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Is it possible for diarrhea to drink yogurt and other dairy products

Many believe that dairy products should be added to the diet if constipation, as they give a laxative effect, diarrhea can not use them. Contrary to this belief, doctors say that some of them, such as yogurt and cottage cheese, not only does not harm the intestines, but also help him recover from the poisoning. Can I drink kefir if you have diarrhea, it depends on what caused the appearance of this symptom and how the patient feels.

The benefits of yogurt

Opinion about the fact that the old yogurt strengthens and fresh poslabljaet wrong. Dairy products, which more than weeks, it can cause diarrhea. Best the bowel is restored by using live yogurt. Frequent loose stools facing the deterioration of the General condition, as the nutrients that enter the body with food, are simply not absorbed. Yogurt helps to resume the absorption of necessary elements and due to this a person feels a surge of strength, and the immune system is strengthened, because intestinal health – the Foundation of a strong immune system. So when buying order to recover from diarrhea it is important to check the expiration date and choose the freshest product.

Experts believe that drinking kefir for diarrhea you can, because in its composition contains about 22 species of lactic acid bacteria. The live yogurt that is not stored for more than one week, not only normalizes the digestive system, and restores damaged pathogenic bacteria of the intestinal wall.

It is a wonderful natural probiotic that is made by adding milk beneficial bacteria. After a few days of regular consumption of this drink from diarrhea will not be over – peristalsis of the intestines improves, and the stool normalizes.

How to drink yogurt for diarrhea

However, drinking yogurt for diarrhea in adults immediately is not recommended, as it can only worsen the situation. If you drink a Cup of yogurt during the active phase of the poisoning, it may too overloaded intestines and even more to weaker. How and when to drink kefir in order to recover from diarrhea, prompt following the advice of experts:

  • to enter fermented milk products such as yogurt and cottage cheese, only on the second day after the discovery of yourself liquid stool. The first day nothing to eat and drink a lot of water, which will allow the digestive tract to recover and to overcome the harmful bacteria that caused the disorder;
  • yogurt accelerates the digestive processes, so if trips to the bathroom became more frequent after its use, you need a couple of days to eliminate it from the diet;
  • another reason why you should insert the yogurt at the end of the acute phase of poisoning is irritated the intestinal mucosa. After diarrhea the walls of the digestive tract are injured, and for more acidic environment will only aggravate the situation;
  • drinking kefir for stomach and intestine with diarrhea can be only a couple of cups a day: one in the morning and the second in the evening. To drink more than 400 ml of the drink daily, at such symptoms should not.

Contraindications to

Despite the fact that healing and revitalizing lactic acid beverage is very useful for its application exist and contraindications. There are some health conditions and chronic diseases in which it is forbidden to enter the yogurt in the diet for diarrhea.

  1. Hyperacidity, gastritis, ulcers, and acute phase other serious digestive diseases. Yogurt irritate, so in case of such diseases is the best fit nonfat homemade yogurt in case of diarrhea.
  2. Lactose intolerance. This phenomenon occurs quite often among adult patients. This is mainly a consequence of the lack in the diet dairy products since childhood. In such cases, in order to stop the diarrhea, it is better to contact pharmacy probiotics.
  3. Children in infancy. To year children there is intolerance to the protein casein, therefore the live yogurt for diarrhea in a child can not drink. To restore the microflora in children there are many pharmaceutical preparations, and dairy products, which are made specifically for babies – curds, yoghurt.
  4. Ongoing diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome. This phenomenon can be observed both with a serious illness, for example, for bowel cancer and nervous disorders or IRR. While the cause of constant loose stool is not defined, to drink yogurt for diarrhea in this case is not recommended.
  5. Dysentery, salmonellosis and other serious infectious diseases. In these diseases the patient up with a menu that must be followed in strict order. Usually dairy products in it, at least until the patient will be on the road to recovery.

In all other cases, to eat when diarrhea is shown.

True that diarrhea drinking kefir better than the old, as it has fastening properties. After two or three days, lactic acid bacteria in store-bought product, not breed, and it becomes just a delicious drink, thirst quenching and not healing probiotic. In addition, the product with expired shelf life may exacerbate the problem and cause food poisoning.

Other dairy products diarrhea

In addition to the yogurt whendiarrhea can be eaten other dairy products. For example, freshly made cheese will be most welcome, as it helps to fix the chair. One of the meals that are permitted with diarrhea, is a cheesecake without raisins and sour cream. The high content of beneficial bacteria and easy digestibility makes this product indispensable for diarrhea. Eat cottage cheese with diarrhea even with the inflamed mucosa, as it does not cause additional irritation. In any case, do not eat expired cheese, it may only aggravate the situation.

Another milk product that helps the digestive system to bounce back with an upset stomach is cheese. Thanks to highly digestible proteins and milk fat it restores damaged flora is not worse than cottage cheese and yogurt. In addition, cheese is rich in calcium, so deficiency have shown it, and not the cheese or any other dairy product. Mild cheese with diarrhea added to well cooked rice or eaten as a snack.

. Diarrhea can be taken only after the disappearance of symptoms of poisoning. It can too overloaded digestive tract, since it is more saturated fats. Unlike yogurt to find fermented baked milk with one percent fat impossible her fat at least 3.5%. But in the recovery period of this product is the best inhabits the intestines bifidobacteria lost.

An adult is not always suitable whole milk, and diarrhea, it may aggravate the symptom. The fact is that with age, lactose is digested in the human body getting worse. In addition, if the diarrhea to drink milk, it can serve as an excellent breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria, and the effect is quite the opposite. So from the use of this product is better to abstain and to introduce it no earlier than the fourth day after the detection of signs of poisoning.

All dairy products is essential to restore the damaged epithelium of the intestine and its settlement of lacto - and bifidobacteria, but not all can be used in disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Everything is good in moderation, so it's best not to overdo it, and to enter them in menu slowly in small portions. To wash down the food with yogurt in this case is not recommended – better to drink it as a snack, but the child is better not to introduce this product, if he has frequent loose stools. Low-fat cottage cheese and hard cheese in small amounts is not worse than the chair will consolidate and normalize digestion. Most importantly, use only one of these products, but not all at the same time.