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Dropper for the withdrawal of the binge: the composition and the positive effect

To bring people out of alcohol addiction requires professional help in the hospital. In the specialized agencies at the conclusion of the binge, put IVS that have a positive effect and help the body recover quickly.

Stage of alcoholism

The alcohol is quite strong toxic substance for the human body. Ethanol is unnatural for our body, so when it gets into the bloodstream, begins to affect all the functions and organs. And the worst thing is that alcohol tends to be addictive. Frequently eating alcohol, the man unwittingly begins to feel the relationship both physically and mentally. As a result, there is a common disease, like alcoholism.

There are several stages of alcoholism. The initial stage is the most harmless, as people at this time still has the opportunity to stop and to stop to drink. At the elementary level, the body is still struggling with the poisonous substance, by using protective mechanisms (e.g. gag reflex). But when the use of intoxicating beverages becomes regular, the body gets used to alcohol and all protective reactions little by little begin to diminish. The farther, the more a person experiences a strong attraction to alcohol.

At this time, the body adapts to the presence of alcohol in the blood and begins to function along with poisonous substance and when abruptly stopped the supply of ethanol in the body causes severe discomfort. To get rid of the unpleasant manifestations, one begins to hangover, the result of which falls into the so-called binge. When a person's body can no longer function normally without alcohol and constantly requires increasing doses – are the signs of advanced alcoholism. Multi-day binges are most often observed in the second stage of alcoholism.

There are times in life when due to severe stress, shock or any difficulties perfectly healthy person falls into the bout. Most of these multi-day drinking do not last long and do not arise because of physical needs. When there is stress or solved a difficult problem, the person lets go of the psychological situation and he begins to return to normal life.

The most difficult is the third stage. At this time, the person completely loses control of himself, there is a complete degradation of the individual, and binges become a regular way of life. The organism at this stage is in a critical state, almost all organs and functions impaired, and the psychological condition leaves much to be desired. The duration of drinking bouts during this period ranges from several weeks to several months.

The negative impact of alcohol

People drink alcohol and most do not realize how they are affected by intoxication. After drinking a little alcohol, the mood of a healthy person rises, there is mild euphoria and sense of relaxation of the whole body. The vessels of the body dilate, blood circulation improves and the person thinks that everything is fine with him. By the way, on this occasion, there is even widespread belief that a small amount of alcohol has a positive effect on human health. In fact, ethanol is a real enemy for our body. Once in the body, ethanol literally begins to kill the cells of the body. Remember that when paresis or abrasion of the wound is treated with alcohol to neutralize the germs. Precisely in the same way ethanol kills important cells in the human body.

Ethanol is initially concentrated in the liver and brain, which is why these organs are affected first. The alcohol concentration is enough to harm brain cells, it is formed after ingestion of 20 ml of alcohol (women more than 10 ml).

Alcohol affects all the functions and organs of the body, but primarily on the brain (remember the gait, blurred sight, behaviour, memory lapses drunk person). Ethanol in a significant number concentrated in the brain and affects certain groups of neurotransmitters. Activating some of the functions of the nervous system, alcohol reduces anxiety and leads to peace of mind. It enhances the synthesis of dopamine and endorphins, so many after taking a glass of wine you feel a light euphoria.

But regular use of alcohol occurs in an artificial stimulation of the functions of the brain, which contributes to the fact that the body begins to produce less independently of opiates and other substances responsible for the psychological state of the person. As a result of the lack of alcohol in blood a person starts to experience real dissatisfaction. In other words, alcohol acts on the human body like a drug and is highly addictive.

During the research it was found that beer causes significant structural changes in the human body. Changing the functions of the brain is formed already at "moderate" consumption of drink.

In addition to the impact on the brain, ethanol leaves a negative mark on other organs and systems of man. Therefore, after acceptance of alcohol the next day, the person experiences a variety of negative consequences. If hangover is what a person feels extremely thirsty, since during taking alcohol bodystruggling with intoxication and attempting to break down the ethanol, to safely withdraw. If this function interferes with the normal fluid balance in the body, so the person then feels "parched" mouth. Besides, during a hangover, there is a feeling of nausea, weakness of the body, tremors, insomnia, headaches and many other unpleasant symptoms. And the longer the bout, the stronger the impact of the. With regular drinking, the body's ability to excrete poison is lost and the body feels more vivid signs of a hangover.

