Coca-Cola for poisoning and vomiting

Coca-Cola is a sweet carbonated drink that is popular worldwide. It is loved by children and adults. But not all are really aware of the properties of this lemonade. He has a controversial part, so I often drink it experts do not recommend. However, in some cases Coca-Cola for poisoning can be a real cure. Foreign doctors often resort to this method of treatment if the disease occurs in mild form. So is there actually this drink has beneficial properties?

That is part of the Coca-Cola

According to the original recipe developed by the Creator of the drink, John Pemberton, in its composition should contain an extract of the Cola nut and Coca leaves. Later it was proved that Coca leaves, containing cocaine, bring great harm to health and are addictive. Therefore, the modern coca-cola has a different composition. It includes:

  1. Water.
  2. Sugar. In the diet version of the drink to replace it with the sweetener aspartame.
  3. Carbon dioxide. The beverage becomes carbonated.
  4. Sodium benzoate. Widely used in the food industry preservative. In addition, it is used in pharmacology as a component of cough.
  5. Phosphoric acid. Is used as acidity regulator. If it is not added, lemonade it would seem to us a sickly sweet drink it would have been impossible. Affects teeth and bones.
  6. Sugar color. Synthetic dye which gives Coca-Cola its characteristic hue.
  7. Caffeine.

This composition suggests that regular consumption of the drink can lead to serious negative health consequences. So use it only in small quantities occasionally.

Due to the presence in the of caffeine, Coca-Cola produces an invigorating effect. It can increase blood pressure. It is necessary to draw the attention of people suffering from hypertension.

Can Coca-Cola help in case of poisoning

The experimentally proven fact that helps Coca-Cola from vomiting, problems with digestion and stones in the stomach. No antibacterial properties of the drink no. So to cope with poisoning caused by microorganisms, it is not. The drink is not removes from the body toxins. To be treated by this method in most cases is impractical.

On the other hand, if the poisoning occurs in mild form and not associated with bacterial infection, Coca-Cola will help eliminate unpleasant symptoms. What is the reason for its influence is not fully understood, as complete studies on this subject have not been conducted. Many Western doctors recommend this remedy for children.

Drink effectively suppresses the feeling of nausea. Therefore, it is recommended to use not only for poisoning but in the case of motion sickness. Lemonade will be able to stop and suddenly started attack of diarrhea.

Remember that Coca-Cola beverage highly. Its use could provoke stomach upset. So apply for the treatment need right.

Scientists were able to identify another useful properties of the drink. It can dissolve bezoars in the stomach. This formation, consisting of swallowed indigestible fibers and hair. Bezoars can complicate the digestive process and hinder the normal passage of food into the intestine. While there are strong pain. Scientists have suggested that the dissolution of formations is due to the contained in the beverage of phosphoric acid.

Contained in the drink caffeine is able to increase the performance, to give energy and vitality. In small amounts it raises mood, relieves feelings of stress. But the effect of this substance lasts long. In excess of its allowable dosage can be a reverse reaction. In addition, it negatively affects the health of the cardiovascular system.

How to use Coca-Cola

To drink has assisted your body and eliminate the uncomfortable symptoms of poisoning, follow these tips:

  • Do not drink the beverage in large quantities. One glass will be enough.
  • For medicinal purposes it is better to buy Coca-Cola, which is sold in small glass bottles.
  • Before using release of her gas. To do this, simply pour the liquid into a glass and leave for a few minutes.
  • Drink Coca-Cola in small SIPS. Try not to swallow the air.
  • In order to minimize the damage that drink causes the enamel of the teeth, drink it through a straw.
  • Drink only the lemonade chilled. When heated, the drink forms in its composition of toxic substances.
  • Compliance with these regulations will help you to get the desired effect and not to harm your health.

Side effects of Coca-Cola

Despite their positive properties, Coca-Cola brings more harm to the body. So to apply it too often and in large quantities is dangerous. This drink is produce a number of side effects:

  • Contained in the drink caffeine can increase blood pressure. It increases the load onheart. This effect is particularly dangerous for those suffering from hypertension or heart failure.
  • Phosphoric acid promotes the leaching of calcium from bones and teeth of man. From this they are very fragile. The constant use of Coca-Cola leads to a deficiency of calcium. This increased risk of fractures, can start to decay the teeth.
  • Increased acidity of the drink negatively affects the condition of the walls of the stomach. Frequent use contributes to the development of gastritis, which can develop into peptic ulcer disease.
  • Coca-Cola contains a huge amount of sugar. One drink has about 10 teaspoons, and this is the daily rate of the person. Therefore, drinking more than one glass of lemonade, you hit the liver and provoke the emission of large quantities of insulin into the blood.
  • If you drink Coca-Cola Light, the sugar. But it contains aspartame. This sweetener cannot be called harmless. It provokes palpitations, migraines, depression and fatigue.

In addition, the drink is very high in calories. His excessive use quickly leads to obesity. It's especially scary for children and adolescents.


For some people drinking Coca Cola is dangerous. Contraindications include:

  1. Diabetes. This is due to the high sugar content in the drink.
  2. Gastritis and peptic ulcer disease. Acid found in lemonade may aggravate the disease.
  3. The clotting of blood.
  4. Coronary heart disease, arrhythmia.
  5. Obesity.
  6. Hemorrhoids.
  7. Diseases of the gallbladder and pancreas.

In the presence of such contraindications even small amounts of drinking soda can cause irreparable harm.

Coca-Cola is undoubtedly a harmful drink, from drinking which is better to refuse. But it is quite possible to remove light nausea and diarrhea. Do not self-medicate. If you find signs of poisoning, immediately consult the doctor. Do not try to treat Coca-Cola poisoning, which is caused by the activity of pathogens.