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How to restore the stomach: drugs, reducing the gastric mucosa

Problems with digestion is a serious nuisance that can appear for a number of reasons. Acute or chronic gastrointestinal diseases cause irreparable damage to the gastric mucosa, which begin to appear other diseases. How to restore the stomach to do it as safely as possible, will be discussed next.

When you need to restore the stomach

Of course, to think about the health of the digestive system should always. But there are some diseases in which to restore the gastric mucosa, it is mandatory. If to determine the severity of a problem cannot, should visit a gastroenterologist.

Which States require special attention:

  • occasional or regular stomach pains of different nature;
  • nausea;
  • heartburn;
  • constipation or diarrhea;
  • change of taste habits;
  • rashes on the skin;
  • long-term use of antibiotics;
  • acute, chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Gastrointestinal diseases often do not cause much discomfort, and felt a slight indigestion after eating. Any irregularities in the digestive organs indicate changes in the frequency and character of stool.

The presence of any of these symptoms may indicate pathological conditions, to identify which will help timely survey. Sometimes these symptoms to report breaches of the mucosa of the body, so doctors do not recommend ignore them.

Basic principles of treatment

That treatment brought only benefit, the restoration of the stomach should be carried out according to certain rules. Gastroenterologists suggest to stick to them for best results.

Something to keep in mind the person who wants to cure stomach:

  1. Any therapeutic effect should be discussed with a doctor who is familiar with the patient's history. There are various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, in one case, may be allowed the use of certain funds, in others they are strictly prohibited.
  2. Throughout therapy, and subsequently you should stick to a sparing diet. It is necessary to exclude from the diet all harmful products, replacing them with a useful alternative.
  3. Not recommended to use antibiotics for no apparent reason, and if they still had to apply, should support the microflora of the digestive system with bifidobacteria supplements.
  4. With the deterioration of the after treatment should stop it, and then apply for re-consultation with a doctor.

Strict compliance with the rules will help to avoid complications that sometimes occur if the wrong approach to healing of the gastric mucosa.


Before you can assign a method to restore the stomach, a gastroenterologist will perform all the necessary tests. The course and dosage of medications is also chosen, together with doctor.

There are many medicines for the treatment of digestive system, each of which has its own pharmacological properties, indications and restrictions for use.

Drugs that restore the mucous membrane of the stomach:

  1. Regosol.

Based on plant extracts, contains sea-buckthorn, plantain, calendula, and licorice. Promotes healing of the mucous membrane, increases its resistance to harmful chemicals and radiation therapy. Eliminates inflammatory processes in the stomach, reduces the number of pathogenic bacteria.

  1. Timed.

Integrated medicine, which includes two main components: copper and zinc. In medicine, as well as in regnoli, there is an extract from sea buckthorn berries. The main action of the drug helps to increase the production of enzymes.

  1. The Venter.

Based on the same active ingredient (sucralfate). Designed to protect the stomach lining, which he is having with education in her film. Accelerates regenerative processes.

The course of medication should not abruptly discontinue without prior authorization from the doctor. Their effect becomes noticeable after a few weeks.

Traditional medicine

Traditional medicine many times rescued her wholesome recipes, which have a symptomatic effect. Some home remedies can be used together with medicines that will enhance their effect and contribute to early healing of the mucosa.

However herbal treatment can not be considered completely safe. Reception charges has a lot of contraindications, including pregnancy, exacerbation of ulcers and gastritis or other serious violations.

Examples of herbal enveloping action:

  • celandine, plantain, succession, St. John's wort, birch buds, root Highlander serpentine;
  • chamomile, licorice root, Althaea, bergenia, and calamus, fennel, oregano;
  • hawthorn, rosehips, leaves of currant, raspberry, mother and stepmother and plantain, pine needles, juniper, mint, blueberry, nettle, celandine, eucalyptus, sage.

