How to stop vomiting in adults in home: antiemetics

Vomiting is not that other, as reaction to the flow of harmful substances or toxins. So the stomach tries to cleanse yourself to prevent absorption of poisons into the bloodstream and further poisoning of the whole organism. Although vomiting can be considered a natural process, such as quickly leads to dehydration and malfunction of many organs and systems. To avoid this, you need to know how to stop vomiting at home.

Causes of vomiting in adults

Nausea and vomiting in adults can be due to food poisoning, alcohol intoxication, overdose of drugs and toxic inhalation. In addition, the retching can be in the totality of the symptoms in infectious diseases of the digestive tract and the weakness of the vestibular apparatus.

If poisoning poor quality of food products retching occurs after a short time after eating. Although in some cases the first symptoms of poisoning appear only after a day.

If you took an overdose of drugs, vomiting can occur after half an hour or an hour. It all depends on how fast the medication will be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Hypersensitive to alcohol or excessive alcohol consumption vomiting may occur immediately after contact production in the stomach. This is due to the toxicity of ethanol in relation to the cells of the body.

If the person inhaled vapors of toxic substances, first causes severe dizziness which may be accompanied by hallucinations and nausea. Retching can occur later, when the concentration of toxic substances in the blood reaches the limit.

The appearance of the gag reflex is a protective mechanism of the body with which he is trying to be cleansed of toxic substances. If vomiting is not permanent and not too weak of a person, then it should not immediately stop. Due to this unpleasant process, the body will be purified, and the recovery will come faster.

First aid for vomiting

Many people are interested in the question – what can I do to stop vomiting? Some people when observing such symptoms in themselves or relatives start to panic. Actually it's not so sad, and this phenomenon can be stopped quickly. It all depends on what retching provoked.

Food poisoning

To quickly stop nausea and vomiting in cases of poisoning with poor-quality food, you must perform a number of activities:

  • Thoroughly wash the stomach a large volume of water. This procedure will help clean the digestive tract from the remnants of food which caused the poisoning. Lavage is better to make a weak solution of salt or slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate. The procedure is repeated until then, until the waste water will not be completely clean.
  • If vomiting does not stop after washing the stomach, it is mandatory to give the adsorbents. They attract to themselves of toxic substances and bacteria, and then gently remove them from the body.
  • Patient ensure a good drinking regime, to restore lost during vomiting the liquid. You can give strong tea, a decoction of rose hips or chamomile pharmacy. Very good and mint tea and lemon balm, it can soothe the stomach after vomiting.

If using these methods to stop vomiting failed, you must contact your physician who can prescribe treatment.

Gastric lavage is strictly prohibited to take if there is suspicion of perforation of the stomach or esophagus!

An overdose of drugs

If a person took too large a dose of medication, and he started vomiting, you should immediately call an ambulance. Some medications can in a short period of time can lead to irreversible consequences. Before the arrival of medical teams in the affected wash out stomach and give plenty to drink.

The packaging of the drug that caused the poisoning, it is necessary to show the doctor. This will speed up diagnosis and help to quickly prescribe the correct treatment.

When the overdose of drugs in pregnant women and the elderly to wash out the stomach at home is not recommended. This can lead to rapid dehydration. Such patients were allowed to drink in divided portions until a doctor arrives.

Infectious diseases of the stomach

If vomiting triggered by an intestinal infection, then immediately resort to lavage of the stomach and intestines. This allows you to remove the maximum amount of pathogenic microorganisms. To prevent dehydration, give the patient a lot to drink, for this is good solution regidrona. This drug rapidly restores electrolyte balance in the body. In order to avoid relapses, the cure is to give small portions, but very often.

If gagging did not stop even after gastric lavage can be an antiemetic. For this suit reglan or motilium, this medication is taken in accordance with the instructions.

Pills nausea and vomiting it is advisable to take at the first urge. If you stop the unpleasant process at once, most of the bacteria will remain in the body andrecovery will be delayed.

