How to take activated charcoal for a hangover

The hangover represents a condition of the body caused by excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. Some people have a hangover occurs due to the mixing of weak and of strong alcohol, for example, champagne and vodka. The result is a number of symptoms similar to signs of toxicity: nausea, lack of appetite, severe headache Gaulle. Using activated carbon with a hangover, the body gets rid of toxins formed due to decomposition of ethanol. As a result, the symptoms of a hangover should disappear in 2-3 hours.

Activated charcoal is a remedy, composed of only natural ingredients. Relates to the chelators, since tablets have a sorbent effect, suck in the toxins. Medicine without smell and taste, is black. Replace it with white charcoal. Medicine is white, however it is stronger than the effect on the body. This should be considered when choosing a dosage.

Does activated charcoal from a hangover

Hangover for once in your life, but you receive almost all people, often men. What if there is no drug against it? Does activated charcoal from a hangover? The fact is that hangover in the body is the same as with any weak poisoning. As you know, coal is an irreplaceable remedy for food poisoning.

Once in the body, under the influence of gastric juice splits ethanol to acetaldehyde. This harmful substance, toxin, action of on the body which there are unpleasant sensations. While activated carbon is a sorbent which, like a sponge, sucks up all the toxins from the body. It brings together, and then removes toxins along with feces and partially with urine.

So the effect of coal was positive, it is desirable to empty the bowel not later than two hours after its use. If the person cannot call defecation, is recommended for an hour before taking ferrous tablets to drink a mild laxative. If you do not empty the bowel, the effect will be counterproductive. That is the toxins that will suck in pills, fall back into the intestines. Also effective in this case is gastric lavage.

Especially administration of activated charcoal with a hangover

Activated charcoal tablets very quickly relieve the symptoms of a hangover, help with alcohol poisoning. The drug has a number of features. If all abide by them, the medication will begin to act quickly:

  • The tablets better in the morning on an empty stomach. If hard first eat and then drink activated charcoal, he begins to act after 20-30 minutes, and an hour or more.
  • If necessary to wash out the stomach, 2-3 black add tablets into the solution. In a liter of warm water dissolve a pinch of potassium permanganate. Tablets of coal are crushed into powder and add it to the resulting solution.
  • At the same time to drink black pills and other hangover cure is impossible, as no one drug will not work. Tablets of coal will start to neutralize the action of another adopted tablets, while the toxins will remain in the body.

Take 5-6 tablets of coal should, before the feast. In this case, the next morning doesn't hurt the hangover. Definitely need to wash down the medicine with water, not alcohol.

Instructions on how to act with a hangover

If a person after drinking alcohol is bad in the morning, so hungover. To quickly get rid of it, you need to follow the instructions. First you need to be sure to wash out the stomach, using a solution of potassium permanganate, water and activated charcoal. The resulting solution drink all at once, but in small SIPS. Should appear immediately vomiting. Repeat the procedure until, until vomit is clear, without particles of food.

Gastric lavage is necessary in order to clear its contents from the remnants of alcohol. If you do not carry out the procedure, the alcohol will still be absorbed from the stomach into the blood. Induce vomiting using some other solution, if suddenly the house was not of potassium permanganate. To do this, boil some water and dissolve in it 2 tablespoons of salt. Drink the solution should gulp. But this remedy has an unpleasant taste. If the solution seems too salty, the amount of salt can be reduced to 1.5 teaspoons.

After washing you need to drink a few tablets of activated charcoal or white. Before receiving their well ground into powder and added to a glass of warm water. The solution should be well stirred, after which the patient drinks it.

Activated charcoal tablets can be chewed. To do this, put 1-2 tablets in the mouth, chew them and then drink plenty of water. Language will be painted black. He soon became pink, chew a small piece of bread.

Approximately one hour after the administration of activated charcoal should drink a pill of aspirin. It will quickly relieve a headache, which is a major symptom of hangover. In case of white charcoal, and aspirin do not need to drink. You should also take zantac for restoration of intestinal microflora. And increase appetite possible and popular ways, such as eating a few leaves of sour cabbage. Particularly useful cabbage juice, which contains vitamin C. due tothis it strengthens the immune system.

