How to get rid of nausea at home quickly and efficiently

Many times, faced with this unpleasant condition as nausea. Therefore, for anybody not a secret, what painful and painful sensations arise in the stomach, which eventually cause vomiting. It is extremely important to timely carry out the necessary treatment, which can eliminate all the unpleasant symptoms. However, do not always have time to visit a doctor, but even a small delay can cause serious complications. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to get rid of the symptoms alone. So how to get rid of nausea at home?

What causes nausea

If nausea is manifested in the motion sickness in vehicles, it is not considered a pathological phenomenon, and it does not require treatment. However, if the discomfort and nausea occur regularly, but these symptoms occur without any reason, then you should consult a doctor.

Nausea is often the main symptom of the disorders and diseases of the intestines and stomach. Sometimes the patient requires further consultation with a neurologist, endocrinologist, cardiologist.

Causes symptoms of nausea can be of different pathologies:

  • gastritis, peptic ulcer disease of the stomach, duodenum. During the aggravation of these pathologies there is a nausea after each meal. Additionally, the stomach may be a feeling of heaviness and heartburn. Burning sensation, pain can occur in the upper part of the stomach, as on empty stomach or after eating. To identify the cause of all these unpleasant symptoms, the doctor performs a gastroscopy is also performed General biochemical blood tests, test for antibodies. For precision can be assigned to ultrasound. The detection of the disease is symptomatic treatment shall be application of antibiotic funds. It is also necessary to follow a special diet, which should exclude fat, salty, spicy foods;
  • diseases of the gallbladder. In the presence of pathological processes in that body, nausea may occur even after meals. The patient can be constantly observed feeling of fullness in the right hypochondrium may be aching pain. In the oral cavity may experience a bitter taste, frequent heartburn, and flatulence. In these cases it is recommended to consult with a doctor, additionally appointed ultrasound of internal organs;
  • inflammation of the pancreas. Muddy can before and after consumption of food. The stomach may be constantly wsdata condition. On the right side in the region of the hypochondrium may experience dull pain, in the mouth – the bitterness with a metallic aftertaste. There may be diarrhea and weight loss. In these cases, requires consultation with a gastroenterologist, who needs to give a direction to check blood sugar. Is ultrasound of internal organs, also for the General analysis of blood and feces. Additionally, the patient is assigned following a special diet. It is necessary to remove from the diet of fatty, salty, spicy food, should eat small portions;
  • appendicitis. During this pathological process, there is always nausea. Also there is an increase in body temperature to 38 degrees. If you suspect appendicitis, it is recommended to call an ambulance;
  • poisoning, intestinal infections. In this condition every time after eating food displays bouts of severe nausea that would eventually end up vomiting occurs. During poisoning observed headaches, discomfort in the abdomen, also shows the weakness of the whole body. There is an increase in body temperature to 37,5-38 degrees, indigestion and diarrhea. When this condition more than 2 hours, it is recommended to call an ambulance;
  • viral hepatitis. During this disease appears not just nausea. There may be a lack of appetite, also pain appear in the joints.

Other reasons

In addition to the above reasons, the nausea can cause other conditions:

  1. The use of drugs. Usually during the use of drugs as a side effect is the nausea. Often nauseated after the use of antibiotics, medications with iron content and other means.
  2. The period of carrying a child. In the first trimester women have morning sickness in which there is frequent nausea, and sometimes vomiting can be. These symptoms disappear at 13 weeks.
  3. Migraine. This condition is often accompanied by blurred. All the unpleasant symptoms can be removed in the dark with the help of drugs – tryptanol. These products must be prescribed by a neurologist.
  4. Concussion of the brain.
  5. Meningitis. This disease is accompanied by severe headache, nausea, vomiting, high fever. If you experience all of these symptoms as early as possible to call the doctor.

In women, the nausea can occur during hormonal imbalance in the body, during menstruation or at menopause. In these cases, you definitely need to take the help of a doctor.

How to eliminate nausea simple ways

To get rid of nausea and vomiting at home you can quickly, and most importantly, you need to take effective ways. Nothave to have the assistance of a doctor, especially if the nausea came from the strong waves or from simple disorders of the digestive organs. To remove the nausea you can use several ways.

Complete relaxation

Often nausea can appear or intensify due to the increased hustle and bustle. Therefore, in order to reduce the symptoms, you can relax at home on the couch or rug. If this does not help, quickly and efficiently you can get rid of nausea by using tips:

  • you must lie down on the bed, the head should be higher than the rest of the body;
  • for convenience, under the head it is possible to enclose a pillow, this will help to fall asleep faster;
  • it is necessary to relax;
  • should get some sleep, short sleep helps to remove the symptoms of nausea.

Deep breaths

The flow of fresh air can clear the lungs, the Airways, reduce anxiety, eliminate a sense of discomfort in the stomach.

Several important tips on proper deep breathing:

  1. First you need to sit down in a quiet environment, close your eyes and think about something else, it will be able to get rid of all unpleasant symptoms.
  2. Preferably all electronic appliances to clean, long they can cause deterioration.
  3. Then you need to make a slow deep breath through the nose and hold your breath for a few seconds. Then do a slow exhale through the mouth. This procedure is recommended to perform several times.

Applying cold compress to back of neck

If you are very sick and this condition is accompanied by fever, relieve the unpleasant symptoms you can use cool compresses. The use of cool can not only remove the sick, but also to reduce increased body temperature.

How is the procedure done:

  • the first step is to prepare a clean and dry piece of cloth;
  • drop cloth cut in cold water;
  • next, you need to lie on your back and place a cold compress under the neck;
  • if you are in the sitting position, the cloth should be applied on the back of the neck.

