Enterofuril for poisoning: dosage, action

Food poisoning is one of the most unpleasant events that can happen in life. It especially often happens in the summer, when the bacteria multiply rapidly and food can be lost for a matter of hours. It is hard when there are no good tools, so usually in the home kits, in addition to antiseptics and means a headache, is definitely the medication of first aid the digestive system. One such tool – the pills from poisoning enterofuril.

Mechanism of action

Enterofuril sometimes mistakenly referred to antibiotics. It's not quite true, although nitrofurans (a group of drugs which include enerfuel) also have antibacterial effect and are used in the same cases. And antibiotics, and nitrofurans antimicrobials. But they have significant differences.

Nitrofurans are a bit simpler – it's the chemicals that regulate one of the functions of microorganisms, causing them to die. Nitrofurans get much easier for them to have very cheap raw materials – sawdust or corn. Weaker than nitrofurans antibiotics and are used for certain tasks, while antibiotics are broader and have greater efficiency. But antibiotics are serious medications that can not be used without a doctor's prescription, while drugs of the group of nitrofurans is not so seriously affect the human body.

The advantages of nitrofurans:

  • soft effect;
  • do not violate the microflora;
  • a minimum of side effects.

Cons of nitrofurans:

  • less efficient in comparison with antibiotics.

On this basis, the preferred nitrofurans for food poisoning of medium severity, the origin of which is unclear.

Enterofuril for poisoning

Usually, poisoning occurs by eating foods contaminated with microorganisms. Most often, poisonings occur in the summer because in the heat of microorganisms is much higher. In winter, the causes of poisoning are often viruses. Enterofuril can be used both in summer and winter, but in summer, its effectiveness are usually significantly higher. Indications for use enterofuril the following:

  • food poisoning caused by microorganisms and accompanied by diarrhea;
  • dyspepsia of unknown etiology;
  • chronic defeat of digestive system bacterial origin.

Enerfuel quickly eliminates symptoms of poisoning: fever, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. It makes no sense to use enterofuril in mild poisoning, because in this case it is better to let the body fight the infection on their own.

For the effective treatment of causes of poisoning tool used in prescribed dosage, therapy can be longitudinal to a week. Most often, the drug to cope with the disease in 2-3 days. Pack contains 8 tablets.

  • Enterofuril struggling mostly with the symptoms and the cause of poisoning. This means that the reproduction of the pathogen stops, and he dies. Due to this, are the symptoms of the disease.
  • Effective for vomiting, because vomiting is a protective reaction of the organism, which is trying to get rid of the pathogen. Because the drug kills the pathogen, the vomiting stops.

Enterofuril for poisoning the child

Children's bodies are more vulnerable than adult. Even a relatively small number of pathogenic bacteria can cause the baby acute poisoning. Makes sense as soon as possible to begin treatment the next symptoms:

  • severe pain in the abdomen;
  • continuing diarrhea;
  • vomiting;
  • it is also possible to depression and fever.

Requirements for drugs for children is commonly higher. They should be relatively safe, quick acting, suitable for all ages. Enterofuril meets almost all the requirements for that medication. First, it is the most safe drug of the drugs of this group. Secondly, it comes in powder form for the preparation of medicines especially for a child. The drug does not cause dysbiosis, acts exclusively in the intestine, is completely eliminated with feces. In cases of poisoning in children, doctors often prescribe it enterofuril owing to its mild action. The dosage varies depending on age and weight of the baby. Treatment: two days to a week. Can be taken regardless of meals. Children under 7 years capsules is contraindicated.

It should be remembered that at the slightest manifestation of allergic reactions in children, the treatment should be stopped immediately. With care you need to give the drug to children under one year. Infants in the first month of life enterofuril strictly contraindicated.

In some cases, do not use the medicine

Although enterofuril usually fairly well tolerated, it does have contraindications. Before using this medication, it is advisable to consult with a specialist. This applies particularly to drug children. Contraindications the following medications:

  • hypersensitivity to the components of the medication, because in some cases it can cause allergicreaction;
  • fructose intolerance;
  • children up to age one month.

When malabsorption of monosaccharides should be careful. In addition, the drug can cause side effects, such as increased diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, sharp pain in the abdomen. Repeal drug side effects stop.

Particular caution should be exercised for pregnant and lactating women. In these cases, medication is prescribed only if the potential benefit of the drug outweighs the potential risk from its use.

Enterofuril in itself does not cause CNS depressionand when using it is allowed to work with complex mechanisms and management vehicles.

Compatibility with other drugs and alcohol

You should not use enterofuril simultaneously with such substances as activated charcoal or other sorbentsbecause they can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. It is forbidden to take simultaneously with the medications containing ethanol. Accordingly, the use of alcohol during treatment is strictly forbidden, as enterofuril causes increased oppression of the Central nervous system, intestinal cramps, depression of respiratory system and heart palpitations.

Evidence of the effectiveness

The drug has passed the test of time and its effectiveness is totally proven. Often means afraid to use it because of its antimicrobial actions, comparing the risks of its use with the risks of the use of antibiotics. It is not so. Unlike antibiotics, the drug does not violate the intestinal microflora and acts only mildly. It can be used during the treatment of antibiotics, because it has no while the application of synergistic effect. In addition, there is evidence that the drug, in contrast, reduces the risk of dysbiosis.

Use of other antibacterial agents speeds up the process of treatment and allows to reduce their dosage. Competent selection of additional tools substantially reduces the time of the disease and reduces the likelihood of side effects to a minimum. It is worth considering the adequacy of the use of additional funds, because the toxicity of low severity do not usually require additional medications.


Most reviews on the drug, as a rule, positive. Rare negative feedback associated with issues or intolerances, or with the fact that the etiology of the poisoning were different. Usually the drug is very much appreciated for efficiency and low cost.

Often in reviews of the medication come across complaints that the first dosage can cause vomiting. It is a common side effect that is practically safe. In the future, the drug tolerance is significantly increased and even a small overdose does not cause increased side effects.

The positive properties of the drug observed a wide range of actions. It can be used in almost any food poisoning of average weight. In summer, its effectiveness increases as winter poisoning is often caused by viruses, against which enterofuril powerless.

Dosage forms and terms of release

Medicine enterofuril available in the form of powder for suspension preparation of suspension in vial and capsule. Powder and slurry are stored not more than three years, capsules – 5 years. Do not forget to check the expiration date of the medication, because the use of expired drugs can be very dangerous.

The capsules are 100 mg and 200 mg Capsules are contraindicated for small children, but is preferred for adults. They are harder to move, but show slightly greater efficacy in comparison with other forms of the drug.

Enterofuril without prescription. It is necessary to clarify at the pharmacy about the side effects and appropriateness of use.


Pharmacies have a significant number of generics (analogues) of the drug, the main active substance in which is also nifuroxazide. They differ primarily by the manufacturer, and cost and additional substances. They include such drugs as "Lekor", "Diastat", "EcoFuel". All these drugs have roughly similar efficacy. In the first place should pay attention not to the manufacturer, and authenticity of the medication. Poor quality packaging, the lack of characteristic signs left by the manufacturer, incomplete recipe and other inconsistencies often indicate a fake tool. To protect yourself from counterfeit purchase, buy medication in pharmacies or checked on those Internet sites that have earned the trust of users.

Although the market for antibacterial drugs is growing fast, nitrofurans do not lose their relevance. A successful combination of efficiency and safety allows us to consider nitrofurans one of the most effective drugs for poisoning and now. It makes sense to buy enterofuril in your first aid kit during the mass poisonings, because the sooner treatment is started, the more effective it will be.