Withdrawal from binge

If a person uses intoxicating drinks infrequently, it is usually a hangover go away on their own without serious consequences for the organism. But there are situations, when to derive from the binge need serious medical help. Effective therapies today are droppers with different composition. This measure helps the body better and faster to cope with the withdrawal of alcohol from the blood.

The procedure is to deliver the blood necessary elements. To do this, by intravenously injected into the body drugs that help without loss of time to bring the ethanol from the bloodstream. Such procedures can be performed at home with the participation of a specialist or in hospital. The drip taken place immediately after you receive a hangover.

Before the event, the physician must see the patient, measure the pressure and determine what are chronic diseases. It is also important to determine whether allergic to the medicines. It is very important that the kidneys were in a healthy condition, as during this procedure the output of the alcohol is carried out through the organ.

After the procedure the patient must be under the mandatory supervision of a physician, since in individual cases, there may be a bad condition after the IV drip. If this situation occurs, the doctor should take the necessary measures.

The composition of the dropper

Part of the dropper for withdrawal from binge determined by the treating physician. At the moment, practiced both traditional and dry dropper. For example, to bring the person good health in the home used a dry dropper. This procedure is not long-acting, therefore, is every two hours. This IV consists mainly of:

  • strong sorbing means;
  • nootropic drugs;
  • stabilizers pressure;
  • funds for improvement of brain blood circulation;
  • electrolytes;
  • vitamins (mainly C and b group).

Traditional composition drips from the binge several different. Most often this measure is in the hospital. The composition of the dropper is chosen individually, depending on the condition of the patient, the severity of the binge, the quality of the metabolism, comorbidities, contraindications and other factors. Standard means for the treatment of drinking may consist of:

  • solution;
  • glucose;
  • drugs that have a calming and sedative effect;
  • antidepressants;
  • vitamins (C, b, potassium and magnesium);
  • funds to support the liver and kidneys.

In the treatment of patients with alcoholism specialist can determine and the other members of the dropper. Also with severe intoxication there may be more modern and sophisticated methods of blood purification from alcohol toxins.

According to many physicians, the effectiveness of the dropper depends on how much was applied the necessary substances. Depending on the condition of the patient, injected into the blood of 400 ml of drug solution. In some cases, if the kidneys in good condition, doctors use a double dropper.

As a result, traditional dropper recover important processes of the body:

  • Improves water-salt and acid-alkaline balance in the body (binge drinking leads to changes in plasma composition, and also affects many functions of the body).
  • Replenishes the supply of water in the body (as a result of the binge is often dehydration, which negatively affects internal organs).
  • Is detoxification (the splitting of alcohol in the blood are observed decay products and other toxic substances that you want to output).

Depending on the condition of the body, the dropper and may act adversely on a person. Most often there is a bad reaction from the urinary system. For example, if the solution was put in a weakened alcohol body sharply. Then you can reject kidney or you may receive an allergic reaction.

Withdrawal of a man from a drunken state with a dropper is quite reasonable and qualitative method. Of course, it is worth noting that works better dropper to relieve symptoms of a hangoverthan a protracted binge. For the effectiveness, doctors recommend a person to sleep through the night and the morning to carry out the procedure. Dropper in a state of intoxication is usually not as significant result will not have. The more that people in a drunken state will not understand expediency of this measure, and may refuse.

If the man decided to zakodirovatsia fromalcohol dependence, before that, held a three-day procedure for body cleansing.


There are situations when the use of droppers with a specific composition is impossible. For example, if a person has serious illnesses of the cardiovascular system, then the drip gemodez must not be used. This drip can cause a stroke or heart failure.

If a person has kidney diseases, then you cannot use the dropper, which has the drug sterofundin. To eliminate the negative consequences, you should inform the doctor.

When IV fluids in many patients, there have allergic reactions. To avoid this, you need to use to specify the composition of medicines.