POLYSORB hangover and alcohol poisoning

Almost everyone at least once in their life experienced unpleasant symptoms of a hangover. Headache, weakness, thirst and other ailments can be quickly removed, if you take POLYSORB hangover. Powdered medicine perfectly displays the body of all harmful toxins and helps quickly restore the normal function of organs and systems.

How the tool works

POLYSORB is a modern tool and part of the group of chelators. Russian scientists have created a drug that helps to cleanse the body of harmful toxins, acting gently and without side effects. White powder is composed entirely of silica, which after getting into the gastrointestinal tract sucks up all available toxic substances (sorption area is quite big – 300 m2/g) and displays them in a natural way. The drug does not affect vitamins and other nutrients, with the result that the body loses vital components.

Some types of chelators absorb not only harmful toxins, but also the necessary elements to the body. For example, an old tool like activated charcoal is good at absorbing gases, heavy metals and toxins, but with them, the drug also excretes many nutrients. POLYSORB, in contrast to similar sorbents, has a very delicately, without harming the body.

Modern medicine, while in the gastrointestinal tract, it attracts the toxins like a sponge and absorbs all these substances. It does not matter, harmful connection received from outside or formed in the body owing to various reasons. POLYSORB connects all these components and frees the body from their harmful actions. The result stops the process of intoxication and improves the health of the person.

Some studies have shown that silica is capable of three times more to absorb the harmful substance in comparison with common means like smectite or activated carbon. Such efficiency is associated with a unique formula.

In addition, the drug is able to bind and metabolic products, relieving the body of excess amount of urea, bilirubin, or cholesterol. An increased amount of these compounds in human blood can lead to various disorders and ailments.

The action of cleaning means in the body starts fairly quickly. After a few minutes after ingestion, the person feels considerable relief from alcohol poisoning or a hangover. The drug does not act on the manifestations of intoxication, and the reason why the use of POLYSORB in poisoning always justified.

Indications for use

The scope of application of the enterosorbent is quite wide. The tool can be taken separately or in combination with other medicines in the treatment of various ailments. The main indications are listed below:

  • Poisoning caused by food, drugs, alcohol or other toxic substances.
  • Allergies. Enterosorbent perfectly connects different allergens and facilitates their removal from the body. Due to the effects of active substances reduces the incidence of food or other allergies.
  • Dysbacteriosis. Violation of the microflora treated with probiotic and antibacterial agents. POLYSORB in combination with these tools helps to establish the functions of the body by bowel pathogens.
  • Dyspepsia. The drug helps to establish the organism under such conditions as bloating, heartburn, nausea, urge to vomit, etc., which are non-infectious in nature.
  • Cold-related illnesses. During a cold the body accumulates large amounts of toxins that hinder a quick recovery. Include treatment of the sorbent, it is possible to get rid of unpleasant cold symptoms.
  • Diseases of the kidneys and liver. In the pathology of these organs is disturbed metabolism, causing the toxins spread throughout the body. The drug helps to eliminate harmful substances, helping the body to recover.
  • Prolonged use of various medications. On the one hand, medicine cure, and on the other with a long reception accumulate in the body and cause various disorders. Long-term use of many therapeutic agents (e.g. antibiotics) often leads to dysbiosis or other violations. To cleanse the body from harmful microorganisms and toxins will help the sorbent.

Useful enough to accept the treatment of those people who live in environmentally unclean regions or work in hazardous industries. Taking courses this tool, you can significantly reduce your exposure to the harmful compounds that are regularly absorbed into the body from the environment.

The drug acts exclusively in the gastrointestinal tract and is not absorbed into the bloodstream through the walls of the organs. That is why this tool is safe for health and has a really useful effect.

Polisorb has a lot of positive reviews that testify to its effectiveness.

POLYSORB and alcohol

After the adoption of alcoholic beverages, especially in large quantities, the next day, a person always feels unpleasant consequences. Largedoses of alcohol the body is unable to neutralize, with the result that disrupts the normal functions of organs and systems. Especially after severe intoxication most affected are the liver, since ethanol is eliminated from the body through this organ. With the help of special enzymes (called aldehyde dehydrogenase), on transformerait alcohol into a compound called acetaldehyde. This substance is toxic and excreted from the body through the oxidation process, turning into acetic acid. If the person frequently consumes large quantities of alcoholic drinks, this toxic compound can cause serious liver disease.

The removal of toxic substances from the liver is a rather complex and lengthy process, the speed of which depends on the state of the body. To some extent the role played by gender: men compared to women, the process takes a little longer.

