How to get rid of nausea and vomiting after alcohol

A noisy cheerful feast often leads to the fact that the drinking of alcoholic beverages is too high. In the result the following morning, the person suffers from a severe hangover, which is always accompanied by nausea. In this state the victim is not able to work. Therefore, it is necessary to remove unpleasant symptoms. There are several effective methods how to get rid of nausea after alcohol.

Causes of nausea

Any alcoholic drink is considered a poison to the body. So the nausea becomes a natural reaction to poisoning. In this way, our body screams at us that he got hit with toxic chemicals and need as soon as possible to get rid of them. Along with nausea, a headache, dryness in mouth, weakness, change in blood pressure. Sometimes it may be severe chills and fever.

If the amount of alcohol consumed was not large, its decay products will be excreted naturally. While serious injury is not observed. But if the rate of alcohol greatly exceeded, symptoms of intoxication.

May aggravate the situation drink on an empty stomach. In this case, damage of the gastric mucosa. If the person has any diseases, such as gastritis, it may cause serious exacerbation of the disease. Then nausea joined by other serious symptoms such as vomiting blood. This is a reason to immediately seek medical attention.

The main recommendations in the fight against nausea

In order to quickly remove the nausea from the hangover and other unpleasant symptoms, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. The most effective way to relieve nausea is to vomit. So the body will be purified from residues of toxic substances. You need to drink as much water as possible. It is best to add a little salt or a few crystals of potassium permanganate. Just be careful that particles of potassium permanganate is completely dissolved. Then lightly try to touch the base of the tongue.
  2. Drink plenty of mineral water. It will help to restore impaired water-salt balance in the body.
  3. To alleviate the condition of vitamins C and group B. to get them to consume the appropriate food, for example fruit or use pharmaceutical drugs.
  4. If you suffer from nausea and a bad headache, take a walk in the fresh air. So you can speed up the metabolism, poisoning will be faster.
  5. Very effective are water treatments. It is best to take a contrast shower. After it be sure to wear clean clothes. Don't forget to brush your teeth.
  6. After acute attacks of nausea have passed, you can enjoy Breakfast. Heavy meals in this case is strictly prohibited. Cook yourself some meat or chicken broth, boil an egg or make a salad.

These simple tips will not only help to eliminate bad hangover, but to cheer up, to recharge your batteries. If you have free time, it is best to help cope with poor health, deep, long sleep.

Pharmacy remedy for hangover

Modern pharmaceutical industry offers a lot of options that you can take with hangover and nausea. Among the most effective drugs are the following:

  • Sorbents. This group includes tools that connect and quickly eliminate toxic substances from the body. The simplest of them is activated carbon. It will need quite a lot. For every 5 kg of body weight should take one tablet. That is, if the person weighs 80 kg, he would have to drink 16 tablets of coal. It is better to give preference to modern drugs: enterosgel, smectite, Polisorb, neosmectin and others. Before use, carefully read the instructions.
  • If you strongly feel sick with a hangover, you can dissolve a pill of validol. The drug components have a distracting and calming effect. They help to gently expand the blood vessels, which lowers blood pressure and relieves nausea.
  • To stop vomiting from a hangover, especially if it is bile, you can use antiemetics. The simplest of them would be reglan. Before applying carefully read the instructions. Its overdose can lead to negative consequences.
  • If repeated cases of poisoning by alcohol can be damaged liver cells. In this case, the recommended intake of hepatoprotection. These include drugs such as Heptral, Essentiale and others.

To drugs resorted to only in severe cases. It is better to try to cope with nausea simple safe methods.

Before applying any medicines it is better to consult a doctor. This will help to avoid adverse reactions.

Folk remedy for nausea

If you don't know what to do for nausea with a hangover, try to use simple folk recipes. The most effective ways to remove nausea at home are:

