How to get rid of headache after alcohol and hangover

Cozy atmosphere in the circle of close friends, high spirits and lots of booze – familiar situation. Not less familiar headache the next morning after a party. Blame poor health becomes severe intoxication, caused by the decomposition products of ethanol. And to get rid of headache after alcohol one magic vitamin will not be enough. But as it is possible to improve your health with hangover and what tablets to drink from the head? This is what we will talk further.

Why headache hangover

So the next morning suffer from migraines, it is not necessary to overdo it with alcohol. Sometimes even minimal amounts of alcohol will be enough to overcome severe headaches. Every body is different, so the impact on him of ethanol can be quite varied. Hence a whole list of reasons for headache:

  • low level of glucose in the blood (liver cells busy processing toxins, and to produce enough glucose they are not able);
  • lose nerve cells and endings, until the complete withering away;
  • the dehydration provoked by the frequent urge to the toilet under the influence of alcohol;
  • violation of metabolic processes in the body;
  • swelling of the blood vessels in the brain;
  • a short dream.

Add fuel to the fire and the decomposition products of ethanol. A substance such as acetaldehyde, in itself produces symptoms of alcohol poisoning, among which the most clearly marked nausea and headaches.

Medicines for a headache

Often one drug after alcohol abuse is not enough. To get rid of the unpleasant symptoms, it is necessary to take care of restocking your first aid kits. After all, if reasons why headache hung over, a lot, and the medications should be different. So, the list of Advil for a hangover:

  1. Ascorbic acid – 2 tablets in a glass of water.
  2. Aspirin or Advil. It can be any drug, which is composed of vitamins of group C. But it should be remembered that in diseases of the stomach these funds are contraindicated.

The tablets can be drunk no earlier than 6 hours after drinking alcohol.

  1. To get rid of dizziness after alcohol and accompanying nausea will help activated charcoal. Remember that the dose is taken from calculation 1 tablet on 10 kg of weight.
  2. Of painkillers for headaches will help but-shpa. It is an antispasmodic which relieves spasm of cerebral vessels, eliminating the root cause of migraine.
  3. Panangin or glycine helps to normalize the nervous system. Be taken after meals 1-2 tablets.
  4. Mexidol – anesthetic, normalizes blood circulation and the nervous system. Taken three times per day 1-2 tablets.

Don't overdo the painkillers to relieve symptoms of a hangover. After taking a large dose of alcohol your liver enough "work" to neutralize poisons.

What else will help get rid of headache after alcohol

The best option to combat headache after alcohol is enough sleep. With rest the body will be much easier to cope with intoxication. But if the sleep time is still there, to freshen up and get rid of the headache will help you are some simple ways like drinking plenty of fluids, a cold shower and a proper Breakfast.

In your condition the main thing now is to replenish the fluid in the body. For drinking ideal mineral water without gas, with which you will restore the lost level of potassium, magnesium and calcium. Homemade compote, natural juice, Apple and tomato juice are also well suited for this purpose. The dose of vitamins you're not hurt. Dull headache will help and a Cup of organic coffee. But experts such Council are skeptical, as many people this flavored drink increases the blood pressure.

But what exactly shouldn't drink with a hangover is a beer and spirits. Your body is hardly ready to receive a new portion of poison. And any alcohol will only exacerbate the intoxication.

Then – a Breakfast. To cook sophisticated dishes with a hangover you can not afford. A simple and delicious bacon and eggs is a killer dose of cholesterol and fat for your weakened body. So I have to confine vegetable or fruit salad: it's tasty, and useful. Vegetables and fruits is good for the lack of vitamins, iron and magnesium in the body. To manage headache, nausea and weakness in the body approach simple salad with cucumbers and tomatoes, seasoned with vegetable oil. Mayonnaise and other fat dressings better now not to use it.

Oh and be sure to go to the shower. Cool water to speed up elimination of toxins through the skin, will help to relieve swelling and normalize the blood pressure.

