Vomiting bile after alcohol what to do

Alcohol is a toxic and dangerous substance. The body tries to get rid of it through vomiting. Isolated vomiting is common when the intake of alcoholic beverages. Abundant and repeated vomiting is a worrying symptom that you need to pay attention to. This article is about vomiting bile after alcohol, the reasons why it may occur and methods of first aid.

The main causes of vomiting bile

Vomiting with impurities bile – a symptom of disorders of the digestive system or internal organs. The following are the main causes of this symptoms.

  • Pancreatitis – inflammation of the pancreas. It can be acute or chronic. The main symptom of the lesion of that organ is uncontrollable vomiting. First vomit contain food remnants, and then, with repeated episodes of vomiting, gastric juice and bile. Symptoms of pancreatitis:
  1. a strong girdle pain in the abdomen and lower back;
  2. the increase in body temperature to 39.5 C;
  3. flatulence;
  4. diarrhea;
  5. purple spots on the skin of the abdomen (a sign of acute necrosis of the pancreas).
  • Alcohol poisoning can be caused by taking surrogates or the copious amounts of quality alcoholic beverages. Copious vomiting occur due to irritation of the gastric mucosa and severe intoxication of the organism. The main symptoms of alcoholic intoxication:
  1. profuse diarrhea;
  2. dizziness, headache;
  3. pain in the abdomen;
  4. nausea, vomiting;
  5. disturbance of consciousness;
  6. hallucinations;
  7. cramps;
  8. blurred vision (in case of intoxication with methyl alcohol).

  • Acute or chronic cholecystitis – inflammation of the gallbladder that develops due to the toxic effects of alcohol. Is accompanied by the following symptoms:
  1. pain in the right subcostal region;
  2. heartburn;
  3. a taste of bile in my mouth;
  4. diarrhea;
  5. an increase in temperature to 37.5.

How to give first aid at home

Treatment of a patient who vomits bile, has to be performed in a hospital. When this symptom should immediately call the emergency medical team. Before arrival of doctors you can start to provide first aid independently.

Please note that self-treatment with the appearance of vomiting bile dangerous. Only a doctor after examination of a patient can prescribe proper and safe treatment, the effect of which will be aimed directly at eliminating the causes of the appearance of bile in the vomit.

Below detail what to do before arrival of doctors.

Gastric lavage

Gastric lavage is carried out to purify it from the remnants of alcohol. In order to clear the stomach, you should drink a liter of plain water and snatch it up.

Lavage is not performed in the following cases:

  • when disturbance of consciousness of the patient;
  • heavy intoxication;
  • if vomiting is black.

Colon cleanse

If you have the opportunity, put the patient an enema with a simple boiled water at room temperature. It will help flush toxins and remnants of alcohol from the body, relieve pain and flatulence.


After gastric lavage can give the patient to drink sorbents. These drugs neutralize and excrete toxins from the body. Sorbents do not need to drink if you feel sick, because man, they're gonna throw up.

Sorbents need to drink plenty of water. Before their reception it is necessary to carefully read the instructions and figure out the rules of their dosing.

The names of sorbents:

  • activated carbon;
  • smectite;
  • sorbex;
  • white coal;
  • APSCO;
  • enterosgel.

Drink plenty of liquids

Before the arrival of the ambulance can try to drink human. Fluid the body needs to correct the dehydration that can occur due to profuse vomiting.
In order not to provoke new attacks of vomiting, need to drink small SIPS little and often.

If the child is vomiting bile, you can drink alkaline mineral water, sweet black tea. All drinks must be room temperature and without gas.

Please note that vomiting bile after drinking alcohol is strictly forbidden to get drunk or to drink coffee. These drinks will only aggravate the patient's condition.

Antiemetic pills

What to do if sick and drunk all the liquid coming out the back? You can take a pill that relieves retching (reglan, metoclopramide, osetron). These drugs affect the vomiting center and eliminate nausea.

Treatment in a hospital

The paramedics will examine the patient check his blood pressure, pulse, saturation. If necessary they will connect the patient to a drip, injected him anti-nausea and pain medicine.

Patients with bilious vomiting were hospitalized in surgical or Toxicological Department, which are further examination and treatment.

The volume of rendered medical care and duration of stay in the hospital depend on the cause of vomiting, and the patient's condition. Patients with acute pancreatitis carried out the operation in the first hours after admission. While alcohol poisoning may needdialysis (cleaning the blood by using artificial kidney machine).

Examination of the patient

Your doctor may prescribe a series of examinationsnecessary to determine the cause of bilious vomiting in order to assess the patient's condition and to identify complications of the internal organs.

What is examination with vomiting bile:

  • General complete blood count need to identify the acute inflammatory process in the body;
  • urinalysis is performed for diagnosis of the kidneys. In cases of poisoning by alcohol surrogates in the first place violated their work;
  • a blood test for alcohol content in blood is necessary for identifying alcohol poisoning;
  • biochemical blood analysis shows the functionality of the internal organs, the level of electrolyte failure, the severity of inflammatory reaction;
  • ultrasonography (us) indicated for suspected acute pancreatitis or cholecystitis, the kidney disease;
  • gastroscopy is carried out with the appearance of vomiting blood. It can help to identify the source of bleeding.

Vomiting bile after drinking alcoholic beverages can develop for many reasons, among which alcohol poisoning, intoxication of alcohol surrogates, acute pancreatitis and cholecystitis. With the development of gallbladder vomiting you need to call an ambulance. To make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment can only a doctor, after examination of the patient and conducting a number of laboratory and instrumental studies. The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the patient's condition and the reasons that caused vomiting bile.