Typically the hangover symptoms disappear after a few hours after ingestion of tablets of coal. But if a person has acute alcoholic intoxication, he must drink salt solutions to prevent dehydration. In this case the symptoms persist during the day.

With the appearance of unpleasant sensations in the night, to give first aid must be immediately after drinking activated charcoal or white charcoal. If this is not done before morning, and acetaldehyde is absorbed into the blood, with which he will go to the internal organs. This wellbeing can deteriorate significantly.

The correct dosage of activated charcoal

Dosing of coal at a time – not more than 10 tablets. To be calculated as follows: 10 kg of body weight – 1 tablet. That is, if a person weighs 60 kg, he should drink 6 tablets. If, after lavage of the stomach or bowel symptoms remain, you need to drink your regular dose of 1 tablet. In day to drink not more than 50 tablets. You need to be prepared for the fact that the stool will be dark due to the large quantity of received coal.

If the patient is not just a hangover, but severe poisoning, it is recommended to drink about 20 pills at a time. After that urgent need to pass a medical examination, as acute intoxication may lead to serious consequences.

Dosage of white coal

White coal from a hangover drink in smaller quantities compared to activated carbon. So, a day is enough 10-15 pills that need to drink in a few receptions. Before you take your medicine, it should also dissolve in water. In acute poisoning, the daily dose increased twice. Before taking the drug is also recommended to clean the stomach.

What to consider

Before make white charcoal (or black), you must consider the number of medical recommendations. Since the speed of impact of the drug depends on the size of the granules, it is necessary to grind pills to a powder. White and charcoal are sold in powder form. This option helps to save time, but the powder usually costs a few rubles more expensive tablets.

To drink the medicine before drinking and right after it. Due to this, the effects of the drug will be more effective. In principle, coal tablets do not spoil. But this does not mean that they can be taken after expiration date. This can lead to various side effects. In particular, there will be nausea, pain in the abdomen, severe allergies.

Usually the period of treatment using activated carbon and white coal lasts 3-14 days. It is impossible to drink tablets for longer than two weeks. Because they are besides toxins out of the body and nutritional components. This can cause vitamin deficiency and exhaustion.


Of course, if the person has any diseases, he can't drink alcoholic beverages. But if it happened and the next morning tormented hangover, you need to consider that the white and activated carbon is not desirable to drink in the following cases:

  1. If you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. This person suffering from ulcer, gastritis, pancreatitis. Any inflammatory process under the influence of the coal progresses, so the symptoms become more pronounced.
  2. Can't drink black pills people with bleeding in the digestive organs.
  3. You should not drink it in the treatment of other toxic drugs as it will neutralize their effects on the body.

In General, coal is a safe drug that is suitable even for children. Does not cause side effects, overdose is not possible. However, should comply with the dosage. If the medication is not helping, it is urgent to consult a doctor.

Which drug is better for a hangover: white or activated charcoal

To identify the effectiveness of white coal had conducted a series of experiments, the results of which have made conclusions. In particular compared white and charcoal on several criteria. The result found that white coal is better cope with the symptoms of food intoxication and hangover, as it eliminates even a headache. In addition, the results of the research it became clear that the suspension is much more effective than struggling with intoxication than simply drinking a pill.

Regarding the impact of alcohol intoxication of both drugs have made a few conclusions:

  1. Both of the sorbent can significantly reduce the level of alcohol in the blood. Thus, they positive effect in alcoholic intoxication.
  2. The fastest moves in suspension, a bit slower – the coal in the pellets, but most slowly - in tablets.
  3. Hangover white charcoal even eliminates headaches, while activated carbon only removes toxins from the body, relieving nausea.
  4. To quickly get rid of nausea, you need to prepare a solution from the sorbent and silica.
  5. To reduce the craving for alcohol due to the use of white or black coal is possible, however, to accept their need for a long time.

Thus, the white coal is no worse to cope with the hangover than activated carbon. Thus at first the drug has a number of advantages. The main one is that it is easier to use, becauseachieve the result it is enough to take only 2-3 tablets at the reception, not 10, as in the case of black coal. However, if a person has diarrhoea after drinking alcohol, you need to take it to activated carbon because it strengthens the chair.