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Alcohol and radiation: does vodka and other alcoholic beverages

On the harmful effects of radiation are known to all. How to be safe from its effects than to reduce the harm it can cause? The people are of the opinion that the surest way to protect yourself from radiation sickness is to regularly use "100 grams". A myth or real solution? Interact alcohol and radiation, and can first be a serious obstacle for the second one? "Grabbed a dose irradiate" – so say about a person who visited the zone of radioactive contamination or had direct contact with the subject of the source of ionizing radiation. What does he expect? Irradiation causes the rapid formation and accumulation of free radicals, which destroy in a living organism proteins, destroy and pereprodajut cells, in short, bring death. If alcohol may break this pathological chain? And if so, which properties?

Than alcohol can help

It is well known that to neutralize the active radicals that can damage cells, antioxidants help. With a certain degree of permissibility of ethanol can be attributed to such substances. Then does this mean that the vodka removes radiation from the body? Yes and no. Neutralizing the power of ethanol is limited by time. Until the alcohol can not be oxidized, it is theoretically able to output radionuclides.

There are studies that recognized a short-term radiation effect of strong alcohol. But it is minimal and only in the moment of direct exposure. Professionals who service the reactors, before entering the hot cell to accept a certain dose of alcohol-containing beverage. This practice is, but maybe more for complacency. It has a reverse side.

It is not a secret that among the workers of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant 40% were chronic alcoholics. With regard to the oxidation products of ethanol, they are a threat to the body not less than free radicals. So vodka from radiation will not save. On the treatment of severe radiation injury in General can be no question.

Overdose of alcohol is inevitable opposite effect. The body will give up and stop resisting at all, as infections and radiation. In reality, alcohol can only dull the perception of radiation as a stress factor. Under the influence of alcohol the activity of nerve cells slows down, and, being in an incomplete consciousness, it is easier to transfer ionization. All by analogy with pain, problems, adverse impact of current or electromagnetic field.

Alcohol can develop immunity to radiation

Some proponents of algotherapy advocate drinking alcoholic beverages as a prevention for the formation of immunity to radiation. Not necessarily the person can be irradiated in the result of emergency situations at NPP. Long enough to be in areas with high radiation, which people make in their work. The artificial radioactivity created by:

  • nuclear power station;
  • military vehicles equipped with reactors;
  • the place of burial of nuclear fuel;
  • the development of mineral resources with radioactive nuclei;
  • cemeteries of nuclear waste;
  • diagnostic and therapeutic medical equipment;
  • the zone of nuclear tests.

At risk many people. What if they be like the French nobles who were fed poison in mini-doses, and little by little every day to prevent and, so to speak, for the purchase of radiation immunity to help themselves? How to treat this myth-making? Does alcohol protect of radiation in this case? Likely to likely to sleep. Seriously, this question science has no answer. For obvious reasons, studies have been conducted and, therefore, no evidence, no denials.

As with alcohol, you can reduce the concentration of radionuclides

Outset, alcohol alcohol strife. Strong drinks – vodka and cognac – need to forget. About soft options, let's talk more:

  • Beer. To accelerate the elimination of radionuclides such as strontium-90, plutonium, cesium-137, you can refer to the drink made from hops and barley malt. The average percentage of alcohol in it varies in the range of 3.8-5 %. Beer in tandem with a sauna will give a positive therapeutic effect. Urine and sweat will be intense to stand out, and with them the radioactive elements. It is clear that beer is easy to replace fluids (diuretic herbs) and Russian steam room. It helps not worse.
  • Red wine. Vinotherapy (enoterapiya) recognized by healers and doctors. Its beneficial effect of red wine owes a generous content of resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant. Help vitamins and pectin. Wines from red grapes are firming on the body: stronger immune system, increase immunity to infections and other external influences. Which begs the question: does red wine from radiation? Scientists say that the direct radiation action, it does not and radionuclides does not display. But its ability to inhibit oxidative processes (run including radiation) and block the activity of free radicals is widely recognized. Therefore, a good preventive measure red wine (preferably dry) unlike vodka count.

The world health organization recommends that you consume in a day, one glass of wine is 150-200 ml. an Overdose is dangerous and can lead to the opposite effect. This is the case when the more – the worse.

Why alcohol increases the effects of radiation

Ionizing radiation creates radiation background in the places of concentration of radionuclides. First of all, in the lymph nodes. Scientific studies with labeled atoms showed that after drinking alcohol begins, the outflow of radionuclides from the lymph nodes to vital organs: lungs, spinal cord and bone marrow, kidneys, thyroid gland.

But it is not a conclusion, but only their redistribution by the bloodstream. Being a good solvent, alcohol disperses radioactive atoms in the body. So become infected with new bodies. Thus, alcohol is not a radioprotector, but rather a provocateur of the development of radiation injury.

What will really help, if not alcohol

Acute irradiation, as a rule, the civilian population is not threatened. He exposed rescue workers, military personnel of a nuclear facility. And for them is a reception of a radioprotector of emergency action. But as a result of radiation accident, many residents live and to farm in contaminated areas and they need protection. But, of course, not in the form of alcoholic beverages. If there is a real threat to the income inside of radioisotopes recommended ferrocene. This sorbent, which binds cesium, arrived with food and water.

A radioisotope is displayed, do not linger in the digestive tract and therefore not entering the blood. Removal of strontium polisharmy intended for plutonium – pentacin. Radioforum can advise iodine prophylaxis. First of all it is necessary as protection of the isotope iodine-131. The body is saturated with stable iodine and displaces from the body radioactive. In this case, more suitable potassium iodide tablets (0.25 mg per day). With 5% alcohol tincture need to be careful, preferably the dosage and method of treatment to coordinate with your doctor.

To derive the radiation will also help the foods containing pectin:

  • apples;
  • beets;
  • dark grapes;
  • plum;
  • black currant;
  • strawberries;
  • mushrooms;
  • citrus;
  • dried fruits;
  • green tea.

In this list there is no place for alcohol, in whatever form it played. Here alcohol was the cause of death of the majority of liquidators and people affected by nuclear disasters. They had been treated, hoping to one day put someone myth about radioprotective properties of spirits. And many did not survive. But not from radiation, but because of the alcoholism.

It is human nature to seek an external enemy to justify their bad habits. Radiation is an absolute evil for the body. But alcohol is no less evil. The maximum that can alcohol with the threat of radiation contamination is to reduce the acuteness of the perception (clarity of mind) and slightly strengthen the resistance of the body on a chemical level. And the latter is very controversial. Or to protect people from acute radiation exposure or prevent the accumulation of radionuclides, and especially remove them from the organs and tissues, alcohol can not.