Tablets for liver after alcohol and alcoholism

Alcohol is destructive to internal organs. Extremely negative impact alcohol has on the liver, which from alcoholic poisons is under heavy load. To restore the body will pills for the liver after alcohol can not only stop the progression of disease but also to regenerate damaged structure.

The influence of ethanol on the body

Alcohol negatively affects the human body in General. Therefore, if possible, you should limit the use of alcohol or abandon it altogether.

From alcohol toxins suffer vital systems: the brain, heart, stomach. Once in the brain, ethanol provokes a slight relaxation of the nervous system, causing a certain euphoria. However, strong drinks, when consumed regularly can destroy brain cells, causing it to slowly deteriorate.

In addition, the drinking of intoxicating beverages causes cardiovascular disease, increases blood pressure, increases the risk of strokes. Prolonged alcoholism can trigger the stop of all systems, as well as death.

One of the consequences of the abuse of drinking is liver damage, the organ which is able to heal itself at a certain way of life. However, in some cases, such as with cirrhosis, the absolute exclusion of alcoholic drinks will not be able to fix the resulting damage. Ethanol provokes irreversible changes: fatty degeneration, hepatitis, cirrhosis, which in the absence of treatment often ends in death.

The effect on the liver

The liver acts as a filter in the human body, cleansing the blood of toxins and alcoholic toxins. Penetrating into the body, alcohol breaks down into toxic substances that hepatocytes in emergency mode start to recycle. With low doses of ethanol the liver is able to cope with them, when large volumes of alcohol could not withstand the load that will lead to the gradual destruction of its structure.

The risk of developing liver disease increases with the following factors:

  • The drinking of alcohol by women. Found that female gender are more susceptible to diseases due to alcoholism.
  • Weight.
  • Chronic disease. The presence of liver and other pathologies contributes to the appearance of cirrhosis and accelerates its progression.
  • Method of drinking. The drinking of intoxicating beverages without food can significantly cause damage to the body.

The destruction of liver tissue occurs in several stages:

  • Fatty degeneration. Early-stage disease, involving degeneration of normal cells, entails the deterioration of the human condition, heaviness, pain in the right hypochondrium, General weakness.
  • If you ignore the initial symptoms dystrophy transformirovalsya in acute hepatitis, which causes an increase in body and the partial loss of its functions. The disease is characterized by yellowing of the whites of the eyes, loss of appetite and other symptoms.
  • The last stage of the disease – cirrhosis, which is life-threatening. For the disease characterized by a significant increase in the liver, severe pain, loss of weight, vomiting, apathy, weakness.

How to recover

Treatment guidelines are divided into three stages:

  1. Regeneration of the disrupted hepatocytes. Even the prolonged use of alkogolesoderzhaschie drinks to restore lost functions and form a new capacity. Under favorable factors new cells replace the dead, however, this process may take several years. Young people on able to a full recovery.
  2. The increase in the amount of old cells. This mechanism is considered to be redundant, serves as a temporary measure. In place of the destroyed tissue does not occur, new cells, and replaced the old one, by increasing them in size. If not, you can form of alcoholic hepatitis.
  3. The last step is to replace the connective tissue of the destroyed cells. At this stage the authority is not able to regenerate. When this connective tissue is unable to function instead of hepatocytes. The process often goes into cirrhosis.

The main condition for absolute recovery of hepatic tissue is the complete elimination of booze. The drug choice depends on the stage of the disease. In some cases, to recover completely impossible.

It is impossible to say, what is the best medicine or universal to the liver. Most commonly in chronic alcoholism integrated approach.

Self-medication is unacceptable. What to drink to restore the body, tell the attending physician, taking into account of the disease and individual characteristics.


Drugs that promote the regeneration of the hepatic structure, tend to quickly penetrate into the circulatory system, providing nutrition. Tablets can be classified as follows:

  • Regenerative medicine, which includes essential phospholipids. Popular pills are the "Essentiale", "Essliver" and "Phosphogliv".
  • Pillsstimulation of the regeneration process, contains amino acids, folic acid, vitamin B9, and other substances that create beneficial conditions for the formation of new tissues: "Deepana", BAD "Di guard Nano". In addition, some medications can flush toxins and fats out of the body, and are appointed with alcoholism and fatty degeneration: "Heptral", "Gator".
  • Medicines that strengthen hepatitia membrane. To increase the stability increased in the amount of old hepatocytes use the pill "cupers Neo".
  • Cleansing herbal remedies. In conjunction with tissue regeneration, you should clean the body which helps to restore its functioning. For this approach the drugs with milk Thistle – "Karsil", "counts", "Legalon", "Silymarin" and "HEPA-Merz", which contains silymarin. They are prescribed for cirrhosis, hepatitis, cholecystitis, gallstone disease, as well as prevention, for example during treatment with antibiotics. To enhance the impact of silymarin recommended pill "Hepabene", further comprising dymenko pharmacy. Tool successfully removes spasms, helps bile to enter the intestine. Good effect is shown by means of "Hofitol" artichoke extract having hepatoprotective and choleretic properties, is able to get rid of puffiness. Used in the treatment of cholecystitis, alcohol intoxication, hepatitis. Of the most effective drugs can be noted as "Liv 52" additionally includes capers prickly, yarrow, chicory and other herbs. Pills regenerate cells, stimulate digestion, protect the liver from harmful substances and alcoholic poisons.
  • Pills animal-based: "Siripur", "Hepatosan" made from liver cells of cattle. Means normalizes the work of the authority, have the ability to restore tissue, prevent intoxication, often used in cirrhosis, hepatitis, hepatic encephalopathy.

Some areas are difficult to regenerate, especially if the lesions are formed scars. In these cases, only the elimination of alcohol will help to completely revitalize the body.

The necessary medicine to restore liver structure should be prescribed only by a specialist. However, even medication may not help if the person continues to abuse alcohol.


A healthy diet is an integral part of the treatment process. To relieve the liver, it is necessary to follow a special diet excludes the consumption of fats and other heavy products. Do not eat foods rich in animal fats such as lamb or pork. In addition, under the ban fried foods and sweets.

You should observe moderation in the consumption of salty, spicy food. The diet should include plenty of vegetables and fruits, dairy foods. Healthy food think:

  • pumpkin promote regeneration of cells and excretory waste products;
  • lemon is used to improve metabolism;
  • oatmeal removing from the internal system of harmful substances;
  • honey, which has healing effect.

A healthy lifestyle will help medicines to quickly cope with its task.

Traditional medicine

To help restore lost functions and speed up the regeneration process can medicinal plants. Herbs for the liver improve the content of bile and increase blood flow, eliminate inflammation and spasms, reduce pain and normalize digestion.

Positive properties are the following herbs: rose hips, birch, nettle, calendula, immortelle, yarrow, bilberry, tansy.

Before applying you should consult with your doctor.

Modern medicines to restore the liver structures showed a fairly high efficiency even after prolonged alcohol abuse. However, in some cases they can not cope. The liver is an important organ for the whole body, without the normal work which a person cannot live a full life. That is why you should not get involved with alcohol and to observe moderation when drinking alcoholic beverages.