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What to drink for poisoning with temperature: medications, antipyretics

Disorder of the digestive system because food poisoning is quite common. Sick man, exasperated, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, but besides this, can join and other unpleasant phenomena, such as increase in body temperature. To understand that drinking in cases of poisoning with temperature, it is necessary to understand the causes of this condition. So dangerous are the temperature of the poisoning and whether or not it down, you need to understand.

The cause of the temperature during intoxication

Low quality food often causes food poisoning. One of the symptoms that the person has eaten a dangerous product is high temperature.

Fever is a great defense mechanism provided by nature that protects against pathogens and dangerous substances.

With increasing temperature in the body there are such changes:

  1. Metabolism is greatly accelerated.
  2. The blood circulation is stimulated.
  3. Improves circulation of fluid in all tissues and organs.
  4. The decomposition and the withdrawal of toxic derivatives from the body.
  5. Stimulates sweating and dilates pores of the skin that helps to eliminate toxins.

If you increase the temperature of the human body at least one degree of the internal environment of the body becomes unsuitable for the existence of germs and bacteria.

Types of poisoning

All poisoning can be divided into separate groups, each of which has its own specifics of the disease.

  1. Microbial – they cause toxicosis and diseases.
  2. Nemikrobnoy – called vegetable poisons and poisons of animal origin.
  3. Chemical – occur due to the use of chemical substances, often burning in nature.
  4. Drug – caused by drugs of different groups that are taken in excess dosage. Often drugs affects younger children who can not safely pass bright tablets.

Medicine there are about thirty species of bacteria and infections they include dysentery, colibacillosis, salmonellosis, botulism and cholera. All these bacteria cause severe microbial poisoning, and they are very difficult to treat.

In addition, the increases in food poisoning can be caused by an imbalance in gut flora. In the intestine is reduced beneficial bacteria to thrive and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms, for example, coccal. It is clear that the human body in this situation will react by increasing temperature.

To distinguish microbial species poisoning from nemikrobnoy species, only temperature indicators difficult.

To confirm the diagnosis and the pathogen is a laboratory diagnosis, the patient gives blood, urine, feces and vomit.

When the temperature is dangerous

Elevated temperatures can pose a greater threat to health. Therefore, if the poisoning temperature values deviated from normal values, it is imperative to consult a doctor for advice. Cheerleaders must such changes in the human condition, which are accompanied by temperature:

  • uncontrollable vomiting;
  • frequent diarrhea with flecks of blood;
  • severe dehydration – the patient is changing the color of the face, manifested by apathy and weakness;
  • the slightest symptoms of lesions of the nervous system – convulsions, respiratory failure, loss of consciousness, change in size of the pupils;
  • if when taking antipyretic drugs temperature is not reduced or is reduced for a short period.

Even if the poisoning occurred only expired food products, the body temperature rises to critical levels.

Especially dangerous is getting fever at rates above 38.5 degrees, or if stable for more than a day.

How to treat poisoning with fever

Doctors do not advise to take antipyretic drugs, if the mark is lower than the index of 38.5. During this period, fever can be considered a helper in the struggle with microorganisms, most of them quickly die, but a man of no harm.

Food poisoning, which occur with the temperature to 38 ° C, treated according to standard Protocol. Once the patient's condition a bit stabiliziruemost and the temperature normalized. The algorithm of treatment of poisoning following.

  • The stomach was washed with a large volume of salted water or water with a small addition of manganese.
  • Patient give any sorbents that are at hand. Suitable conventional activated carbon, at the rate of one tablet per 10 kg body weight, or enterosgel.
  • Wash out the intestines. For this purpose, an enema with weak decoction of chamomile or with a little salted water. For bowel cleansing, you can use laxatives, but only if there is uncontrollable vomiting.

Water for the enema should not be hot, otherwise there will be absorption of toxins in the intestinal wall!

  • Give the patient plenty to drink. You can give clean boiled water, decoction of herbs or rose hips. Consider that you need to drink one more liter of fluid to each higher degree.

