptoms of poisoning are the following:

  1. If a chemical agent gets inside the body, primarily affect the digestive tract that is manifested by acute attacks of pain and vomiting, when in vomit may contain blood. Vomiting depending on the extent of damage may vary abundant, dark color of vomit, presence in them of clots and splashes of blood.
  2. In cases of poisoning by a solution or the concentrate of sulphuric acid at the victim observed profuse salivation, severe diarrhea. With the defeat of the sulfuric acid of the stomach in the stool will be present remnants of undigested food, blood clots.
  3. Urine is colored dark red, almost a cherry color – it indicates the defeat of the sulfuric acid of the kidneys. If in urine there are blotches of blood – this may indicate internal bleeding.
  4. Symptoms of poisoning respiratory system with sulfuric acid in liquid form it is similar to attacking the body in its couples – the victim will also develop swelling of the larynx and throat, the defeat of the bronchi and lungs, which manifests itself in the form of swelling, can cause coughing.
  5. The skin may acquire a bluish tint, the lips begin to turn black, and on the surface of the gums and the teeth can appear dark brown spots.
  6. In cases of poisoning the patient by sulfuric acid in liquid form it is a failure of the heart muscle, the rhythm of contraction, arrhythmia appears, that manifests itself by pain in my chest and shortness of breath, dizziness and loss of consciousness.
  7. In any case of poisoning by sulphuric acid, whether in liquid form or in pairs, accompanied by a painful shock, even loss of consciousness and death. With that in mind, with a low pain threshold, the patient should immediately bring pain medication to continue to treat the affected area of the body.

First aid in case of poisoning by sulphuric acid

Sulfuric acid is a very aggressive reagent, a chemical compound that when injected on the surface of the patient's skin or inside the body leads to serious losses. If you do not provide a victim with timely assistance – trauma, severe burns, disability, and death.

First aid, followed by putting the patient in the clinic will help to minimize the negative consequences of poisoning by sulphuricacid.

While rendering the victim first aid, it is worth considering that, anywhere sulphuric acid.

  1. If the solution is a chemical reagent got in, then give the patient to drink a glass of vegetable oil – sunflower, olive or other, which is at hand. To be sipped gradually, in small SIPS. Enveloping the same effect as vegetable oil, has whipped in a cool foam egg protein. To improve the General condition of the patient and relieve pain before arrival of physicians can ordinary milk.
  2. With the defeat of the reagent of the mucosa of the eyes, eyelids immediately is washed with warm water, then drip 2% novocaine solution that will relieve the pain. The affected eyelid must be treated with oil, vaseline or just vegetable, carefully processed as the outer surface, and laying it under the eyelid.
  3. In contact with the surface of the dermis of sulfuric acid, immediately rinse the burn with running water, this should be done at least 8-10 min. while applying soap. Then on the affected area of the body is to put a clean bandage from a gauze or bandage, pre-soaked it with a solution of baking soda. If possible, the soda is replaced by the novocaine that will numb the affected area.

Treatment of poisoning by sulphuric acid

Once the patient will be transported to a medical facility, the doctors applied to the affected surface of the dermis bandage soaked in novocaine – this will reduce the pain.

In the treatment of poisoning with sulphuric acid, novocaine is administered intramuscularly, in the form of injection, and to prevent the development of infections and sepsis, doctors prescribe antibiotics.

With the defeat of the internal organs and system, the development of gastric bleeding, is assigned to a blood transfusion, and emergency performed surgery.

Preventive measures of poisoning by sulphuric acid

In order not to suffer from poisoning by liquid or vapors of sulfuric acid as in the workplace, and in other conditions, should strictly observe measures of personal protection and rules for handling this reagent. To avoid poisoning by vapors of sulfuric acid before the work should be put on the face mask or respirator, work only in a room with good ventilation, a preliminary briefing on how to behave with the reagent.

Clothing should be of durable special material - acid resistant boots, made of the same material apron and gloves, to protect the head of a special hat and be required to wear when working with sulfuric acid face mask, goggles.