What to do if you throw up after alcohol the next day

Nausea and vomiting – common symptoms of hangover. They can occur due to violations of the digestive system, alcohol poisoning, severe intoxication. This article describes what to do if you vomit after alcohol, what are the causes of this symptom, in some cases, you need to seek medical help?

The main causes of nausea

Why am I feeling sick from alcohol? There are many reasons for the development of this symptom. Listed below are the main.

  • Alcohol intoxication develops as a result of consuming excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages. Nausea and vomiting develop immediately after drinking alcohol or in the morning.
  • Inflammation of the gastric mucosa develops after drinking alcohol on an empty stomach or in the presence of chronic gastritis in anamnesis.
  • Pancreatitis – inflammation of the pancreas.
  • Increased levels of hydrochloric acid. Stomach, trying to protect themselves from alcohol, produces a large amount of hydrochloric acid. The next morning, after taking alcohol, the person feels heartburn, nausea and pain in the epigastric region.
  • Poisoning by alcohol or its surrogates.
  • Gastrointestinal bleeding can occur due to damage to the vessel of the mucous membrane of the digestive tract. Bleeding may develop in patients with gastritis or ulcer the next day after consuming alcoholic beverages.

How to get rid of nausea after drinking alcohol

Nausea often accompanies a hangover. To its elimination must be approached comprehensively: to treat the cause of its occurrence and to eliminate the symptom.

What to do if you feel sick from alcohol? The following are the main methods of treatment of this symptom at home.

Gastric lavage

Gastric lavage is necessary to purify it from the remnants of alcohol, toxins, hydrochloric acid and bile.

In order to independently wash his stomach, you have to chug a liter of plain water and then cause vomiting. For washing should be taken only simple non-carbonated water, without additives. Use a solution of potassium permanganate are prohibited.

Remember that in the case of blood vomiting, gastric lavage is strictly prohibited. This manipulation will increase internal bleeding.


Sorbents are drugs that neutralize and eliminate from the intestines all the toxins and harmful substances. During nausea, you can drink any drug in this group. Before taking medicines you should carefully read the rules of its metering. The dose can be calculated by age or by weight.


  • activated carbon;
  • white coal;
  • sabrex;
  • APSCO;
  • smectite;
  • enterosgel.

Antiemetic drugs

If the person continues to vomit after gastric lavage, you can take drugs that block the brain vomiting center (metoclopramide, reglan, osetron). Before their reception it is advisable to consult a doctor. Act the medication starts after 20-30 minutes.

Please note that taking antiemetic drugs before gastric lavage is prohibited. These medications only eliminate the symptoms of hangover. Toxins and remnants of alcohol remains in the stomach and continue to poison the body.

Drink plenty of liquids

Dehydration develops as a result of profuse vomiting. After washing of the stomach must replenish losing fluid in the body. To conduct oral rehydration can be used:

  • mineral alkaline water (such as Borjomi). In the day you can drink 2-3 liters of mineral water. It can be consumed only in non-carbonated form;
  • green tea with lemon and sugar – this drink helps cleanse the body from the remnants of alcohol;
  • a decoction of rose hips has a slight diuretic effect. It can be drunk to eliminate alcohol facial swelling;
  • rehydron is a pharmaceutical preparation intended for treatment of dehydration at home. It is the best drink for a hangover cure. It is available in single bags that you can buy by the piece. One sachet should be diluted with 1 liter canteen of water at room temperature. In the day you can drink 2-3 liters of this solution.


Antacids are drugs that reduce the acidity of gastric juice. After drinking alcohol they can drink to eliminate nausea, heartburn, pain in the stomach and sour belching.

These drugs are not suitable for long term use. Antacids – drugs of choice for elimination of single symptoms of heartburn and nausea that are caused by high acidity of gastric contents.


  • Almagell;
  • Maalox;
  • aluminium phosphate gel;
  • Rennie.

In some cases, you must immediately seek medical help

Treatment of nausea at home is with hangover. Nausea after alcohol can be a symptom of poisoning or acute diseases of internal organs. The following are the main conditions under which it is necessary to immediately call an ambulance.

Internal bleeding

Gastrointestinal bleeding can occur due to the violation of the integrity of the vessel is placed in the submucosal balloon of the stomach or duodenum. This conditionmay appear after drinking alcohol people who are suffering with chronic gastritis or peptic ulcer disease. Nausea and vomiting are the first symptoms of this condition. Vomiting is painted black. This color develops due to the oxidation of blood by the hydrochloric acid of the stomach.

In people with cirrhosis of the liver source of bleeding dilated varicose veins of the esophagus. This state is characterized by vomiting red blood with clots.

In addition to nausea and vomiting, internal bleeding manifested by the following symptoms:

  • drowsiness;
  • a sense of weakness throughout the body;
  • meleney diarrhoea of a dark color;
  • decrease in blood pressure;
  • tachycardia – heart palpitations;
  • shortness of breath;
  • the darkening of the eyes;
  • paleness of the skin;
  • tremor of the hands;
  • cold sweat;
  • dizziness;
  • a decrease in the amount of produced urine;
  • loss of consciousness.

Alcohol poisoning

This condition can be caused by drinking large amounts of alcohol or making alcohol substitutes. Alcohol poisoning – a serious condition that often ends in death.

The main symptoms of alcohol poisoning:

  • profuse vomiting and diarrhea;
  • pain in the abdomen;
  • auditory and visual hallucinations;
  • gradual impairment of consciousness: the patient sinks into coma;
  • cramps throughout the body;
  • shallow rapid breathing;
  • reduction in blood pressure (hypotension);
  • rapid heartbeat (tachycardia);
  • spontaneous urination, discharge feces.

Please note that in case of poisoning with methyl alcohol (surrogate alcohol) the first symptom is blurred vision. In humans, there are "flies" before the eyes, dramatically reduced visual acuity. To further develop blindness, kidney and liver failure.

Acute pancreatitis

Acute pancreatitis is an inflammation occurring in the tissues of the pancreas, wherein the fabric body gradually die off, nekrotizirutee. The disease can be cured only by surgery. Acute pancreatitis can develop as a result of drinking large amounts of alcohol.


  • girdle pain in the abdomen;
  • nausea, copious vomiting of bile;
  • the increase in body temperature to 40 degrees;
  • bloating;
  • purple spots on the skin of the abdomen (optional symptom);
  • yellowing of the skin, visible mucous membranes and conjunctiva of the eye.

Nausea – a symptom characteristic of the hangover. It develops as a result of intoxication and disorders of the digestive system. Treatment of this symptom can be carried out at home. Seek medical assistance should in the development of alcohol poisoning, vomiting blood and acute pancreatitis. When the first signs of these conditions it is necessary to call the ambulance.