Folk remedies for the treatment of headache after alcohol

If you suffer a severe headache with a hangover, and folk remedies to fight migraine are no less effective than chemical drugs. After all, the main reasonintoxication. And the sooner you will be able to deduce the decay products of ethanol from the blood, the sooner you eliminate headache:

  1. Immediately after waking drink a glass of natural cucumber or cabbage brine. It contains large amounts of potassium and b vitamins lost during taking alcohol.
  2. A glass of Apple juice or chocolate will help to relieve a headache like a hangover, and immediately after drinking alcohol. If fruit juice is not to your liking, the same effect can be achieved from a drink of fresh tomatoes.
  3. To speed up the process of withdrawal of alcohol, eat a couple of spoons of natural honey. Tasty treat is not just fructose, and a fount of useful minerals needed for your recovery.
  4. A cold compress to the forehead and temples will help to narrow the blood vessels and normalize the pressure, thereby eliminating the headache.
  5. Essential oil will help to remove the attack when the headache. Just RUB their temples and forehead. Best for this purpose, suitable oils of rosemary, lavender or mint.
  6. Brew mint tea: 3 tablespoons mint pour boiling water (0.5 l), wait until the infusion is ready. Warm tea, add honey and drink throughout the day. Mint will soothe a headache, and honey will help to raise the level of glucose in the blood.

No less popular for the treatment of headache after alcohol use and cocktails prepared by a special recipe. These folk remedies have long there were "victims" and deserve many accolades.

Anti-hangover cocktails

Special cocktails from the hangover headache will help you cheer up and bounce back. The ingredients for these drinks can be found in any refrigerator, so cook them is not difficult. Here are the most effective recipes:

  • Whisk with salt and ground pepper one egg. To drink this improvised eggnog must gulp.
  • Slice a whole lemon, peel it from the skin. Add half a Cup of orange juice and whisk it all in a blender. To citrus mixture, add 3 tbsp. of honey, mix well and ready.
  • Separate the yolk from the white and add it to a glass of tomato juice. Add salt and pepper. All mix thoroughly and drink immediately after preparation.
  • Whisk the yolk, add a couple tablespoons of ketchup, salt and a little pepper. For greater effect it is recommended to use not only black, but also red hot peppers. A few drops of lemon and a thick cocktail headache is ready.
  • Mix a few tablespoons of olive oil with black pepper. It all pour in a glass of natural cabbage brine.
  • Whisk in a blender with the chopped dill, fresh cucumber and a glass of low-fat yogurt. For a taste of the discretion can add sugar, but you can salt and pepper.

These proven tools will help you not only to get rid of headache after drinking alcohol, but also significantly improve overall health. It is not surprising. With their help, gulp refilled lost on the eve of vitamins and minerals, and pepper gets the blood flowing, normalizing metabolism.

Prevention of headache after alcohol

Any disease, like a headache with a hangover, it is easier to prevent than to treat. And actually not that hard to avoid a migraine in the morning if the day before to drink properly:

  1. The most important rule of a healthy head – do not mix different types of alcohol and fortresses!
  2. Choose alcoholic drink correctly. It is believed that headache after the vodka will be less intense than after the cognac or whiskey. But tyramine, which is included with red wine, makes this red drink is a major enemy of your head.
  3. Try to avoid sparkling drinks and carbonated cocktails. The bubbles increase the absorption of alcohol into the blood.
  4. Do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach, a good snack. Dense foods will slow the absorption of ethanol into the blood, reducing the level of intoxication.
  5. Do not pass up dessert. Sweet will join the reserves of glucose, warning of the appearance of serious symptoms of poisoning.
  6. Observe the pause between shots. If you're speeding up and raise a glass to each toast, the probability of the drink to a heavy hangover will be much higher.
  7. Drink Apple juice or cranberry juice, in between drink clean water. Carbonated sugar water in its composition contains too much of harmful dyes and additives.
  8. Do not get carried away with cigarettes. Nicotine provokes anoxia of brain cells. And no tobacco a chance to have a clear head in the morning is much higher.
  9. Not compete in quantity of alcohol consumed with a friend, in another weight category. The comparison of weight is not always helps to avoid intoxication and headache the next morning, but consider your weight when dosage of alcohol still stands.
  10. Start to drink activated charcoal before the feast. This simple measure will help to prevent severe intoxication and, as a consequence, headache the next morning. It's advisable to take 2 tablets 20 minutes before the first toast, and then repeat the techniques every 2 hours.

How hard and bad you was not there the next morning, do not try to solve the situation with a new dose of alcohol. Alcoholic drinks in such a situation really clear the mind and relieve headaches, but the effect of such treatmentthe short-term. So better to use above mentioned methods, and in the case of deterioration, contact your specialist who will put you on a drip for a hangover or give other medicines.