What to eat for upset stomach

During indigestion it is very important to eat, because some foods and beverages are able to quickly eliminate all the unpleasant symptoms. But if the person is not a diet and not change the diet in disorders, it could face worsening condition. Not all people can tell you exactly what to eat for upset stomach. At this time all food should be natural, easy and balanced.

Causes of indigestion

Reasons why diarrhea occurs is quite varied, it is possible to define so:

  • Poisoning with poor-quality food. Although poisoning can trigger poorly washed vegetables or fruits.
  • Long-term treatment with antibacterial drugs.
  • Some infectious diseases.
  • Prolonged high temperature.
  • Viral diseases.
  • High stress or feelings.
  • An allergic reaction to some substances and products.

In addition, the cause of persistent diarrhea may be irritable bowel syndrome.

Approximately one-fifth of adults in the stomach is very sensitive. In this case, the diarrhea occurs after eating certain foods.

Treatment of digestive disorders

Most of the people at the first unpleasant symptoms not running to the doctor, and prefers to be treated at home with available medicine and folk recipes. In the fight against this disease with the help of such tools:

  • Activated carbon is able to rapidly cleanse the body of toxins, allergens and other harmful substances, whereby the diarrhea is quickly terminated.
  • Smectite – the sorbent coats the stomach and intestines and prevents the absorption of harmful elements into the bloodstream.
  • Or Linex hilak Fort normalize the microflora of the digestive organs.

From folk methods often use black pepper for diarrhea, which are swallowed whole or the decoction of yarrow. Before beginning treatment it is advisable to still consult a doctor since indigestion can only be the result of a more serious disease.

For upset stomach the child's physician should visit in any case as low-weight children with prolonged diarrhea, dehydration develops rapidly.

The role of diet in disorders

The main role in the process of the rapid recovery plays diet food. At this time, the walls of the stomach and intestines are very irritated, so it is hard for them to digest the incoming food. Possible portions should be small, but the food is very frequent. The patient is allowed to eat up to 6 times per day. If the disorder provoked by the poisoning of substandard food, subjected to intoxication and liver. The meals must be low fat not to stress the inflamed organ.

After consuming each product, monitor the reaction of the body if diarrhea is not increasing, it is a dish you can leave in the diet.

What to eat for upset stomach

Eat for upset stomach in small portions, but very often. This is the basic rule, which is to adhere to speed recovery. Eat only freshly prepared foods, the temperature of which is approximately equal to the body temperature, in this approach, digestion is faster and the digestive tract is not too overloaded.

During the disorders of the stomach and can eat such foods and dishes prepared from them:

  • Nesdobnoe croutons of white bread. For drying crackers need to take stale bread, baked the day before.
  • Rice porridge, gruel. To prepare this dish, take one piece of round rice and three parts water. Water, a little salt, bring to a boil and covered the rump. Cooked for about half an hour on a slow fire, stirring constantly to avoid sticking. In such a mess is possible to taste add some honey, raisins or dried apricots.
  • Rice soup. Cook water, soup poured sliced potatoes, carrots and parsley. Cook until done, oil is not added.
  • Mashed potatoes without butter.
  • Lean boiled chicken without skin. Ideally, if it's a breast. If the person doesn't like dry white meat, you can grind in a meat grinder or blender and mix with mashed potatoes.
  • Boiled fish low-fat varieties. Suitable hake or Pollock. The carcass is boiled in slightly salted water.
  • Oatmeal on the water with the addition of the green varieties of Apple.

In addition, you can eat buckwheat porridge on the water, without adding oil. In such a mess, you can also add chicken meat.

For upset stomach food cooked on once or twice to eat. Eat meals that were stored in the refrigerator at least the day is not recommended.

What vegetables and fruits you can eat

Many fruits and vegetables for upset stomach should not be used because they will only increase diarrhea, but there is an exception. Vegetables are allowed to eat boiled potatoes and carrots, and fruit can be eaten baked apples green grapes and ripe bananas. When baking apples in the center of each you can add a little sugar orhoney.

For upset stomach you can eat only well ripe bananas, green fruits rich in starches that are not processed by the digestive tract. If the store doesn't have ripe bananas, you can take and a little green, but first dip them for a few seconds in boiling water.

Baked apples and bananas have shielding properties and help to normalize bowel peristaltiki.

Whether there are cakes and pastries

During indigestion eating fresh pastries and all pastry limit. These products contain too much sugar and fat, which will increase fermentation in the stomach and intestines and worsen the overall condition. It is possible in a small volume to consume white or rye bread, but only two days ago.

Some doctors allow the use of a small amount of quality dark chocolate. This product gives strength and promotes recovery from diarrhea. It is strictly forbidden to eat chocolate, if it is allergies or the disorder caused by cocoa products.

With indigestion, you can drink a small amount of honey added. It is added to porridge or tea.

What you can drink

In acute indigestion, you can drink tea black and green, herbal teas, water, Apple compote and a decoction of the dried fruit. An adult should drink a day not less than 2.5-3 liters of fluid.

Diarrhea helps congee with raisins. It can be drunk instead of water several times a day.

Water is better to drink small amounts but very often. If you drink large amounts of fluid at a time can cause nausea and retching.

For upset stomach in moderate amount to use grenades. The juice of this fruit good crepe.

What not to eat and drink for upset stomach

For upset stomach you cannot eat certain foods and drinks. It is possible to define such a list:

  • fried and fatty products;
  • smoked meats and pickles;
  • spices;
  • confectionery;
  • fatty meats;
  • fatty fish;
  • some cereals – barley, wheat, millet and corn;
  • certain vegetables – cabbage, legumes, pumpkin, carrot and other products that can enhance the fermentation;
  • dairy products – whole milk, cheese, butter;
  • low-fat bifidokefir can be consumed in moderation. This healing drink will stabilize the digestive tract and fills it with useful bacteria;
  • it is undesirable to eat fresh apricots, strawberries, raspberries, plums and peaches;
  • any foods, even those that manufacturers advertise as helpful.

Is strictly prohibited if you have diarrhea drinking carbonated beverages, alcohol and kvass. All of these products can significantly worsen the patient's condition.

With indigestion periodically faced by all people, regardless of age. In this state, it is important to follow a certain diet and eat only easily digestible, natural and organic foods, as the stomach is inflamed. Don't forget that food portions should be small.