The effect of alcohol on male potency

Drinking alcoholic beverages is often the precursor to sexual intercourse. Alcohol helps you relax and improve your confidence. But in order to extract the beverage only benefits, its dose should be minimal. Excessive consumption of alcohol can have that effect on potency in men, becomes increasingly negative. This is especially true in people suffering from alcoholism.

Why do men resort to alcohol

To the use of alcoholic drinks often representatives of the stronger sex, which can not boast of great experience. They seem to think, a little drunk, they become more attractive and fitter. Men often resort to alcohol in the following situations:

  1. The feeling of discomfort during sexual intercourse.
  2. Severe fatigue.
  3. State of stress or depression.
  4. Fear of lack of erection.

Often the use of liquor only aggravates the situation. So, before you resort to this method of relaxation is to evaluate all its advantages and disadvantages.

What happens in the male body after drinking alcohol

A small amount of alcohol will really help the man to relax and tune in a romantic mood. But drinking more than the recommended norms, it is harmful not only to potency, but also throughout the body as a whole.

Is considered safe dose, not exceeding two glasses of wine. The excess of this norm leads to impact on the cardiovascular system and sexual abilities.

A small amount of alcohol has on the body men the following action:

  1. Soaked in blood, alcohol quickly spreads throughout the body. It affects the Central nervous system. Due to this reduced sensitivity of the penis. This leads to an increase in the duration of sexual intercourse.
  2. The decrease in the sensitivity of a bear, and negative consequences, for example, a problem with ejaculation. Poorer quality sperm, since alcohol is a toxic substance.
  3. If the alcohol is too strong, then there is a slowing of blood circulation, slow down all the internal organs and reproductive system.
  4. Drinking liquor leads to the fact that the blood rushes to the penis. The result is a rapid erection. But following this, blood vessels narrows, there is a reverse effect.

The danger is any alcoholic beverage. Latest scientific studies show that the greatest negative impact on intimate life and the reproductive capabilities of men having beer.

What causes frequent alcohol abuse

The effect of alcohol on male potency is especially noticeable if you drink often and in large quantities. While the negative effects develop gradually with the accumulation of toxic substances in the body. This process is accompanied by the following manifestations:

  1. First disappear erotic dreams. Normal fantasy is visited by men one to two times per month. It is accompanied by a decreased libido.
  2. During intercourse ejaculation does not occur for too long or non-existent. That changes and sensations. Pleasure is replaced by pain. After that, the man feels fatigue and weakness.
  3. The toxic effect of alcohol leads to apathy. A person does not want anything, including sex.
  4. Consumption of alcohol leads to a reduction of the lumen of blood vessels. From the congestion in the pelvic organs. It becomes one of the causes of prostatitis.
  5. If the person is on time, stops and throws the habit, there is complete impotence.
  6. Suffers not only the reproductive system. Great damage the liver, which cells gradually die off.

People suffering from chronic alcoholism, have no excitement and do not get pleasure from sex. In addition, in 90% of cases they suffer from infertility.

Alcohol makes a man lose sense of self control. He ceases to choose worthy partners and enters into connection with the questionable girls. In this regard, increases the likelihood of Contracting sexually transmitted diseases, HIV or AIDS.

The effect of beer on men's health

One of the most dangerous beverage called beer. Many men do not see anything wrong in that field of work to drink a bottle. However, they do not think about what cause your body great harm.

For sexual men's health is largely responsible for the hormone testosterone. Without it, the representatives of the strong half of humanity simply can not exist. For the health of women meets another hormone – estrogen. That he contains in beer.

Getting into the male body, estrogen gradually begins to accumulate. Over time, its concentration is greatly increased. The content of testosterone falls. Therefore, men not only begin to manifest feminine traits, but there comes a impotence.

Many people mistakenly believe beer is safe to drink. In fact, he is addictive of not less than vodka. And win beer drinking is sometimes much more difficult.

What beverage can you drink before sexual intercourse

src="/poisoning/images/851-4.jpg">a few drinks before having sex is acceptable. But the dose of alcohol should not exceed 30 grams. This quantity is enough to dilate blood vessels, be configured to process and faster to get excited.

Experts recommend to use a glass of quality brandy. It does not lead to a sharp narrowing of blood vessels, and therefore has no negative impact on the cardiovascular system.

Remember that even a small dose of alcohol affects the quality of sperm. Therefore, if you plan to have a baby, then alcohol must be abandoned completely.

How to recover potency after alcohol abuse

Alcoholism is a serious disease. The success of his treatment first and foremost will be the desire of the men. Only by an effort of will to cope with the illness. So first of all one should firmly decide that he wants to return to normal life. After that you need to seek help from a specialist. The treatment program will include the following activities:

  1. A complete rejection of the use of any alcoholic beverages, even in small amounts.
  2. Passing the medical examination. The doctor will be able to determine the degree of intoxication, what was the impact on reproductive system and reproductive function. Based on the data collected it will develop the correct method of treatment.
  3. Cleansing of the body. For this purpose specialized medications that allow you to quickly bring the remnants of toxic substances from the body tissues.
  4. Throughout the treatment the man should be provided with proper rest. It is best to leave at this time on vacation. A good regenerative effect gives a long sound sleep. It should last at least 8 hours a day. Thus, all therapeutic measures will be much more efficient.
  5. Towards the end of the treatment to restore normal sexual activity experts recommend the use of stimulants. These drugs have a short-term effect, so take them just before intercourse. They have a list of contraindications, which necessarily must be read before using.
  6. An important role in the treatment plays a diet. The menu should be balanced and varied. The focus should be on vegetables and fruits that contain many vitamins and minerals. It is recommended to enter into the diet foods that contain a lot of zinc. These include honey, oysters, mussels, nuts, fish.
  7. More time spent outdoors. Useful running, brisk walking and in winter skiing. These classes will help to cope with stagnation in the pelvis.
  8. You need to stop Smoking. Nicotine has a detrimental effect on the potency and status of the cardiovascular system.

Only compliance with all recommendations will allow you to achieve success and restore normal sexual life. Complement the treatment with traditional medicine.

Traditional methods of recovery of potency after alcohol abuse

To regain lost virility help simple remedies based on natural ingredients. Among the most effective recipes are the following:

  1. Honey-onion mixture. For this tool will require onion seeds. They must stir in natural honey. The proportions of the ingredients must be the same. This composition take a teaspoon twice a day. The tool will help to not only restore potency, and alleviate the condition for prostatitis.
  2. Garlic tincture. One pound of garlic will turn into mush. Put in three-liter glass jar. Pour warm boiled water. Leave in a dark place for about a month. From time to time stir. Once the tincture is ready, you can take one teaspoon, previously dissolved in a glass of warm milk.
  3. Honey-nut mixture. For its preparation you will need to mix 600 grams of chopped walnuts, 400 grams of honey, 100 grams of fresh aloe juice. In the resulting structure, enter the juice of four ripe lemons. Mix well all the ingredients. This means you need to drink a tablespoon three times a day. For best effect this should be done before eating.

Alcohol negatively affects the health of the whole organism and genital system particularly. Therefore, you should not try to increase self-esteem and self-confidence with this method. If you are afraid that in bed something will not work, it is better to have an open talk with your partner and share your fears. But to resort to alcohol is not worth it.