Alcohol enema: dosage, prescription, effects

Alcoholic enema extreme is a satisfied method of making alcohol. As incredible as it may sound, but in such a way to get drunk is resorted to frequently. It is worth noting that such an extraordinary way of taking alcohol is distributed mainly abroad. According to one version, the first time this technique was developed during the First world war. What was the reason, it is difficult to say, perhaps, the fear of being punished by the military commanders for drinking alcohol on duty. Regardless of the reasons, the method is practiced, despite the danger.

The main reasons

The interesting thing is that such a strange and unsafe way alcohol is resorted to today. If in times of war it is at least something you can explain, today most people with traditional views wonder. The introduction of liquor into the intestine, bypassing the stomach is an extremely dangerous phenomenon that can cost lives. Ethanol in the gut is absorbed faster into the bloodstream, thus also rapidly increasing the concentration of ethanol in the blood.

One of the reasons may be the desire to use alcohol drink secretly. Man thinks that in this way he will avoid alcoholic breath and thereby remain undetected. But really, this is a misconception, as part of ethanol from the blood stream is excreted through the lungs by evaporation. Using this technique, be sure that the breathalyzer accurately detects intoxication.

The desire to save money has also pushed to such actions. Taking intoxicating drink in the traditional way, a person gets drunk immediately, but over time and subject to a substantial dose of alcohol. In the process, the ethanol is absorbed into the blood gradually, first in the stomach and in the intestine. At alcohol enema ethanol is absorbed into the bloodstream through the mucous almost immediately. Thus, to get drunk, one does not require a large amount of liquor, and need only the minimum amount. For comparison, one glass of vodka, drunk in the usual way, will not have a significant impact, but the same amount is introduced into the body through the intestines – will give an immediate effect.

What is the danger

When usual alcohol ethanol first enters the stomach, and then only in the intestine. During this process the body (through the stomach and liver) produces a special enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase, the function of which is the splitting of alcohol. Since the body treats ethanol as a toxic substance needed to break down alcohol to safely withdraw from the blood stream. The result of the action of the enzyme ethanol transformirovalsya in aldehydes. This organic compound is also quite toxic to the body, but during the oxidation processes is converted into acetic acid, which is very dangerous and it is more easily removed.

The intake of alcohol an unnatural way can lead to serious consequences, as in the lower part of the gastrointestinal tract cleaving enzyme is produced and the ethanol enters the blood unchanged in high concentrations. Of course, in the future, the alcohol goes to the liver, but high concentrations can lead to serious malfunction of the body which is very dangerous for human life.

Alcoholic enema deprives a person from such a defensive reaction, like a gag reflex. When drinking large amounts of alcohol the body reacts to it very wisely, causing the urge to vomit. The person in this case can not drink a lethal dose of alcohol (except in rare cases). During a vodka enema is a high probability of overdose as a defensive reactions in this case.

Among other things, the use of alcohol beverage in an unnatural manner and can cause such serious illnesses as:

  • inflammatory processes (up to ulcers) in the rectum;
  • inflammation of the peritoneum (peritonitis);
  • bleeding in the intestine as a result of inflammation;
  • the worsening of the symptoms of appendicitis;
  • cracks in the anus and as a result, the formation of hemorrhoids;
  • cancer of the rectum.

At alcohol enema ethanol is absorbed into the bloodstream fairly quickly through the mucous membrane of the rectum. But also at this time, together with alcohol can be absorbed into the blood and Escherichia coli. Escherichia coli is necessary for our body, but they place it in the gut, not in blood. E. coli in the blood is deadly.

It should also be noted that the mucosa of the rectum is more sensitive than the oral mucosa, so during the event dramatically may be a laxative effect. Another nuisance is burned mucosa.

The danger of this procedure, and that it is not impossible to determine the quality of alcohol by the data. If the mouth has taste buds, which help people feel the taste and can time to notice impurities in alcohol, through the rectum, this is not possible. As a result, increases the likelihood of poisoning of poor-quality alcoholic beverage.