  1. To restore the water balance in the body will not only mineral water but also all kinds of juices and fruit drinks. Excellent effect gives cranberryMorse. It is a storehouse of vitamins.
  2. Drink sweet strong tea. It is best to add a slice of lemon or a small amount of ginger.
  3. Helps with nausea and tomato juice. It is best if it is freshly squeezed. Add a pinch of salt.
  4. The perfect remedy for a hangover is pickle juice. You can use cucumber or tomato. Only it have to be brine and not a marinade with vinegar.
  5. Drink a glass of natural kvass. It will be a source of b vitamins, helps to fill the lack of amino acids and enzymes.
  6. Break in the Cup one fresh chicken egg. Enter a few drops of Apple cider vinegar, a pinch of salt and pepper. Mix all of the components. Drink in one gulp. If you can't handle the peppers, replace it with ketchup.
  7. The fruit will help to get rid of nausea and rejuvenate. It is better to give preference to bananas because they're high in potassium and oranges.
  8. Fill the glass half with ice. Put two slices of lemon. Fill to the top with mineral water. After a couple of seconds to drink in small SIPS.
  9. To eliminate the feeling of nausea will help the yogurt. It contains milk sugar, enzymes that improve digestion and proteins. This product will help excrete the breakdown products of alcohol from the body and to recharge your batteries. In order to enhance its effectiveness, add a handful of rolled oats, a bit of cabbage juice or alkaline mineral water.
  10. The leader in concentration of vitamins becomes the rose. It will not only help to drown out the nausea, but also to restore normal digestion. Enough steamed a handful of dried fruit with boiling water and infuse for about an hour.
  11. Large amounts of vitamin P and C is contained in the ash. Take a handful of fresh berries, mash them and pour boiling water. Leave for 10 minutes. Then take this infusion of half Cup every 4 hours.
  12. Throughout the day, eat at the honey in small portions.
  13. Eat sauerkraut. It can be eaten plain or added to salads.
  14. Brew herbal tea. In medicinal plants contains a large number of substances that will allow to restore the health quickly and to cope with nausea. A decoction tedious to prepare of licorice, Valerian, hops, motherwort and mint. In the finished drink add a slice of lemon.
  15. An excellent remedy for nausea will be a vegetable salad. For its preparation mix equal proportions of fresh and sour cabbage. Add the grated carrots. Fill the dish with a small amount of brine.

Such simple means will help to cope with nausea and other negative symptoms of alcohol poisoning. Try not to overload the stomach with heavy food. Better eat some seafood. They are rich in phosphorus, potassium and magnesium.

The best remedy for nausea become acidic drinks: water with lemon, dairy products, cranberry juice and others.

How to prevent nausea

To the next day after the feast not suffer from nausea, it is better to take measures in advance. Consider the following guidelines:

  • Two days before the event try to eat more foods rich in iodine. These include sea Kale, feijoa, a variety of seafood.
  • The feast day morning drink two tablespoons of rosehip syrup.
  • Eat foods rich in b vitamins.
  • Immediately before the feast eat a small piece of butter, eat a sandwich with greasy cheese or drink raw egg.
  • After a big meal before bed, drink as much fresh milk. This would reduce the degree of intoxication.
  • Do not mix different beverages. Can't drink beer after vodka. If you want to relax for the evening with a few drinks, then they should go in order of increasing degree.
  • Never drink alcohol on an empty stomach. So its concentration in the body increases rapidly, and toxicity much earlier.
  • Spirits need to eat. It is best if the snacks will include a lot of carbohydrates. Give preference to potatoes, pasta or rice. The absorption of alcohol will slow down the fish and meat dishes. Allowed alcohol and drink. To use carbonated beverages is strictly prohibited.

But the main way to avoid hangovers will control the amount of alcohol consumed. Always follow the norm. Today it is better to give up the extra shots than the entire next day in agony.

Not recommended with a hangover

In his quest to get rid of nausea and other hangover symptoms people make a lot of mistakes. Remember the actions that you can not do with a hangover:

  • Not pohmelitsy. After alcohol poisoning a glass of vodka or a glass of beer will only aggravate the situation. Getting rid of the symptoms will be temporary, followed by repeated intoxication.
  • If you have heart problems, prohibited sauna and excessive exercise.
  • Do not swim in cold water. It can provoke convulsions and disturbances in heart function.
  • You can't eat fatty heavy food in the morning. It will put undue stress on the victim's digestive tract. Tedious also to give up cheese and coffee. Better Breakfast oatmeal withfruit and honey.
  • Do not smoke. This will trigger the nausea more power.
  • Don't go in the transport. Pitching increases nausea. Personal car driving is strictly prohibited. Your poor health leads to the fact that the reaction rate is strongly inhibited. You endanger not only your life, but of all traffic participants.

Compliance with such recommendations will allow you to cause even more damage to their health.

Nausea from hangover – it is a natural reaction of the body to alcohol poisoning. Following the simple guidelines, you will be able as soon as possible to get out of this state.