Folk remedies for poisoning, vomiting and diarrhea

Poisoning is a disease that is caused by the ingestion of pathogenic bacteria or toxic substances. The toxins have different effects on the human body, some can cause destruction of major organs, and others may temporarily irritate the digestive system. Poisoning are different forms of gravity - if the person has ingested poisonous mushrooms, or it was bitten by a snake, in this case, the condition of the victim is very heavy and requires the intervention of doctors. And if the intoxication caused by poor quality or stale product here, along with medicines will help a folk remedy for poisoning.

What is the effect of folk remedies

All the folk remedies used in cases of poisoning, operate on the same principle – minimize the absorption of poisons in the bloodstream and help to quickly remove toxins from the body.

Most often people are diagnosed with food poisoning, the peak of these diseases in the hot season, when families go on vacation. Medical institutions nearby is not always possible, so when first-aid treatment successfully used folk remedies.

Signs of food poisoning

The use of substandard or stale food leads to severe poisoningmanifested by the following symptoms:

  1. Painful nausea and vomiting;
  2. General weakness;
  3. Excessive sweating;
  4. Temperature;
  5. Chills.

In people with weakened immune systems and in children, possible fainting, and seizures.

Treatment of food poisoning should occur only under medical supervision. If in any circumstances there is no opportunity to call a doctor or take the patient to the hospital, you can consult by telephone ambulance - there will detail what to do in the first place.

Emergency care for food poisoning

Food poisoning is always accompanied by nausea, vomiting and raising the temperature to highs. This is a consequence of the ingestion of pathogenic bacteria, which the immune system tries to cope on their own. Emergency treatment for poisoning food, have immediately, algorithm assistance with the use of folk remedies is:

  • The patient was washed stomach. To do this, give to drink several glasses of salted water at room temperature, and then, by pressure on the root of the tongue, causes vomiting;
  • Laxative, suitable grass of the Seine, which has a good laxative effect;
  • Put enema to cleanse the bowel. Use a decoction of chamomile, yarrow decoction of starch or jelly;
  • As adsorbent activated carbon give, but if he was not on hand, you can give the coals left in the stove after lighting the fire. Particularly well suited for this purpose the charcoal from birch wood.

If poisons ingested relatively recently, to prevent their complete absorption into the circulatory system will help enveloping means. For this fit fresh egg whites, jelly, mashed banana and vegetable oil. The victim offer any of such products.

As enveloping means you cannot use unripe bananas. They contain a lot of starch, which can aggravate the situation.

What herbs are used in case of poisoning

Herbs for poisoning is a very effective tool, the main thing to choose the right components. Intoxication is used such types of herbs:

  • Chamomile – has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action. Helps to relieve irritation of the stomach and intestines;
  • Melissa or peppermint teas of these herbs are used to reduce nausea and reduce the amount of gagging;
  • St. John's wort – regulates the gastro-intestinal tract. The substances contained in the St. John's wort have a beneficial effect on the whole body. St. John's wort is used for diarrhea caused by poisoning or dysentery;
  • Yarrow – antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. The plant has astringent properties, is indicated for diarrhea. In addition, it improves the appetite and stimulates liver;
  • Plantain – contains components which normalize cholesterol metabolism. Is analgesic and antiseptic, stops well bleeding. Used in case of intestinal infections;
  • Chicory has anti – inflammatory and antibacterial action, promotes the excretion of toxins from the body and cleansing the kidneys. Stimulates the digestive tract and tones up the entire body. Used as antipyretic agent for various diseases;
  • Elecampane – a decoction of the roots of the plant helps remove toxins and purify the blood stream. When intoksikatziah elecampane is indicated as an antidote;
  • Mal – is used as a coating and anti-inflammatory. Is a source of vitamin C.

A good remedy for poisoning and vomiting are sprigs of blackberries. Harvest of plant material in may. Intoxication brew a tablespoon of herbs in a glass of water, insist and drink. Unpleasant symptoms very quickly retreating.

All plant material in poisoning canto use separately, and charges, increasing their efficiency. Grass can not be boiled, only heated to boiling, then to insist within half an hour.