How to escape

Recommended to calm down, watch a movie, talk to a friend or a friend and to do things that will help to distract from discomfort. You can also use the following guidelines:

  1. Sometimes the nausea occurs and is exacerbated in times of anxiety. In these cases it is necessary to distract from the disturbing thoughts about the different worries and problems.
  2. It is recommended to avoid activities that require high concentration of attention. Sometimes high blood strain or stress can provoke emergence of nausea.
  3. You should refrain from intense physical stress. Perhaps physical exercises have beneficial effects on health, but still they hamper the digestion, and therefore can increase symptoms of nausea.

Yoga exercises for stretching the back and neck

Sometimes the nausea can occur due to discomfort in the back and neck. If you do a little stretching of these body parts, then you can quickly get rid of the pain and nausea.

A few of the ways exercise:

  • in order to stretch the upper back need to take a position in which the legs are in the crossed condition, and the face is facing down. You need to sit on crossed legs and put your face forward and down. Lean should be so that the body is formed with legs a 45 degree angle. Hands should be placed on a chair that is near. If the body has high flexibility, it is possible to bend even more, you can try to touch forehead to the floor, and arms extended forward;
  • in order to stretch the neck, should sit in the chair. Shoulders should be relaxed, palms must be placed on the hips. The head should be tilted to shoulder, in this state, you need to stay for half a minute. But the second shoulder should be relaxed and slightly bent. You then need to do a deep breath and straighten the neck. You also need to perform the head tilts to the second shoulder. This exercise should be done 3-4 times;
  • yet there is one effective antiemetic method, which can remove all the symptoms of nausea and vomiting. To do this, lie on your back near the wall. The legs must be pulled up along the wall, to the wall surface need to touch the buttocks and coccyx. In this position, you must stay at least 5 minutes. But it is best to 40-50 breaths. This posture can reduce nausea and relieve vomiting, and to calm the stomach.

Popular ways to eliminate nausea

She helps with nausea in addition to exercise and deep breathing? Without pills this condition can be removed with traditional methods. The use of natural remedies will provide quick relief from symptoms without side effects.

To get rid of vomiting and nausea status at home folk remedies:

  1. Peppermint. To remove the symptoms of turbidity is recommended in a glass pour 1 teaspoon of dry collection of mint and pour hot water. Then leave for 1.5-2 hours. The drink should be drunk 3-4 times perday.
  2. Melissa. It is an effective remedy for nausea that can quickly remove all the unpleasant symptoms from the first time. You need to crush dry collection Melissa, about 4 tsp. Next, fill the grass in a thermos. Pour into a thermos, two cups of hot water. The mixture is infused for 3-4 hours. Should drink ½ Cup 3 times a day.
  3. If the symptoms of nausea came from pathologies of the liver in these cases natural remedies – chamomile, St. John's wort, Melissa, mint. All components should be taken in equal amounts, fall asleep in a thermos, pour hot water. Tightly close the lid and insist in a few hours. The finished drink should be drunk instead of tea to eliminate nausea and vomiting.
  4. The use of herbal. To eliminate all of the symptoms of nausea you can apply a few options for collecting. You can make a decoction of these plants, as the Valerian root, calamus marsh, thyme flowers, rose hips, coriander, oregano. You can also make another mix of herbs – mint, Valerian, chamomile, sushenitsu. All taken in equal amount and is filled with water. Should be steamed in a thermos for 2-3 hours. Should drink instead of tea.
  5. The use of citrus peels. With citrus, you should clean off the peel, grind it and put it in a container made of glass. Crushed peel pour vodka and infuse for 7 days. After that, all is well filtered and removed for storage in a dark place. In a glass of room temperature water should pour a few drops of tincture and drink during the nausea and vomiting.
  6. To get rid of nausea by using potato juice. For this purpose the potato tubers must be cleaned from the skins and squeeze in a juicer or grind in a blender. It is enough to drink 1 tsp juice of potatoes.
  7. To remove the symptoms of the approaching nausea, you can drink a decoction of dill.
  8. Still one of the most effective and effective remedies for nausea is ginger root. Ginger root should be cleaned or grind. If nauseated, you can add in tea, in water or simply chewed.

Another effective means to eliminate nausea, vomiting are the parsley leaves and honey. Parsley leaves it is recommended to grind and mix with honey. The finished composition should take 1 teaspoon twice a day.


To calm the gathering or the growing symptoms of nausea at home is possible by means of preventive measures:

  • performing a workout in the fresh air in the morning;
  • before eating, you can suck on an ice cube, lemon slice, cherry plum, sour plum, you can eat a couple of cranberries;
  • to avoid symptoms of nausea, in the morning eat crackers, dry biscuits;
  • do not overeat. In the stomach should not be feeling overflows;
  • you should refrain from eating foods with strong specific smell;
  • recommends to reduce the consumption of fatty, salty, spicy foods and fried foods;
  • it is desirable to limit the consumption of sweets;
  • during meals do not drink too much liquid, otherwise it may be overflow of the stomach. Water should be drunk an hour before eating;
  • should carefully chew your food, eat slowly and in small portions;
  • it is not recommended to eat food before the use of drugs;
  • do not forget about oral hygiene.

If you implement all the recommendations to take a variety of folk remedies, as well as to do special exercises, it is possible to eliminate nausea by yourself. However, if this symptom was the result of serious pathology of the internal organs, then you should consult a doctor to determine the cause and eliminate all the unpleasant symptoms.