Filtrum in case of poisoning and how to take it

Any person who has experienced the unpleasant feeling from poisoning, involuntarily wondered, what medications are most effectively removed this problem. Advice needed funds and how to take certain drugs, these questions can be answered only by a doctor who will give advice and help in eliminating uncomfortable symptoms during intoxication of the organism. Poisoning is a painful condition that can be accompanied by unpleasant symptoms: diarrhea, vomiting, etc. But few people know that the filtrum for poisoning – the true and proven remedy.

Poisoning: types, symptoms

Under acute poisoning understand pathological condition associated with exposure to the human body of toxic substances. Depending on the nature of toxic substances are: food poisoning, alcohol poisoning, poisoning with chemical substances.

There are three options for the development of food poisoning:

  • when you eat spoiled food, where the activity of harmful bacteria;
  • eating inedible food (stranger mushrooms or berries, and mushrooms or berries growing on the various hazardous industries or along highways);
  • use of products containing preservatives, dyes, flavor enhancers and other food additives.

Alcohol poisoning occurs when a person has received an excessive dose of alcohol or has used poor quality alcohol – surrogate.

Poisoning by chemicals is the result of human interaction with various chemical poisons. Poisons are in virtually every industrial chemical products and wrong usage may lead to intoxication of the human body. Toxic substances, through lungs, mucous membranes, rarely inside (with the exception of poisoning by household chemicals young children).

A separate group of poisonings with chemical substances are intoxication and overdose drugs.

In any case of poisoning call a doctor is obligatory!

The signs of poisoning

When poisoning may occur following symptoms:

  • malaise;
  • fatigue, weakness;
  • drowsiness;
  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • temperature rise;
  • pallor of the skin;
  • suffocation;
  • increased salivation;
  • sweating;
  • rapid or slow pulse;
  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • loss of consciousness (in emergency cases);
  • cramps, chills.

All these signs can occur to a lesser or greater extent, and some may not occur at all – everything depends on the nature of toxic substances, the extent of their penetration into the body, as well as their degree of contact with blood.

First aid for poisoning

Any kind of poisoning important timely medical care. The main challenge here is to prevent the ingress of toxic substances in human blood. Before the arrival of the doctor need to do the following:

  • gastric lavage with boiled water;
  • to provide complete rest to the affected;
  • place the victim on his side to ensure the best waste vomit;
  • make the sorbent.

Not for poisoning induce vomiting in pregnant women, especially on long periods. Vomit cramps can cause complications of pregnancy.

As adsorbing means for poisoning can help filtrum.

Pharmacological properties of the drug filtrum

Filtrum is a natural herbal remedy to eliminate all the unpleasant symptoms of poisoning, such as vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, General malaise and other. It comprises an active adsorbent active substance – lignin.

Lignin is a brown powder, is made from coniferous trees. Unlike activated carbon, the lignin does not cause irritation of the colon, and is able to bind a greater quantity of toxins. So when taking Filtrona well-being of the victim is improving rapidly.

Lignin provides quick linking to the following harmful substances:

  • alcohol-containing substances and alcohol;
  • cholesterol and its derivatives;
  • medicines;
  • ammonia;
  • bacterial toxins;
  • radioactive substances;
  • heavy metals;
  • urea;
  • viral toxins;
  • poisons or other toxic substances.

Thus, filtrum is able to quickly absorb all toxic substances, and ensures their quick excretion from the body.

Release form of the drug and indications for use

The drug is available in three versions:

  • pills and filtrum filtrum - STI;
  • pastilles for sucking "filtrum-Safari";
  • pills Lactofiltrum.

All these drugs have two main objectives – the removal of the signs and treatment of acute poisonings and intoxications. However, a slight difference in composition leads to different indications for use of these funds.


This drug can effectively treat acute poisoning with drugs, chemicals, poisons, alcoholic beverages, andheavy metals.

Filtrum-STI included in the complex treatment of intestinal infections (dysentery, salmonellosis, etc.), as well as provides effective treatment of various types of allergies to foods.

Also the pills from poisoning filtrum reduce the concentration of urea and ammonia with the symptoms of liver and kidney failure.

As a prevention pill is indicated for use in people who work in hazardous industries.

Pastilles to resorption filtrum-Safari

Lozenges for sucking or chewing, have a pleasant sweet taste, so they are often prescribed to children.

Lozenges are intended for treatment of acute nutritional and intestinal infections, as well as for the treatment of dysbiosis of any nature. Their composition is a prebiotic, which normalizes the intestinal microflora. Pastilles for sucking "filtrum-Safari" are part of a comprehensive treatment of ARI and ARI. Also especially for young children, there are pills filtrum, they are sweet and pleasant to the taste.

Pills Lactofiltrum

Contain helper component – lactulose, which produces bifidobacteria. They, in turn, through its activities in the intestine inhibit the growth and activity of harmful microorganisms and reduce the amount allocated at the same toxins.

Thus, the drug improves intestinal peristalsis, thereby eliminating atonic bowel disorders.

Lactofiltrum pill effective after taking antibiotics, as it combines the properties of prebiotic. They are also effective for allergic diseases – dermatitis, urticaria.

Usage instructions

Pills before applying it is better to grind and take them in powder form, drinking plenty of water. In the treatment of acute States of intoxication takes 3 to 7 days. Chronic disease requires a more prolonged use of pills to 20 days.

All the symptoms in the treatment may disappear on the second or third day of treatment. But the sense of appetite can be normalized not earlier than after 4-5 days, as stool.

To take pills after removing the signs of poisoning and the need to be eating, about an hour. So to pave the way for continued and safe digestion and reduce the risk of repeated food poisoning.

Not to quit taking the pills even after the disappearance of unpleasant symptoms, the condition may become worse. The improvement in the victim, it is possible to reduce the dosage but not stop taking the drug!

The correct dosage can be prescribed only by a physician, the dose is calculated depending on the body mass and the nature of the poisoning. Daily dose should not exceed 50 tablets. If assigned to such a dosage, it is split into 4-5 receptions.

When re-treatment course should be repeated no earlier than two weeks after the last pill.

After receiving the tools necessary to take complex vitamins with calcium, as the sorbents were eluted from the body not only toxins but also nutrients. Pregnant this medication is always prescribed for joint vitamins.

Children are allowed the pills only from the age of three. The reason is that lozenges should be chewed or sucked.

Judging by the numerous reviews about the drug, filtrum saved from many unpleasant symptoms in a short period of time. According to reviews, if before meal to take care of yourself beforehand and to drink 3 tablets of filtrum, then the next day, no hangovers. Also many speak of the drug as a remedy for motion sickness.

Contraindications to the use of Filtrona

Despite all the advantages of the use of this drug, there are a number of contraindications:

  • an atonic condition of the intestines;
  • Allergy to components of the tool;
  • gastritis;
  • diabetes;
  • the presence of ulcers or multiple ulcers;
  • stomach bleeding;
  • pathology of metabolism.

In cases of poisoning in pregnant women must be weighed the benefit of the drug to the mother risk to the fetus. As the sorbent enters the bloodstream, it can be given to pregnant and lactating women.

Children can take the preparation with the birth with the appropriate form of release and dosage.

In any poisoning before taking any medication, you should consult with your doctor. Self in this case can only hurt. Be healthy!