Poisoning baking soda: symptoms, first aid

Soda (another name for the powder sodium bicarbonate) is in almost every home. This valuable product is widely used in cooking, particularly for making pastry. The powder is also often used in folk medicine for the treatment of certain ailments. But, despite the fact that this product is well-proven, in some situations it is possible to poison baking soda, which can lead to very undesirable consequences.

The types of soda

Many use baking soda to bake delicious pies, rinse her throat to cure infectious diseases of ENT-organs, clean cups from the plaque and find another use. In life we often used baking soda, but this product has variants, which differ in properties and have their purpose:

  • Baking soda (has the formula NaHCO₃). The powder dissolves well in warm water and forms an alkaline solution of low concentration.
  • Soda ash (Na2CO3 has the formula). The powder interacts with the water, heats up and forms an alkali solution of a stronger concentration.
  • Caustic soda (has the formula NaOH, also called sodium hydroxide). This is a real soda lye and has no corrosive properties.

Baking soda: benefits and harms

In cooking and in folk medicine it is accepted to use food (sometimes referred to as drinking) soda. This type of soda has a mild formula and has no toxicity, so if the question arises, is it possible to poison soda, then hasten to reassure you. Baking soda as such health hazards is not. The product is widely used not only at home but also in light industry and chemical industry. For example, in the manufacture of foams, artificial leather, goods of household chemicals or textiles.

Baking soda is often used in official medicine, and folk. Therapy using this product effective as the powder has antimicrobial properties and ability to neutralize acid. Because of this, white powder often used during catarrhal diseases, for the treatment of ENT infections, removal of skin burns by acids and also to reduce the acidity of gastric juice. For example, to get rid of heartburn and burping, experts advise to mix it in a glass of water one teaspoon of the powder and then drink in one gulp.

In folk medicine, soda found an even greater use. It is used for the treatment of various ailments. For example, using the product to treat joint disease, osteochondrosis, gout, cough, boils, nail fungus, calluses and other ailments. The product is often used in cosmetics and as a cleanser of the body. Lately, a new trend – soda used for weight loss.

Any recipe of folk medicine with the use of baking soda should be used only after consultation with your doctor. Need to follow the specialist's recommendations and follow the dosage. During self-medication soda can cause great harm to the body.

Baking soda is often effectively used in everyday life. For example, you can use it to Shine to wash the dishes (baby included) to neutralize odors (with powder wash refrigerators, trays for Pets, etc.). Pregnant women are advised to use soda instead of chemical cleaners.

Despite the universal quality baking soda can cause harm. Excessive consumption of ingested product may cause increased formation of carbon dioxide, resulting in "acid rebound". This condition is characterized by an increase of acidity in the stomach and bloating. That is, if you treat heartburn with baking soda, but increased the required dosage, the result you will get a new and more pronounced heartburn.

It is not recommended to use baking soda as a medicine to all those who have gastritis with high acidity or stomach ulcer. Should refrain from the product to children under 5 years and pregnant and lactating women.

Eat baking soda should only when necessary. Regular or uncontrolled drinking soda for the treatment or weight loss can cause great harm to the body as a whole. For example, an overdose of baking soda can change the pH of the blood to the alkaline side. Blood has a certain pH level (ranges around 7.35 to 7.43) and even a slight shift can lead to very serious pathologies. For example, when the shift to the alkaline side, a person may deteriorate the blood brain and heart. Pressure is reduced and the motility of the intestines. Can cause breathing problems.

Soda ash

Sodium carbonate is available in the form of powder or granules and has a white shade. The substance has the property of absorbing moisture from the environment, so store in a dry place.

This type of soda is different from food at the expense of a stronger alkaline reaction (pH is 11). The tool is widely used in industries for the production of medicines, as an element for the synthesis of other substances. Soda ash, among other things, is one of the favorite cleaning products many Housewives. With the help of a substance can be:

  • to clean the surfacekitchen, bath and sanitary ware;
  • soften water for washing;
  • wash tiles on the walls and floor;
  • to wash the dishes;
  • to remove limescale;
  • remove blockages and limescale;
  • to remove stains and impurities on clothes.

Often with the help of this tool, is processed in different vegetable crops. The use of sodium carbonate does not bear the risk to human health, if you follow the safety rules. Soda ash inside the use is not recommended, as it can cause mild poisoning.