Poisoning with toxic vapors

If the person inhaled gas vapors or toxic chemicals, for a start it is necessary to bring in fresh air and release from tight clothing. Usually these actions are enough to prevent vomiting. In that case, if unpleasant urge arose, it is possible to give the victim to drink a Cup of sweet tea or coffee. After gassing, the patient should be supervised, as it may lose consciousness and choke on vomit.

Vomiting in motion sickness

Many people, especially children, ukazyvayutsya in transport. This is due to weak vestibular apparatus. To recover from this particular organism is impossible, but can be slightly ease the condition of a person who is prone to motion sickness. To relieve nausea and prevent vomiting can help the following measures:

  • peppermint or eucalyptus caramel, which during the trip keep in the cheek;
  • tablet of validol, which slowly resolves under the tongue;
  • Fruity caramel on a stick;
  • a slice of lemon with peel in his cheek.

Adult or child services need to provide a comfortable position. Usually the vomiting stops after people will take a horizontal position, or at least rest my head.

How you can quickly stop the vomiting

To stop vomiting at home, it is necessary to observe some conditions:

  1. To put the patient to bed, cover with a blanket and ensure complete rest.
  2. Not to offer the man food and drink to give a large volume but very small doses.
  3. After each attack of vomiting the patient to wash with cold water and allow to rinse the mouth, ideally, the teeth may be cleaned with a minty toothpaste.
  4. When the seizures are rare, you can start soldering the victim more actively. For this fit, fruit drinks, teas and fruit drinks.

If vomiting does not stop for days, it is necessary to show the patient the doctor.

It is important to remember that uncontrollable vomiting may be a symptom dangerous diseases such as appendicitis. In this case, in addition to retching, severe pain in the right side of the abdomen and high temperature. Treating the disease is possible only surgically.

In some cases, you need to quickly call a doctor

There are several cases in which the man need to be taken to the hospital on their own or to call a team of doctors. These include:

  • In the vomit there is a considerable admixture of red blood.
  • Vomiting profusely out the bile.
  • The body temperature of the patient rises above 39 degrees in a short period.
  • The man is unconscious.
  • In the stool is fresh or digested blood.
  • Started cramping.

Doctor required for poisoning by medicines. Some drugs depress cardiac function, so for a short time, may cause the collapse.

When you can not artificially induce vomiting

When first aid is often necessary to wash the stomach and induce vomiting. This procedure removes the bulk of harmful substances from the body and prevents their absorption into the bloodstream. Not all people know that to provoke retching impossible in some conditions, this will lead to greater intoxication and damage. It is forbidden to induce vomiting in the following cases:

  • during pregnancy in women at all time;
  • when a person is unconscious;
  • if the poisoning occurred the burning of chemical substances.

Patient with retching not be left alone at home even for a short time. At any moment he might lose consciousness and drown in the waste mass.

Traditional recipes with vomiting

To stop even severe vomiting can be due to recipes of traditional medicine. At home from uncontrollable vomiting will help tea with lemon and honey. Tea can be used as black and green. Last drink provides a more invigorating and toning effect.

To stop retching and tincture of peppermint. Especially well it helps pregnant women. This plant is completely harmless for both the woman and the unborn child. Allowed to use this medicinal herb in the treatment of children.

Can be taken with nausea and retching piece of ginger. In addition, the spice can be rubbed on a grater, pour boiling water and add a spoonful of honey. A delicious drink effectively soothes the stomach and relieves spasm.

Can be taken when the counter vomiting a tablespoon of potato juice. It's a simple remedy almost instantly stops vomiting and improves health.

Another effective way to quickly get rid of nausea and vomiting is ammonia. A cotton swab or cloth dipped in this way and give a sniff to the patient. Moreover, the room must be open the window to inhalation of ammonia alternating with the inhalation of fresh air.

If in an adult there is nausea and vomiting, you should not panic. Adults this unpleasant condition carry easier than children, and complications are rare. You must first determine the cause of the nausea, and then to give href="/pomosh/dejstviya/kak-pomoch-cheloveku-pri-rvote.html">first aid. For this you need to know how to stop vomiting in adults. If retching occur after emergency aid and treatment in the home, it's a reason to see a doctor.