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Is stomach: what tablets to drink to start it

It so happens that the digestive system can not cope with their functions and processing of food is necessary to stimulate with the help of medicines. This state is called atonia, and it's hard not to recognize when the stomach is, the person feels the discomfort, wildness and pain in the epigastric region. Often these symptoms are compounded and nausea. In such cases, you need to know how to run the stomach and help it to digest heavy food.

What is stomach

Stomach may rebel at any age, and quite often this condition is caused by banal overeating. The causes of atony can be very diverse: if it bothers often, then this may indicate the presence of any disease or that it is time to change eating habits. Digestive system may fail if:

  • prolonged nervous tension, stress and emotional outbursts. The digestive system is very sensitive to the conditions of this kind – not for nothing is that ulcer and gastritis – life companions mentally unstable people. A constant voltage, and no matter what it is called positive or negative emotions, does not allow the digestive tract to relax, thereby disturbed the balance of enzymes and acids;
  • a wrong diet. The lack of sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals and excess carbohydrates can also cause atony;
  • overeating. This is the most common reason for stopping the stomach. Often this state occurs after the holiday feast, when it is hard to resist to try everything at once;
  • sudden climate change, or moving to a region with other weather conditions. In this case, the stomach may temporarily fail, but after the body gets used, everything will fall into place, and he will start;
  • the toxicosis. During pregnancy, women may experience interruptions in digestion - as it is the body perceives the physical changes in the first trimester;
  • recovery after anesthesia. No wonder the first day after surgery, doctors recommend to consume solid food and just a small quantity of light broth. If loading the stomach after General anesthesia, it can be all over vomiting;
  • poisoning. Toxins and pathogenic bacteria are ingested, trigger the fermentation process, which causes atony. After, because of the inability to digest food vomiting occurs;
  • bad habits. Smoking and alcohol interfere with the normal functioning of the digestive tract, not to mention stronger drugs, so emaciated stomach sometimes can not digest a healthy diet.

The symptoms of gastric atony

To ignore the fact that the stomach does not work, is simply impossible. This process immediately makes itself felt through following symptoms:

  • aching and rumbling in stomach;
  • heaviness and nausea in the epigastric region;
  • the lack of ripples when pressing on the upper part of the abdomen;
  • unpleasant smell from the mouth;
  • dizziness and pain in the left side when rotated;
  • constant belching with pungent odor.

If you do not have the stomach, he will be free from of undigested food through vomiting. When atony is accompanied by fever – it says that the blood came pathogenic bacteria. In this case, vomiting is a normal reaction and it is better not to interfere. However, if the inability of food processing is the abuse of fatty foods, your stomach should help to restore digestive function with the help of some drugs.


This unpleasant condition how to stop the digestion, can suddenly destroy the plans along with serious discomfort. So if you need to quickly start the stomach, it is necessary to apply special means. Quickly deal with the problem will help Festal, Pancreatin or Mezim. Typically, one of these drugs can always be found in the home medicine Cabinet.

The basis of these medicines is an enzyme that is secreted by the pancreas and AIDS in digestion. Such drugs are in the transition to a different diet, in some pathologies of the digestive system and in cases of hyposecretion of enzymes that are involved in the processing of food. Atony it is necessary to drink just one pill and motility will be restored within 10-15 minutes. Usually this dosage is sufficient, but if half an hour after taking discomfort is still present, you can have another pill.

To apply to such drugs too often can not – the more often the gastrointestinal tract receives enzymes by artificial means, the sooner their own production in the pancreas will decrease significantly.

In such a chronic disease, like pancreatitis and cholecystitis, these drugs make it is prohibited. Auxiliary enzymes it is advisable to take only if there is confidence that all the food reaches the stomach, was fresh, and pancreas healthy.

If together with the stop of stomach malaise comes in the form of weakness, dizziness, elevated temperature, and in addition visit atony vomiting, diarrhea and cramping around the belly, then drink these drugs is meaningless. These are symptoms of poisoning andinstead of trying to force the digestive tract to digest the toxins, you need to get rid of them. If such additional reactions need to wash out the stomach, drink the sorbent and to go to the doctor.