To prepare the infusion of dried herbs should be mixed in equal quantity and take one tablespoon. Pour 250 ml of boiling water to room temperature under the hood. Then the broth must strain, for taste you can add half a teaspoon of honey. To use the healing liquid before meals in the amount of 50 ml.

A little bit about fiber

Intreatment and prevention of diseases of the stomach, fiber also has one of the most important roles. As a kind of "nurse" of the gastrointestinal tract, it removes from the body all harmful substances, toxins.

In addition, regular consumption of foods that contain optimal amounts of fiber, promotes the normalization of metabolism and digestion in General.

Which contains:

  1. Whole wheat bread. Most are rich in fiber and all essential vitamins and minerals. The most beneficial are rye.
  2. Cereals and bran. It is useful to eat as Breakfast cereals, such as muesli and various cereals and cooked oatmeal. By the way, in diseases of the stomach it is better to boil water.
  3. Legumes. Cup of any beans contains not less than 10-12 grams of fiber. In addition, they are rich in iron and zinc, which help remove toxins from the body. However, if there is a problem such as flatulence, use peas, beans and lentils is better not to abuse.
  4. Some berries and fruits. These include strawberries, gooseberries, pears, blueberries, avocado and many other delicious fruits. It is recommended to eat raw or boiled.
  5. Dried fruits. Are a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. Most useful for stomach prunes, which can be used alone or to make a compote.
  6. Flax seeds. Also are a natural cure for treating stomach. Should take a daily on an empty stomach a tablespoon of ground seeds, which added a few drops of unrefined oil, and the health problems of the digestive system, it is possible to forget forever.

All of these products should be in the diet of each person, especially someone who wants to cure the stomach. Sometimes a balanced diet is more effective than taking certain medications.


Sometimes to treat the digestive tract gastroenterologist may prescribe a course of physiotherapy. We should not belittle their merits. The implementation of long-term courses can help to cope with stomach pain, provide antibacterial and antispasmodic action, normalize the work of digestive tract.

What physiotherapy should pay attention:

  • diadynamic therapy;
  • ultrasound treatment;
  • impulse electrotherapy;
  • magnetic therapy;
  • mud.

Such procedures can be carried out in a hospital, clinic, domiciliary or sanitarium. Of course, they should be combined with other methods of therapy.

After a long course of antibiotics

Antibiotics not only kill harmful micro flora in the body, but also have a detrimental effect on the beneficial bacteria that live and act in the stomach.

In their absence, people onchinaat to feel the deterioration of health, problems with digestion. In conjunction with taking antibiotics or after their use, it is recommended to take drugs to compensate for the amount of beneficial bacteria in the microflora.

The types of these drugs:

  • probiotics (bifidumbakterin, Linex, etc);
  • prebiotics (e.g., duphalac);
  • synbiotics (multidophilus, etc.).

Most of these drugs has virtually no contraindications to the use permitted pregnant and lactating women, and children of any age. However, it is best to consult with a competent specialist.

What to do if stomach problems permanent

When any symptom makes itself known on a regular basis, you should review some of the eating habits. Inperhaps a similar signs of a stomach disorder causes are illiterate composed menu, a love of fast food and fatty foods.

What to do if:

  1. Constipation. Be as early as possible to normalize the power to prevent the transition of constipation chronic. It is recommended to drink plenty of fiber, plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Prunes should be in the diet daily.
  2. Diarrhea. It is forbidden to eat in public eating places. Monitor the shelf life of cooked food, not store it for more than a day even in the refrigerator. The menu should contain carbohydrates.
  3. Heartburn. It is recommended to avoid taking products containing large quantity of acid. Should limit the use of citrus fruits, berries, and just sour. Also not good to eat yeast cakes and food with lots of spices.

An important role in the recovery of the stomach is played by the diet. It allows you to remove the load from the digestive tract, which will contribute to a speedy recovery. This will reduce the amount of consumed drugs, and rather to cure the stomach.