Food after alcohol poisoning

Alcohol poisoning always delivered a lot of trouble man. By the symptoms it is very similar to food poisoning, there is a General intoxication, headache, nausea and vomiting. If you observe sparing diet after decrease acute symptoms of the disease, you can help the body to recover faster. Food after alcohol poisoning should be balanced, you need to use only natural products that contain a lot of nutrients.

As helps diet

When alcohol poisoning severely affects all organs, but much harm to the digestive tract and liver. Diet helps to restore the balance of minerals and vitamins in the body. The human stomach after any poisoning is very weak, mucosa thickened and inflamed. In this regard, the food should be light, absorbed, and useful. Fatty and heavy foods can cause congestion in the stomach and provoke vomiting.

Special attention should be paid to drink. Strictly forbidden after poisoning to include in the diet soft drinks – this will only aggravate the situation. All drinks consumed patients should be as useful as possible.

When and what you eat after alcohol poisoning

If people were poisoned by alcohol, that he observed severe weakness, nausea, vomiting. In this state the appetite is certainly there and the patient does not before meals. The victim quickly provide first aid, which consists of gastric lavage, cleansing enema and taking sorbents. Next man you need a good soldering to prevent dehydration.

Food can be offered no earlier than 12 hours after subsiding of symptoms of acute intoxication, ideally to wait a day. During this time the mucosa of the stomach time to recover slightly. Fasting, when used only drinking, very beneficial to the body. The liver and stomach can't processed foods, so all the resources of the body thrown on the output of toxic substances.

A day after the poisoning victim begin to feed. Food after alcohol poisoning should be:

The first day

  • Viscous porridge on the water with a small addition of salt and sugar. Porridge should be cooked in the form of paste. To do this, take oatmeal, rice or buckwheat cereal, slightly crushed and long boiled in a large volume of water. Per Cup of grits take at least 3 glasses of water.
  • Baked apples with honey or sugar. It is better to add a teaspoon of honey. This useful product contains in its composition many minerals that help restore electrolyte balance.
  • Well ripe bananas. The fruit must be uniformly yellow, without green areas. Unripe bananas contain much starch which can cause the re-intoxication.
  • Decoctions of raisins and dried apricotsand jellies from fruits and berries.

Is strictly prohibited in first day after poisoning to drink sodas or milk.

The second day

Starting from the second day diet it is possible to expand a bit on the menu include vegetable puree and meat. Patient give the following products:

  • Mashed potatoes on the water and no added oil. Potatoes can add few salt, do not use green potatoes.
  • Boiled chicken breast or lean beef. The meat is boiled in salted water, then crushed with a blender. The resulting paste is used as a separate dish or mix with mashed potatoes.
  • Nesdobnoe crackers or drying.
  • Light vegetable soups, boiled the second broth. For cooking you can use potatoes, carrots, rice, greens.
  • Bifidokefir.

From the second day in the diet affected include bifidokefir. Drink it several times a day a glass. This healthful beverage normalizes the process of digestion and helps to fill the stomach and intestines the useful microflora.

The third day

The third day was slowly transferred to the usual power mode. Added to the diet the following products:

  • Cereal with skim milk. Whole milk powder can be diluted in half with water.
  • Boiled eggs.
  • Low-fat cottage cheese.
  • Meatballs for a couple.
  • Lean fish.

People after the poisoning should drink a lot. This gives the compote, jelly or diluted with water juices. You can offer the patient weak sweet tea, better green.

After the intoxication of alcohol the stomach is weakened and annoyed, therefore, to process a large amount of food difficult for him. To eat after alcohol poisoning should be small portions, many times a day. The intervals between meals should be able to withstand at least 2-3 hours. During this time, the previous food caught in the stomach has time to digest almost completely.

You need to drink a lot, the amount of drinking per day should be around 3 liters. In this mode, drinking all the toxins quickly excreted, will lead to a speedy recovery.

What can you give to drink

Otpaivat patient after alcohol poisoning divided portions, but very often. For this purpose you can use the following drink:

  • Compote of dried fruits with honey – do not addprunes, as it is being smoked and can be heavy for a weak stomach.
  • A decoction of raisins and dried apricots with a small addition of rice. This drink has a mild anti-inflammatory and enveloping action.
  • Kissel from cranberries, cherries, black currant. Similar enveloping the drink helps to restore stomach lining and is well vitaminiziruet the entire body.
  • Pure non-carbonated water.
  • Green tea with honey. This drink acts invigorating and activates the body's defenses.
  • Weak black tea with sugar. A good drink that is well uplifting and restores the patient's strength.

For otpevanie affected after alcohol poisoning, you can use a decoction of mint and chamomile. The broth helps reduce inflammation in the stomach, gently soothing and bactericidal effect.

What not to eat and drink after alcohol poisoning

Intoxication greatly depletes the body, so in the period of rehabilitation, it is important to eat light foods. Not recommended for use in the recovery period following dishes:

  • Fatty meats – pork, beef, lamb. The caution used fat poultry – chickens, geese, ducks.
  • Smoked products – balyk, sausage and other products, which were Smoking.
  • Any canned and processed foods.
  • Fried and fatty meals.
  • Whole cow's milk, and fatty milk and milk products;
  • Some seafood – shrimp, mussels, squid and fatty fish.
  • Baking.
  • Much spicy and salty food.
  • Some varieties of cereals – barley, corn, barley and wheat.
  • Chocolate and products that contain cocoa.
  • The raw vegetables, especially cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes – they cause fermentation in the stomach.
  • Citrus.
  • All legumes.

In addition, the caution administered in the diet oil. It is desirable to cook food without fats, and then in the finished dish to add a bit of butter or oil. In this case, the fat is not heated, and therefore, the food will not be allocated any harmful substances that will reduce stress on the liver.

During the period of recovery after poisoning with alcohol is strictly forbidden the consumption of any alcoholic beverages. Even beer can add trouble. You need to remember that ethyl contained in any alcohol, for a weak body is a poison.

It is not recommended to give the patient coffee, strong black tea and cocoa milk. All of these products are irritating to the stomach and can cause pain in the abdomen or indigestion.

Strictly forbidden the consumption of carbonated beverages. They consist of many colors, flavors and preservatives, so they can provoke deterioration of health. And carbon dioxide contained in these beverages will cause flatulence.

No need to ask the patient after poisoning with concentrated juices. These products increased the acidity of what the stomach may react with vomiting attack.

What to pay attention

There are some tips that will help you quickly recover from alcohol poisoning and return to a normal diet:

  • All food for man after the poisoning needs to stew, boil or bake. It is also allowed to prepare dishes for a couple.
  • Power need to balance. The products should be enough protein and carbohydrates, but low in fat.
  • All the food offered to the patient, should be warm. Do not give cold food that is poorly digested or hot which can cause burns of the stomach.
  • No need to eat at least a week after alcohol poisoning the yeast cakes. These meals contribute to the fermentation and gas formation, which is very desirable in the recovery period.

Signs of alcohol poisoning is very unpleasant and can disturb the person for several days. Recover quickly diet. The main rule of this diet is eating light food in small portions but often. Even if the diet is not brought adequate relief for several days, it is necessary to consult a doctor.