Caustic soda

So we went to that species of soda, which is a danger to the human body. Caustic soda is different crystal structure, perfectly absorbs moisture and is highly soluble in water, releasing heat. Produced a colorless substance in solid or liquid form. Is a very common alkali.

Caustic soda is used in various industries, for example, for the manufacture of paper, synthetic fibers, cardboard, biofuel or fertilizer. Is one of the elements for the production of soap and various detergents. In the home is used as a cleaner for drain pipes and sewers, as well cope with fat and protein deposits.

Caustics refers to the second class of danger, so it can cause burns to the skin and mucous membranes. Working with substance, you need to protect your hands with gloves. For eye protection you can use points. To keep the caustic substance necessary in a place where there is no access to children.

Poisoning caustic soda can occur if you are working with her to exercise caution. The substance has the ability to corrode, so getting on the skin, can cause very severe burns, cause ulcers or eczema.

A great danger is caustic soda for the mucous membranes. The substance absorbs moisture and generates heat, therefore, getting into the mouth or eyes, causes sunburn, which can lead to various pathologies. For example, once in the eye can severely damage the optic nerve, resulting in loss of vision.

Children can suffer from sodium hydroxide the negligence of the parents. Leaving a chemical substance in an accessible place, the child of ignorance can swallow the granules, and as a result to severe poisoning.

Symptoms of poisoning

If inadvertently instead of baking soda dissolved in caustic water and then drink, you are guaranteed a severe poisoning. As a result, the victim immediately called bloody vomiting and severe drooling. These symptoms are a protective reaction of the organism, since sodium hydroxide can burn the esophagus and cause perforation in the wall (hole), with the accession of life-threatening complications. The stomach generally suffers rare as the gastric juice is able to neutralize the alkali.

Owing pain the victim may lose consciousness, so to determine that he had been a poisoning, you can, if you notice these signs:

  • redness of the tongue, lips, palate and gums;
  • bloating;
  • cooling of the skin;
  • suffocation.

Once in the body, the chemical can cause alkalosis. This condition is characterized by impaired acid-base balance in the body. Alkalinisation of the blood can lead to the development of pathologies on the part of many vital body functions. If the pH is more of 7.45, a life-threatening condition: impaired heart function, brain and lung. Lethal dose of caustic soda is 20 ml.

Death from the substance is possible and in that case, if the victim experienced severe pain and shock, received deep burns and complications such as aspiration pneumonia and severe bleeding.

Poison can also work in pairs sodium hydroxide. If a toxic substance enters the respiratory tract, the most likely such ailments:

  • paroxysmal cough;
  • sore throat;
  • hoarseness (possible loss);
  • the inflammatory process in the lungs (possible swelling of the body).

First aid

In the case of intoxication with caustic soda in first aid is immediate treatment to the doctor. This poisoning requires professional medical attention. Self-gastric lavage is unacceptable. To help the victim, you can, if you give him to drink milk. Suitable as a natural drink sour taste (lemon juice, cranberry juice or gooseberry). You need to drink enough of the drink until the burning sensation subsides (but not more than three cups).

In cases of poisoning by soda, do not induce vomiting and use laxatives.

If affected skin or eyes, rinse area with clean water. When the poisoning substances are necessary primarily to ensure patient to fresh air. In any case, definitely need to see a doctor.

If the victim is unconscious, you should put him in the lateral position and check the condition of the pulse. If the pulse is absent, an urgent need to do heart massage and artificial respiration.

Medical assistance in the first minute is the washing of the stomach with the use of the probe as well as the introduction ofpain medications to neutralize pain and shock. Then, depending on the condition of the victim is symptomatic therapy.

In case of poisoning by caustic sodium is the main treatment is carried out in the hospital in ICU. Burns of the esophagus may subsequently leave severe scarring that will prevent the passage of food. This complication is solved by a surgical intervention.


To avoid poisoning by soda, you need to follow the simple rules listed below:

  • Dosed and carefully use baking soda inside. If you have gastrointestinal disease, before applying to consult with your doctor.
  • Contacting with caustic soda, be sure to use rubber gloves, and goggles. If the vapor concentration of a substance in the air is high, use a respirator.
  • Ventilate the room when working with caustic sodium.
  • To store a toxic substance in a closed container in a safe from children. Better packaging to sign to in the future not to mix with another substance.
  • Upon completion of the substance thoroughly clean surface and wash hands.