Smectite with alcohol poisoning and a hangover

Smectite is a modern drug belonging to the group of sorbents, has the property to absorb and remove toxic substances that accumulate in the internal organs during intoxication. That is why smectite with alcohol poisoning is often assigned by experts to reduce the symptoms of a hangover.

Description and mechanism of action

Smectite is a versatile tool that helps to resolve diarrhea provoked by ulcers, allergic reactions and also the use of certain medications. Available in the form of a white powder, having the ability to eliminate symptoms of poisoning: nausea, stomach upset. Most often, medicine is prescribed to facilitate the work of the mucous membranes of the digestive organs. The tool protects the internal organs from the negative effects of toxins, including alcohol decomposition products, which can cause not only diarrhea, but the toxicity of the body.

The drug of natural origin is not forbidden to adopt children and during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Owing to the contained components, the powder is used for poisoning of various kinds. The active ingredient is a natural ingredient is aluminum silicate, called diosmectite. For improvement of flavoring qualities in the medium added with glucose and vanillin. Children's medicine additionally includes orange flavor.

For suspension sachet of powder should be mixed with water.

The effect is based on its properties to selectively absorb various poisons, and form together with mucus of the intestines the so-called barrier. While poisoning the drug absorbs all the harmful substances and bacteria. The current component is smectite removes the decay products, bypassing the intestinal system, without affecting the useful minerals and vitamins.

Furthermore, the substance increases the volume of intestinal connection and activates the protective functions of the intestine, resulting in a reduction in impact forces poisonous toxins and aggressive bacteria. Enveloping the stomach, the drug reduces the rate of dissolution of poisons in the bloodstream.

During intoxication alcohol-containing drinks are used pre-treatment of the stomach: the presence in the digestive tract of the bolus may reduce the performance of the adsorbent. With any poisoning, jeopardizing the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract. The molecules of the active component of smectite have the ability to bind with molecules of toxic substances and naturally remove them from the body.

As the drug helps with a hangover

Alcohol intoxication can occur in any person with excessive alcohol consumption. Alcohol adversely affects all the internal organs and the body, so human poisoning can occur even at the lowest dose of drink.

A hangover is often accompanied by nausea, strong headache, dry mouth and other symptoms. In the use of smecta slows the breakdown of alcohol, which beneficially affects the well-being of the whole person and allows the body quickly to dissolve the acetaldehyde.

Dissolving in the internal organs, the medium absorbs the products of decomposition, binds toxic substances generated during alcohol decomposition and acts as a sponge, protecting internal organs from damage. The powder has a regenerating effect on the mucous membrane of the stomach, irritated due to the consumption of alcohol. This improves the overall health of the person who had moved to drink.


The main advantages of smecta in front of other absorbent medicines are:

  • No adverse effects of the drug, with the exception of allergic reactions arising in case of hypersensitivity to the ingredients.
  • The substance can be consumed by people of all ages, including small children and elderly patients.
  • The lack of negative impact on the intestinal system.
  • Excellent adsorption properties of matter.
  • The medicine can be consumed in the period of carrying a child and lactation.

The powder is able to envelop the digestive system, ensuring fast recovery of the mucous membranes.

In addition, drug and alcohol compatible: reduces the rate of dissolution of the components of the alcohol in the internal organs.


With all the advantages of smectite has some inconveniences during preparation:

  • Before applying the medication must be diluted with water, stirring constantly. This may lead to the formation of hard lumps stir. However, if you follow the instructions, problems with dissolving the powder will not occur.
  • Another disadvantage is the ability of the drug to affect other medicines. Smectite with a hangover should be consumed separately from other medicines, because it can reduce their effectiveness. The interval between administration should be 30 minutes – 2 hours.
  • When the dose of the powder can affect the motility of the intestinal system. With prolonged use, including during the prevention and treatmentthe body of slagging, the drug can excrete not only toxins, but also the components of a healthy microflora and useful minerals, resulting in to provoke goiter and anemia.

However, these shortcomings are conditional and do not affect the efficacy of the drug, which makes smektu one of the best sorbents.

Contraindications to the use

The drug has few restrictions. The powder is not recommended for hangover and alcohol intoxication in the following cases:

  • if you are sensitive to fructose and other ingredients;
  • people with intestinal obstruction;
  • with frequent constipation. Long-term treatment with the drug can provoke the deterioration of the intestinal motility and constipation.

Before using any medication you need to study the manual. Only correct application guarantees benefits for humans.

How to apply

To reduce the level of intoxication after drinking alcohol and prevent a hangover, before the party you must drink 2-3 sachet of. In order to prevent the medication can be taken after a meal, such as bedtime.

Also smectite after alcohol can help ease the symptoms of intoxication. To do this, after drinking of alcoholic beverages should cause a gag reflex and dissolving in water a couple of bags of powder. If necessary, in the morning upon waking continue treatment. The standard dose indicated in the instructions for use. If after 1.5 hours after taking the powder has appeared a gag reflex, you need to repeat therapy.

The powder is diluted in 0.5 cups of water. Ready solution should be taken 3 times a day. In the case of acute withdrawal syndrome may increase the dose to two or three bags at a time. The drug acts with the first drug, the therapeutic effect is achieved after 20-30 minutes, if a strong poisoning – after 2-3 hours. The medication must be taken for three days.

Approximately 2-4 hours after ingestion must be emptied the bowel with an enema. Otherwise you increase the chance of the reverse effect, causing the organism will be exposed to intoxication.

Property of adsorbents is not only the absorption of toxic substances resulting from the digestion of alcohol, but the active ingredients of drugs. That is why to use smectite together with other medicines from the hangover prohibited.

To speed up recovery and increase the effectiveness of therapy simultaneously with the reception of powder, you must stick to a special diet that involves reducing the load on the gastrointestinal system. For this the patient should take food in small doses with small intervals between meals, and avoid feelings of hunger. The man who had moved the day before, should be consumed mucous food: oatmeal, jelly, chicken broth, rice water. Such food helps to restore the mucous membranes. In addition, in order to avoid dehydration you should drink plenty of fluids.

Smectite is a great inexpensive tool used in all occasions, should be in every home medicine Cabinet. Many patients, including those suffering from alcohol withdrawal syndrome demonstrated the effectiveness of a drug that can relieve the symptoms of an acute hangover and to eliminate intoxication syndrome.

Alcohol poisoning can lead to unpredictable consequences, especially if used a large amount of drinking and a hangover is accompanied by intense symptoms. In such cases it is necessary to consult a specialist. If intoxication intoxicated not threaten his health and life, treatment can be carried out independently, applying sorbents, for example, smectite.