Saline poisoning, diarrhea or vomiting

Water-salt solution is used for poisoning in most cases. If there is diarrhoea, diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms of poisoning, most doctors suggest to use this tool. Practice shows that this solution provides invaluable help and helps the patient a lot faster to get to his feet. But it is important to properly use the tool. After all, no matter how effective it may be, but if you overdo it, it can cause the body will be forced to display something that can not cope. Then the poisoning worse. But about all under the order.

Indications for use

Water-salt solution should be used in such cases:

  1. When all the symptoms of dehydration (doctors call dehydration "exsicosis"). This is the main and basic indicator for the use of the solution. The fact is that when dehydrated the body quickly loses fluids, which leads to irreversible effects or even death.

If man loses a tenth part of all the liquid that is in the body, there will be irreversible consequences such as damage to internal organs and disorders of all systems. If he loses the fourth part, comes, at best, shock, and likely death.

  1. Diarrhea, discomfort in the stomach or intestines, fever and other symptoms of poisoning. All this somehow leads to dehydration. Even if the symptoms of exsicosis not yet manifested, but the patient does not get easier (belly still aches, a high fever, vomits and so on), then dehydration will soon set in. This must be prevented.
  2. Acute intestinal infection. Any intestinal toxin (cholera, halophiles, rotavirus, adenovirus, E. coli and others) are able to affect how the stomach and intestines. You can find it such as symptoms, sharp stomach pain, nausea, vomiting after meals, dizziness, body aches, abdominal pain (the main symptom). Also there is a chair with mucus and blood (sometimes unnatural colors such as green, can also be unnatural consistency, for example, too thin), painful acts of defecation and urination.

Dehydration can be recognized by such symptoms as constantly pale skin, especially on the face, a terrible thirst, dry mouth, dark yellow urine, dizziness and weakness. During the symptoms of poisoning must constantly monitor patients and respond to any change in his condition. And best of all see your doctor, even if after the aqueous-salt solution or any other medications used for poisoning, the patient will become easier.

The effect of using water-salt solution

Most importantly, what makes water saline solution is replenishment liquids. In General, during a full poisoning (all the symptoms at once) or even if you have diarrhea or other manifestations of poisoning, it is important to drink. Getting into the stomach, toxins begin to accumulate and cause vomiting. During one attack a person loses up to 1.5 liters of liquid. Even if such attacks are not observed, the patient still goes to 3 liters of water. Therefore, it is important to replenish the supply of water. But regular drinks are absolutely not suitable for such tasks, especially if it is sugar water or some cocktails.

If time does not replenish your body fluids of the patient, the toxins get into the blood then to the liver, kidneys and other organs, leading to their damage. When the body is no water, he simply does not fight against toxins.

Water-salt solution is better to cope with the task of replenishing the stock of liquid in the human body. This will tell any doctor. As for water, why it is effective, mentioned above. Salt will also be very useful in case of various poisonings. So you can say for the following reasons:

  • salt restores the concentrations of micronutrients that help fight the effects of getting toxins;
  • salt is able to stimulate the process of neutralizing themselves of toxins;
  • salt restores the supply of electrolytes that the human body loses at poisoning (and in large quantities);
  • if it's sodium salt (regular salt, which is sold in shops and supermarkets), it stops the absorption (absorption) of toxins in the stomach wall.

The latter can be considered the most important property of salt. Toxins usually enter the stomach, accumulates there, begin to penetrate the wall, destroying it, and then get into other organs. Accordingly, if the toxins will act in the patient's body for too long, their effects will be irreversible, because the stomach wall will remain damaged. But if you use salt, it will not allow the toxins to be absorbed into the walls, so they will just accumulate in the stomach and to go along with the vomiting. In this case, is the best option.

Therefore, the most ordinary water with salt could greatly help the patient cope with toxins. Thanks to her, the infection does not penetrate beyond the stomach, and the body receives the necessary amount of water. But to achieve this effect, you need to know how to use a water-salt solution.

How to usethe saline solution in case of poisoning

Preparation of a water-salt solution consists of the following stages:

  1. Take 3 liters of water and heat it to room temperature (20-25 degrees), before bringing to the boil. This is important because if the solution is too hot or cold, it will cause a spasm of the stomach, which is an additional stress for him.
  2. Add the sugar, salt and soda. Most doctors recommend taking one tablespoon of sugar and salt per litre of water. As for soda, it is necessary to take 0.5 tablespoons per liter of water.
  3. Mix all the components so that nothing remained on the bottom and obtain a homogeneous solution.

As for how to drink salt water poisoning, it all depends on the severity of the disease. So, if poisoning is only in the initial stages and signs of dehydration are not observed, it is possible to make 200 ml of solution after each manifestation of poisoning (diarrhea or vomiting). If the poisoning passed in a fairly serious stage, the doctors suggest to drink a water and salt solution in small SIPS, making a break of 10-20 minutes after each drinking a liter.

If there are serious signs of dehydration, doctors recommend to drink at 60-70 ml water-salt solution per kilogram of body weight (for example, if the patient weight is 80 kg, he should drink 60*80=480 mg, nearly 5 liters of solution). This must be done within a maximum of 10 hours after onset of symptoms. In this case, it is necessary to contact a doctor and call it home.

Features of using water-salt solution

  1. Water saline solution is not a primary treatment. It must be used in combination with other medications and methods of therapy. By itself, this solution will not be able to cope with the poisoning.
  2. This tool cannot be used if the stomach or in the duodenum are ulcers or inflammation. Anyway, if in any of the organs of the gastrointestinal system is inflammation, this solution should be avoided.
  3. If after the aqueous-salt solution were provoked vomiting, rinse the mouth with plain water and again drink the solution.
  4. The end result of the adoption of water-salt solution is that the vomiting and other signs of poisoning all the way back. Accordingly, use of the solution we need until then, until you cease to show symptoms of poisoning.
  5. If the person has a rotten smell and a bitter taste in the mouth, alternating constipation with diarrhea and excessive urge to vomit or diarrhea, the patient urgently needs to be hospitalized!
  6. Be sure to consult your doctor with any kind of poisoning!

In addition, it is important to understand that in the event of poisoning in children water-salt solution is used otherwise. All of the above recommendations apply only to adults!

Solution for children

Saline vomiting in children and how to do it, is no different from the same mortar for adults (the recipe remains the same). Only even with the strongest manifestations of poisoning of the solution should be given much less. The maximum number of water-salt solution for children is 50 ml per kilogram of body weight. Initially the child is given no more than one teaspoon every 10 minutes. If symptoms of poisoning are not very strong, needs 10 ml.

About exactly how much solution should be given to the child, can only tell doctor! Don't risk the health of your baby.

Rehydron – alternative improvised water-salt solution

A good alternative to water-salt solution acts regidron. In regidrona composition has the following components:

  • sodium chloride (aka normal kitchen salt);
  • dextrose (sugar);
  • potassium chloride, which is responsible for the normalization of alkaline balance (this is important if you want to avoid the effects of poisoning);
  • sodium citrate, which is responsible for the normalization of acid-base balance.

As you can see, there are all the components that are used in conventional water-salt solution, in addition to soda. But there are sodium citrate and potassium chloride. It's even better. Usually on the packaging indicates how to apply the medicine and its dosage. But in most cases it is used in exactly the same way as regular water-salt solution after every symptoms of poisoning or every 10 minutes.

As you can see, the poisoning of water-salt solution is one of the main tools that can help bring the patient from this painful condition. But before applying it, be sure to consult with your doctor to avoid causing even more harmful consequences.