Folk remedies in other types of poisoning

Treatment of folk remedies provides help with any poisoning, but use these recipes preferably only after consultation with your doctor.

Poisoning in meat products

If there is no vomiting, it is caused by artificially - it is given to the patient to drink a glass of soapy water (use natural soap) or water with salt. Body rubs pure wool on the belly, put a warm heating pad. To improve the performance of the heart give tincture of Valerian, when the chill draped the tanks with warm water. As soon as there is improvement, start to unsolder rice water or decoction of raisins.

Poisoning poisonous mushrooms

Assistance in case of poisoning with mushrooms begins with a call to vomiting and flushing of the bowel chamomile. Then give a laxative and anoint the body with cloth to normalize the blood circulation. On your stomach, put a warm heating pad on forehead with a cool compress. Shows the use of strong hot tea.

Poisoning fish and seafood

The patient put off give emetic, soapy water (Laundry soap diluted in a glass of warm water). The victim of poisoning fish give a laxative, then put an enema of castor oil. We recommend drinking a few teaspoons of red wine, like Cahors, and the frequent drinking of strong coffee. Well take the hot tub after the person she lay in bed and well wrapped. Otpaivat a decoction of flax seed.

Poisoning acids

Until the doctor gives the victim a lot of drinking. For this choice of lime water, magnesia, solution of chalk, milk and raw eggs. Do an enema with water and honey. Emetics to give is strictly prohibited! Give to drink decoctions of the cereals – rice or barley. With the unbearable pain I propose to dissolve the ice cubes.

Acid poisoning is forbidden to give a solution of soda! From the chemical reaction of the stomach may rupture.

Morphine poisoning

To help the patient, you need to act very quickly. The stomach is washed with a solution of soap or salt to clean the wash water. Then give to drink a glass of slightly pink solution of manganese. The victim can not give to sleep, give him strong coffee, dance around the room and periodically offer to smell ammonia.

Poisoning chloroform

Give the patient a lot of strong coffee with the addition of red wine. Often, substitute to nose cotton wool with ammonia and doused his head in cold water. If the poisoning is not severe, then these measures can help.

Poisoning by tobacco

Quickly take out the victim on fresh air, sprinkle cold water on his face and otpaivat a solution of ammonia-aniseed drops. Shows rubbing of the body a woolen cloth to increase circulation.

Arsenic poisoning

The patient is given an emetic, and after the complete cleansing of the stomach offer a drink of liquid fats – butter, lard, and milk and egg solution in water. You can do the cleansing enema with chamomile and chills when applying heating pads to the legs.

Carbon monoxide poisoning

The victim carried to the street, remove tight clothing and pour water. In the mouth, pour five drops of ammonia mixed with water. In the absence of breathing and heart disorder – perform resuscitation. After normalization of offering strong coffee and lay in a warm bed. An old folk remedy for treating this kind of poisoning is the strapping of the patient's head with a cloth that is soaked in urine. After this procedure, the Reds man is very quickly coming to.

Common recipes for use in case of poisoning

Very often, emergency aid is necessary to provide means at hand. For this fit the following recipes:

  • Peel of citrus fruit pour boiling water and give as a drink to the victim;
  • A solution of honey and lemon juice – a teaspoon of honey and lemon juice dissolved in a glass of warm, boiled water. This solution is without fear can unsolder even children. Honey helps to restore the electrolyte balance in the body;
  • Tea brew – drink warm brew several times a day. It soothes the stomach and reduces retching;
  • A decoction of the twigs raspberry – helps to normalize the temperature and to remove the General inflammation;
  • A decoction of fennel seeds – soothes intestines, reduces flatulence.

In addition, in case of poisoning, you can use a strong decoction of rice with raisins.

Caution in the use of folk remedies

The bulk of folk remedies based on the use of herbs and other plants, so are contraindications any allergic reactions in the anamnesis. Herbal treatment must be made with caution for those people who suffer from an Allergy to flowering plants and trees.

Throughout the disease the victim need fullpeace. And you have to remember that no matter how good was not a people's recipes, you can use them only with a doctor's permission in order not to worsen the human condition.