How to take Lactofiltrum in cases of poisoning

Poisoning can occur at any age. Not insured, even people who carefully choose food. If poisoning is easy to cure it right at home. For this purpose, various pharmaceutical drugs. Quite often drink Lactofiltrum in cases of poisoning. But before its use it is necessary to study side effects, method of administration and required dose.

Features Lactofiltrum

Lactofiltrum is tablets, packaged in blisters. Also found in the sale of Lactofiltrum ECO-friendly, composed of the same components, but it is regarded as a dietary Supplement. However, it is found not only in pills but also in powder and tablets. In their composition added flavorings, flavoring. This medicine is suitable for children who refuse to drink regular Lactofiltrum.

The structure of both the agents contain two active ingredients:

  1. Lignin. He has a fibrous structure, so that the substance absorbs all poisons and toxins. Due to this, the drug is isolated enterosorbiruyuschee action.
  2. Lactulose is a prebiotic that is derived synthetically. The substance has a positive effect on the proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the gut, due to which the normal microflora.

Be aware that the drug dosage is different, because they have a different shape. So before drinking you have to ask the doctor what should be daily dose medications.

The effect of the drug

A positive result from taking Lactofiltrum due to the fact that the drug impacts on the body:

  • enterosorbiruyuschee – absorbs poisons and toxins;
  • antidiarrheal – reduces the likelihood of re-attack of diarrhea;
  • detoxification – removes toxins from the body;
  • hypolipidemic – lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood;
  • antioxidant – neutralizes free radicals.

After taking the medicine it enters the intestine. Lignin cleanses the colon of harmful components. The molecules of lignin are quite large, so it is not absorbed into the blood. A day substance excreted during a bowel movement, and it also removes all harmful components. It is believed that Lactofiltrum acts 5-7 times stronger in comparison with activated charcoal.

Lactulose after entering the intestine into two molecules of monosaccharide. It acts as a nutrient medium for bacteria, whereby they are hard to reproduce. After the removal of toxic substances is diarrhoea and vomiting, normalizes intestinal microflora. Resumes the process of absorption in the intestine. In addition, strengthens local immunity.

Indications for use

For the treatment of poisoning can only be used Lactofiltrum or to include the drug in the complex therapy. The drug is prescribed for the treatment of several diseases:

  • normalization of bowel function;
  • intoxication;
  • dysbiosis, constipation, intestinal colic, bloating;
  • infectious diseases in the gastrointestinal tract – salmonellosis, dysentery;
  • a strengthened immune system;
  • hepatitis or cirrhosis of the liver.

The drug Lactofiltrum shown in the case of disorders of the digestive tract. It take for inflammation of intestine, constipation and diarrhea, dysbacteriosis, diseases of the liver and kidneys. But most often Lactofiltrum drink with food poisoning.

If the intoxication was the cause of inhaling the poisonous fumes or the toxin gets into the body through the skin, the medicine will not help. In addition, the drug helps to eliminate some of the problems of cosmetic nature: brittle nails, hair loss, acne.

Use Lactofiltrum

Your pills 2 hours after a meal. Single dose – 2 tablets. If the acute poisoning, the dosage is increased. But a day not to drink more than 50 pills, or happen to overdose. Tablets pre-painted in powder or chew, and then drink a glass of warm boiled water. It is not recommended to drink the medication in conjunction with other drugs. Otherwise it will weaken their effect on the body. Between taking Lactofiltrum, and other medications should only take less than an hour.

As a rule, the period of use Lactofiltrum lasts longer than 4-5 days. Usually drink it until the complete disappearance of symptoms of poisoning. If after 5 days the symptoms have not passed, you must immediately contact the doctor. Although the remedy can be drunk for three weeks due to what normalizes digestion. After a three-week course is a break of a month and then repeat the course. In the case of long-term use of the drug, it is recommended to take medications, consisting of vitamins of group B.

Lactofiltrum during pregnancy

During pregnancy the female body undergoes multiple loads. Thus all bodies have to adjust to a new mode of operation. Often, expectant mothers decreases the activity of the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines, due to excessive influence of progesterone on the muscles of the abdomen. During pregnancy, progesterone is produced to prevent spontaneous abortion. As a result, violated the function of organsThe digestive tract.

Therefore, pregnant women often have constipation and other bowel disorders. As a result of enhanced metabolism, the body increases the amount of toxic degradation products. And constipation, toxins are retained in the intestine and re-absorbed into the blood. This reduced the protective functions of the organism. Therefore, women need to drink some medication to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms.

Substances included in the composition Lactofiltrum completely safe for the body of the pregnant woman and the fetus. But before prescribing the drug the doctor spends cardiography and ultrasound examination of the fetus, to check if a baby has any abnormalities. If all goes well, a doctor prescribes a pregnant woman Lactofiltrum, and the dosage depends on the individual woman.

Lactofiltrum in alcoholic intoxication

Lactofiltrum ® eco can be drunk and alcohol poisoning. In this case, removes the drug from the gastrointestinal tract the residues of ethanol, as well as neutralize the harmful components resulting from the decomposition of ethanol. The medicine eliminates the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal syndrome, normalizes chair and restores intestinal flora.

If poisoning alcohol dosage Lactofiltrum increase to 5-10 pills drink at a time. If the patient's condition does not improve after 4-5 hours he should again take a higher dose of the drug. In General, to symptoms of poisoning, it is recommended to take the pills immediately after a meal.

Some men drink the medicine before the alcohol, however in this case, the intoxication does not occur longer, so people can drink more alcohol, causing the hangover symptoms will be more pronounced. In the morning you need to empty the bowel artificially induce vomiting, if it does not go to the toilet. After that, the patient drinks another 5 tablets Lactofiltrum.

You can also drink and other medicines from the hangover. But you must withstand the one-hour interval between their drinking at least an hour.

Lactofiltrum for children

Because Lactofiltrum has almost no contraindications and side effects, it is widely used for the treatment of childhood food poisoning. The drug has a neutral taste, so the child will drink it without much persuasion. You can offer baby Lactofiltrum Eco-friendly, which has a sweet taste and pleasant smell. Dosage Lactofiltrum Eco 1.5 times higher than normal Lactofiltrum: instead of one tablet of 1.5.

As a rule, in the instructions, what should be the dosage for the children: under one year – all right, 1-7 years – a tablet, 7-12 years – 1.5-2 tablets. Children over 12 years the drug is administered with the same dosage that adults.

The exact dosage depends on the patient and characteristics of the disease. Therefore, children cannot give pills without prescription of the specialist.

Contraindications and side effects

In principle, virtually no contraindications regarding the use of Lactofiltrum. Overdose is also called only from taking more than 50 pills. In this case, the patient becomes lethargic, not eating, drinking little water, is suffering from constipation. While consuming the medication for more than three weeks developing a deficiency of vitamin B and calcium deficiency. Therefore, in addition to Lactofiltrum, you need to drink vitamins and calcium. Among the side effects there are: meteorism, diarrhea, stomach pain.

The drug is contraindicated in case of Allergy to lactulose, ulcers and gastritis, bleeding in the stomach. In other cases, the drug does not bring any harm to the body.

Thus, Lactofiltrum is an effective remedy indicated for symptoms of poisoning. However, it is not recommended to self-medicate. Before the use of medications should consult with a specialist.