What happens if you drink PVA glue: implications for human

It is hard to imagine that an adult would try PVA glue, but with kids it happens all the time. Especially often this situation happens in case if the glue is stored in the area of access of children or other adhesive substance is handled in a different container. Although PVA is not considered a toxic substance, trouble after a tasting there. In this case, the main thing is not to get lost and in time to render assistance to the victim. So what happens if you have a glue, what health effects can be expected in this case?

Characterization of PVA

Polyvinyl acetate, that is full name is clay, is the most common adhesive in the world. It is used for household needs and industrial production. The popularity can be attributed to low cost, ease of use and good result. This adhesive can glue a wide range of materials from paper to leather.

In this adhesive be sure to include vinyl acetate, the proportion of which in clay is very high. Depending on the purpose in the adhesive base may be added various additives, for example, to impart elasticity or of protecting the bonding material from the fungus.

The additive content is negligible in the total mass of the adhesive, but even in this case they add an adhesive substance toxicity, which can affect the health.

Signs of poisoning PVA

If you drink PVA glue, the signs and the consequences will depend on the amount that has been consumed and the presence of toxic additives in the adhesive base. When used in a small amount of glue in the victim has slight intoxication, which is manifested by such symptoms:

  • dizziness occurs;
  • there is a strong nausea, which always ends with vomiting;
  • the person who drinks glue, bad headache.

When consuming a significant amount of glue, especially with various additives, may cause diarrhea and can be confusion. The consequences directly depend on the age of the victim and his body mass. Adult and healthy person it can go almost unnoticed, but the child is younger almost certainly will need the help of a doctor.

Polyvinyl acetate is one of the most safe adhesives, but despite this it must be hidden away from children.

What to do if a child drank PVA

If a child accidentally drank a polyvinyl acetate composition, it is necessary to provide urgent first aid. Knowledge of the principles of aid will help to maintain the health of the child, and in some cases to save life. Assistance is provided by this algorithm:

  • Be sure to wash out the stomach a large volume of water. For greater effect, in a liquid for rinsing add soda or crushed tablets of activated charcoal. The procedure should be carried out until, until the waste water becomes completely clean.
  • The victim give the adsorbent in a therapeutic dose. It is better to use enterosgel, which has a shielding effect, but if it is out of the house that will suit absolutely any adsorbents even activated carbon.
  • The baby observe if his behavior got changed somehow or noticeable dizziness, then immediately call an ambulance.
  • After it was noticed that the child drank PVA, he can't drink anything and eat before gastric lavage and examination by a doctor.

Remember that children under the age of 5 years to wash out the stomach at home is impossible, as because of the small body mass quickly comes dehydration. In this case, the child is given plenty to drink, and vomiting occurs spontaneously.

Arrived the doctor must show the package of the glue that has used a child or an adult.

Can PVA glue the internal organs

Many people question if you eat the PVA glue will not stick together if the internal organs? Such trouble will not happen and it has a fairly simple explanation. It is an adhesive substance made of water-based and is able to dry only on the air, where gradually the water evaporates. In the human body, the adhesive remains in liquid form, so the time to gastric lavage will definitely be enough.

The most terrible that can be in the use of a small amount of PVA adults is diarrhea and vomiting, but it is worth noting that not all bodies react this way. With children the situation is worse, they may experience more severe health disorders, as the immune system and internal organs not yet completely formed.

If a person has chronic diseases of the stomach, such as gastritis or an ulcer, after eating glue they exacerbated. Because of this, the victim will take a while to be treated in gastroenterological Department.

After accidental ingestion of glue you need to see a doctor to rule out the emergence of late effects.

What consequences can be

In case of accidental ingestion of small amounts of glue no consequences, most likely, will not. Just a couple of days people will suffer indigestion, and gradually everything will come to normal. The consequences can be if the child is underweight or people with chronic diseases and weak immunity drunk quite a lot of PVA. In this case, can be suchconsequences:

  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  • The deterioration of the internal organs.
  • Dysfunction of the nervous system.
  • Allergic reactions.

In all these cases requires prolonged symptomatic treatment in hospital. At admission the patient was washed stomach and administrated intravenous infusion of glucose and saline solution to maintain the body.

If the victim has a tendency to allergies, after first aid he was given antihistamines.

How to prevent poisoning PVA

Any poisoning is always easier to warn, than then to treat. Therefore, to avoid intoxication polyvinyl acetate, it is necessary to observe some rules:

  1. Do not leave a jar of glue in front of the children, especially the younger age;
  2. Kids need to do crafts using glue only under adult supervision.
  3. Strictly forbidden to pour the adhesive from the original container.
  4. For children's crafts to buy PVA without any additives. Supplements are usually labeled by the letters;
  5. Explain to the children that the glue is toxic and to take it in your mouth, as they can be poisonous.

It is hard to imagine a house in which there was no tube of PVA glue. This adhesive is used in different spheres, with its help young children learn to make the first DIY, and adults recover seemingly hopelessly spoiled things. Despite the fact that it is an adhesive substance is not toxic, it is not designed for ingestion. Therefore, to be treated with extreme caution.