Pure alcohol leaves the body through the skin, kidneys and lungs. To speed up the withdrawal of alcohol through these organs by using various drugs. Doctors, for example, often use a dropper, accelerating the withdrawal of substances through the kidneys.

To free man from the effects of alcohol can be in the home, using various folk remedies. For example, coffee or tea have a diuretic effect and helps to eliminate toxins. Reduce the absorption of ethanol in blood using vomiting. It is also recommended to drink juices with a high content of vitamin C.

But after alcohol in any case the person next day will be celebrated all signs of a hangover. The common symptoms are:

  • headache;
  • disorder of the chair;
  • excessive thirst;
  • sweating;
  • swelling;
  • weakness;
  • chills;
  • trembling of the hands or the entire body;
  • violation pressure (may be high or low);
  • anxiety;
  • a slight increase in temperature.

The hangover may have other symptoms, depending on the General state of the organism, the dose and frequency of alcohol intake. All of these symptoms are caused by disorders of metabolism and the action of toxins, which are formed after the adoption of alcohol.

To fight every symptom of a hangover does not make sense. All these symptoms come from the body, which wants to convey that something is wrong, he is poisoned with harmful substance and needs help. The most reliable way to get rid of hangover signs of state – bring toxic compounds from the body. Here comes to the rescue and silicon dioxide. White powder can easily absorb all acting acetaldehyde (which had not yet decomposed) and removed from the body.

How to make a tool

Absorbent helps how to receive alcoholic beverage, and after. POLYSORB and alcohol have good compatibility, so they can be taken at the same time, that will be a good prophylatically measure. But as practice shows, most people resort to the help of sorbents after drinking alcohol when already having all the unpleasant symptoms of a hangover.

Following the recommendations, you can learn how to make the sorbent correctly:

  1. The drug is always taken as the aqueous suspension;
  2. The dosage depends on the cause of the disease, age and body mass.

The recommended dose for an adult person weighing over 60 kg is 1-2 tablespoons of powder (with slide) at a time. This amount of powder should be mixed with water to a volume of 100-150 ml. If the weight is 60 kg, then it is necessary to prepare a slurry using 1 tablespoon of the funds and 100 ml of water.

One tablespoon absorption material contains 2.5-3 grams of silicon dioxide. As a single dose for adults is one sachet of product that contains 3 grams of powder. Manufacturers of enterosorbent offer a special table that will help you to take remedy in different indications.

With hangover it is necessary to adopt a means in two days: 5 times within the first day with an interval of one hour and 4 times during the second day, with an interval of one hour. Suspension each meal should be fresh. It is recommended to take before meals and other medications.

To avoid alcohol intoxication or alcohol withdrawal States, once to take POLYSORB before the meal, then before bed after the feast, and the next morning.

In cases when a person takes alcoholic drink regularly, for example, chronic binge, POLYSORB should take a longer time (about 10 days). The drug should be combined with other medicines and plenty of fluids.

Interaction with other drugs and overdose

POLYSORB simultaneous interaction with other drugs may lead to decrease in therapeutic effect. To avoid this, better before taking consult with your doctor.

POLYSORB is generally well tolerated by all patients. In rare cases, individual intolerance to the funds which can be expressed in the form of constipation or allergic reaction. As for the overdose, then no cases to date is not marked.


Despite the harmlessness of the drug, there aresome state of the organism in which POLYSORB better not to apply. These illnesses include:

  • peptic ulcer 12 duodenal ulcer or gastric in acute phase;
  • bleeding associated with gastrointestinal tract;
  • low tone and decreased bowel motility (intestinal atony);
  • individual sensitivity to a component of the drug.

The effectiveness of the drug for a hangover

Taking Polisorb, you can significantly reduce all the unpleasant symptoms of a hangover:

  • Helps neutralize the very reason for the hangover, bringing the toxic breakdown products of alcohol.
  • Helps to avoid alcohol intoxication (especially to alcohol).
  • Absorbs and removes from the body much more toxins than, for example, activated carbon.
  • Acts quite quickly.
  • Well relieves all the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, freeing man from painful condition.
  • Does not display the body with useful substances.
  • Is quite accessible to all means.

For greater efficiency the drug is best taken at the first symptoms of a hangover. The sooner the remedy is accepted, the faster will be hungover state. Many physicians also recommend during the reception of the sorbent to consume plenty of fluids. It is useful the use of vitamin-mineral complexes, which will saturate the body with useful substances.

Purchase the treatment at any pharmacy, so many may wish to stock up before the holiday feasts.