Other ways to start digestion

When for any reason the drug is impossible, you can try to start the peristalsis in a different way. You need to be sure that atony is not a symptom of poisoning.


Before thinking about what you need to drink to make the stomach, you can try to run it with the help of physical exercises. The main thing is not to use this method, if the pain is felt. Gymnastics to restore digestion is appropriate when there's a heaviness, slight nausea and belching. These exercises are familiar to all, because they are included in the program for tightening of the abdominal muscles, legs and buttocks:

  1. "Legs over head". For this exercise you should lie on your back and raise your legs upwards, trying to get them behind your head, lifting the pelvis;
  2. "Bicycle". Starting position is the same as in the previous exercise. The legs bent at the knees, you need to straighten alternately, simulating Cycling.
  3. "Scissors". In this exercise you need to lie down on his back. The elongated legs are slightly lifted from the floor, and the hands under the pelvis. The legs are alternately cross: from the top to be the left, the right.

These simple movements will help to disperse the blood and to warm up the muscles that prostimulirujte peristalsis and help stagnant in the stomach products faster to digest.

Folk remedies

Physical activity is not always the best solution, especially for the elderly or acute pain. To force the stomach to work after vomiting and to eliminate discomfort, you can turn to folk remedies. Decoctions and infusions of certain herbs not only restore the digestive function, but also will improve the flow of bile:

  1. If the attack atony became a frequent guest, it would make sense for at least a month will prolicide decoction of fennel seeds, buckthorn bark and marshmallow root. Dry powdered ingredients are mixed in equal proportions. Tablespoon of the mixture is poured into two 1.5 cups of boiling water, brought to a boil and infused for 30 minutes. Decoction is taken during the month, one glass before meals.
  2. Milk Thistle is effective for liver problems, and gall bladder. When the stomach can make the powder of this herb. For these purposes, it should grind it yourself or buy ready-made ground raw materials at the pharmacy. Teaspoon of milk Thistle with water 20 minutes before a meal. The powder can be consumed up to 3 times a day.
  3. To start the digestion will help the course of treatment with oregano. Tablespoon of herbs is poured into 300 ml of boiling water and infused for just half an hour. During the day take 100 ml of the extracts for 20 minutes before eating 2 times a day – morning and evening.

It is worth noting that running stomach a turn to such as baking soda and citric acid, dissolving them in water and drinking a "pop" in one gulp. This tool will help you quickly, but it is very harmful for the digestive system.

Sometimes, if suffer heartburn drinking soda water can, but the frequent use of this "medicine" can cause gastritis and ulcers. Citric acid is generally banned.

Adjustment of the diet

Noticing himself the temporary absence of peristalsis, it is not necessary to panic. Often, problems with the stomach is the first bells, which signal that it is time to change eating habits and stick to a certain diet. The observance of certain simple rules will help you forget about atony:

  1. The mode of the day. When a person sleeps 5 hours a day, and before bedtime overeat, it may not be surprising that digestive problems are more frequent. Breakfast, lunch and dinner should at the same time – stomach very quickly gets used to a clear schedule in advance, and begins to ferment. The one who eats lunch at work at the same time, always remember that at weekends it is visited by hunger in the hour lunch break. In this sense, to organize the charging Breakfast, lunch, tight, and light dinner, and to accustom ourselves to eat according to the clock.
  2. The stomach in need of unloading, so it is better to eat often, but gradually. If the routine did not work, at least on weekends, you can consider yourself such a menu.
  3. Greasy and heavy food, alcohol and cigarettes – enemies of a healthy digestive system. The diet, in which the minimum of their dishes fast food and high stewed, baked and boiled, will give a good result in a week and cope with the discomfort completely.

To fight atony, you can turn to drugs, herbs or physical exercises. The most effective and fastest way is to take a pill, but it does not solve the problem, if such situations are repeated again and again. In this case, it must be examined, and only when the results showed that no abnormalities detected, you should pay attention to food and change their menu.