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Mineral water in cases of poisoning, "Essentuki", "Borjomi", etc.

Dehydration and electrolyte disorders are – a problem faced by every poisoned person. To cope with them helps mineral water. Many have heard about the benefits of mineral water, but don't know how to accept it. After reading this article, you will learn whether you can drink mineral water if poisoning what water is better to drink medicinally, in what amount and how to receive it, what the therapeutic effect to expect from it.

What is mineral water what it is

Mineral water is different from the dining room to their composition and acidity. Secrete alkaline and acidic water.

Dining the food and water is considered neutral, it is suitable for daily use, and its main goal is to replenish the body's fluid. On the basis of table water to prepare food and drinks.

Mineral water enriched with trace elements, minerals. The main ones include potassium, magnesium and sodium. It is the ratio of these substances and determines its acidity.

Please note that mineral water is healing, and constantly and mindlessly drink it dangerous. You cannot drink it as drinking water or to use for soups, compotes and other dishes.

Mineral water, usually appointed by the attending physicianthat the patient specifies the rules of admission and duration of course of treatment it.

Why drink mineral water in cases of poisoning

Any food poisoning followed by profuse vomiting, diarrhea and intoxication syndrome. As a result of these processes, the body develops dehydration and electrolyte shift. At strongly expressed intoxication develops alkalosis – a violation of the acidity of the blood in the direction of its oxidation.

Correctly chosen mineral water helps to normalize the blood pH and to replenish the lost amount of fluid in the body.

Please note that the watering of the patient mineral water is only in the absence of constant vomiting. In the case of uncontrollable retching preventing oral replacement of water loss doctor prescribes a dropper with the solution. Most often used physiological saline, glucose, Trisol, disol, Reosorbilact.

What mineral water is used in the treatment of poisoning

What mineral water can be used for food poisoning? Not all mineral water sold in stores or pharmacies, like to adjust the acidity and restore the body with severe dehydration and intoxication syndrome. Doctors recommend to drink alkaline water. For example:

  • "Borjomi". This water is sold in glass and plastic bottles and saturated with gases. "Borjomi" if poisoning can only drink non-carbonated form. This water has an optimal mineral composition. It is especially effective in alcohol intoxication.
  • Essentuki number 17. This water has a balanced alkaline and mineral composition. Suitable for oral rehydration in cases of food poisoning.
  • "Luzhanskaya" – has a neutral taste, and at the same time rich in minerals. If poisoning helps reduce stomach pain and a feeling of heartburn.
  • "Polyana Kvasova" also has an alkaline composition. It is believed that it has a slight diuretic effect. Great for treating alcohol intoxication, as it accelerates the excretion of alcohol from the body.

Alkaline water helps to regulate blood acidity, eliminate dehydration, remove toxins from the body. Also it is very useful for the digestive system. Due to its alkaline composition effectively eliminates heartburn, stomach pain, relieves inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach, which arose under the influence of toxins.

How to drink mineral water in cases of poisoning

In the first two days of food poisoning mineral water should be drunk in large quantities. In one day you need to drink 2-3 liters of fluid. Can alternate reception of mineral water and a canteen of water.

Please note that the indicator of sufficient fluid intake is allocating the normal amount of urine. In case of dehydration the daily urine output decreases and the person goes to the toilet very rarely. In the case of severe intoxication may develop anuria complete absence of urine. This symptom is alarming and may be a sign of kidney damage by toxins.

Talk with your doctor about the need to continue the intake of mineral water. To restore the digestive system it may be prescribed for 7-10 days. In this case, allowed her three meals a day intake of 200 ml half an hour before meals.

In the treatment of poisoning water should be drink without gas at room temperature. Further, after the acute period of the disease, it can take a little bit of warm. As such, it improves intestinal motility and fights constipation.

Contraindications to the use of mineral water

As we've mentioned alkaline mineral water is a complete medicine. There are conditions under which it is contraindicated. These include:

  • urolithiasis. Minerals that are enriched in water, can be deposited in the kidneys, enhancing the formation of sand and stones;
  • acute or chronic renal failure;
  • chronic or acute pyelonephritis (purulentinflammation of the renal pelvis).

What can replace mineral water for poisoning

In the treatment of acute poisoning instead of mineral water can be used as pharmaceutical preparations for the preparation of solutions. The most popular is regidron. It comes in bags in portions. The oral rehydration solution to cook just need to dissolve 1 sachet liter canteen of water at room temperature.

In the acute phase of poisoning, you can drink 2-3 liter of solution regidrona. In its composition, this drug is equivalent to solutions that are administered intravenously through a drip to treat dehydration.

In addition regidrona, in pharmacies you can find other similar products:

  • gastrolith;
  • normalite;
  • oral;
  • re-salt.

Mineral water helps to fight against violation of water-electrolyte balance in the body, dehydration and intoxication occurred on the background of poisoning. The use of this water is necessary to discuss with your doctor who will help to choose the right scheme for you of its receipt and will advise you the most suitable brand of mineral water. In the treatment of poisoning most commonly used alkaline mineral water. They should take in non-carbonated form.