Try to stop the diarrhea with the help of fastening means notneeded, this complicates the removal of toxic substances from the body.

To take medicines in case of poisoning with temperature, can only as directed by a healthcare doctor.

The role of diet in recovery from poisoning

To the body of the patient quickly recovered after the poisoning, prescribed diet. It should be noted that in the acute phase of the disease shows fasting, which basically continues day. Next, in small portions begin to enter a light meal. Nutritionists recommend a scheme of input products diet below.

  • Baked apples. You can bake with honey, as it is a source of electrolytes and nutrients.
  • Ripe bananas. If the fruit is not too ripe, them for a few seconds lowered into boiling water. This allows you to remove the excess starch, which can add complications to already fragile stomach.
  • Viscous porridge. Rice, buckwheat or oatmeal for a long time boiled in plenty of water. It turns out diet cereal gruel. You can use barley-chaff.
  • The second broth from lean meats. Fit chicken breast, veal or lean pork.
  • Liquid mashed potatoes.
  • Boiled eggs.

A few days later, after the status returns to normal, in the diet of the patient include dairy products. Especially good for the restoration of the gastric mucosa is affected by the searchlights. It helps to fill the stomach beneficial microorganisms. Can be taken if poisoning with a temperature different probiotics, which will accelerate the healing process.

Features of treatment of poisoning with the temperature of the child

Fever in case of poisoning of a child is the most serious than in adults. Required to quickly establish the cause of the disease, to do this, go to the doctor.

Necessarily to call an ambulance or take the child to the hospital if he was not yet three years.

You need to remember that children are very poorly tolerate the effects of dehydration and to replenish fluid loss at home hard. Doctors recommend to adopt such scheme of treatment of poisoning with hyperthermia in children:

  • the stomach is washed a large amount of lightly salted water;
  • give sorbents;
  • for replenishment of fluid lost child offer a lot of drinking. You can give water with added salt and sugar, broth hips, boiled water with honey. Honey well restores electrolyte balance;
  • at an elevated temperature to apply a wiping body. Baby wipe with water at room temperature, special attention should be paid to the folds of the limbs and axillary cavities. In these parts are the major blood vessels, so the rubbing will be effective;
  • the purification of the child's intestine can be done enema with starch jelly;
  • to bring down the temperature of the child, you can use drugs, but the dosage needs to calculate the doctor. Exhausted and dehydrated body will react to drugs differently than healthy. Doctors prescribe medicines in pill form or rectal suppositories. The use of syrups or powders is not recommended, as the dyes and preservatives that have a negative impact on the irritated lining of the stomach.

The child with symptoms of poisoning it is necessary to create comfortable conditions. It needs to be spacious and well ventilated room. If the baby interferes with the sunlight, the Windows can be shuttered.

Children to bring down the temperature only medicine based on paracetamol or ibuprofen. The use of dipyrone, aspirin and nimesulide is strictly forbidden, these drugs have many side effects.

What to pay attention

There are some points that must be considered in the treatment of poisoning with temperature.

  • The interval between doses of antipyretics should be at least six hours. If the effect of their ingestion is not observed, then you need to call the doctor.
  • We must remember that children under one year of age is considered a normal temperature to 37.4 degrees.
  • Knocking a low temperature disables the person's own immune system, which ceases to work.
  • To give children only water. If wiping to implement solutions of vinegar or alcohol – it can cause additional poisoning. Wiping ice water, as it leads to spasm of blood vessels.
  • Unsolder people with poisoning better decoctions of raisins, chamomile, fruit drinks and compotes. These fluids contain vitamins and minerals that are so essential to the weakened organism.

Acute poisoning occur in children and adults. The reasons for this disease are many, but often a consequence of poorly washed hands or eating poor quality food. To people quickly recovered and he was left with no consequences, you need to get help quickly. If the patient has hyperthermia, it is necessary to observe constantly.