Taking strong drinks in a traditional way, people used to eat. The flow of food in the stomach minimizes the absorption of alcohol and notallows a large amount of ethanol to enter the blood. But how to afford in the event of a vodka enema is unclear.


This method of making alcohol scares many, but still there are those who it seems interesting. If for some reason people decided to hold the event, then you need to know about some rules that will help some to protect this method, and thereby avoid undesirable consequences.

Preparation of the solution

  1. You must correctly prepare a solution. If you follow a special recipe that consists of strict proportions, it is possible to avoid overdoses or burns the mucous.
  2. The concentration of solution should not exceed 15-20%. The water in the mortar should be clean (preferably filtered).
  3. To prepare the solution suitable only pure vodka. It is not recommended to apply a mixture of different alcoholic beverages, wine or brandy. First, in the rectum no taste buds, respectively taste of the drink does not matter. Secondly, these drinks contain various chemical substances and dyes that are extremely harmful to the mucous membrane of the intestine. So you only need to use vodka.

Preparation enema

At this stage you also need to follow some rules:

  1. Recommended to correctly choose the necessary tools for an enema. This requires the pharmacy to buy pear-shaped instrument, which made conventional cleansing enema. Rubber bulb will help to independently perform the event. To facilitate the process and you need to buy vaseline.
  2. Despite the fact that the tools for the new enema, the tip should be treated with alcohol to avoid an infection.
  3. To make yourself an enema is very difficult, but if you choose the correct posture, it is doable. Standing to put the enema will not be easy, and the result will be. It is better to choose the standard knee-elbow position or lie on your side, slightly raised to his feet. You can experiment to determine the best position of the body.
  4. Further, the anus and the tip should be lubricated with vaseline.
  5. After all preparations you can start "accepting" of alcohol.
  6. Slowly introduce the tip into the anus while you scroll it.
  7. Now, when the tip is in the gut, you must adopt the most comfortable position and relax. Pour alcoholic solution into itself slowly. It is important to remember that pear decompress only after the adoption of the alcohol, removing from the intestine. If you let go early, the tool will be sucked back solution together with the stool.
  8. Also note that for a one-time to pour a alcoholic solution will not work. Use the remainder of the solution is not recommended. It is better to drain the liquid into a prepared bowl.
  9. After the process is complete, you need to wait 15 minutes so that the alcohol is starting the action. During this time it is advisable to stay close to the bathroom to immediately go to empty the bowel.


The amount of alcohol must be monitored to avoid overdose. The average person for intoxication requires about 50-100 g of solution (15-20%). This number will give same effect as when taking 6-7 shots of vodka. For those people who regularly consume alcohol in large quantities, such dosage will be negligible. In this case, it is also of great importance are the individual characteristics of the organism.

It is best to start such an unusual method of taking of alcohol with the smaller dosage. The alcohol in this appointment takes effect immediately and is likely to quickly get drunk before he could complete the event. Therefore, if you want to carry vodka enema by all the rules, it is necessary to control the dose.


Enema with vodka – a dangerous procedure that can cause various diseases. The danger lies in the fact that this technique is difficult controlled, and in the case of incorrect dosage or unforeseen circumstances, it could end badly. Alcohol must be ingested through the stomach and then pass the path of cleavage for safe output, that is impossible when enema of vodka. Better not to put such experiments on themselves and use the traditional method of drinking alcohol.

Most of these enemas are used by modern youth, who are not averse to experience the adrenaline and thrills. Enema of vodka can cause strong alcoholic poisoning, chemical burns of the mucous membrane of the rectum and other troubles. Known deaths after alcohol enema.

Interesting about the rectum

Rectum man not intended for such a dangerous adventure as enema of vodka. This body, first of all, removes by-products of the food out. But besides this, the rectum has an impact on the condition of many organs and systems of the body. During the research it was found that the body has strong serverregistry communication through the cerebral cortex and lower parts of the nervous system with many organs and systems of the body. From the right quality and functions of this body depends on the coordinated work of the whole organism, soto expose him to this kind of aggressive action is inappropriate.