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Potassium permanganate from diarrhea and diarrhea in adults and children

Indigestion periodically faces every person. Diarrhea that occurs with this condition, can permanently remove the person from normal life. In this situation would be ideal adsorbents and specific drugs used in diarrhea. But if there's no pharmacy, but you did not have the right drugs, you will be known to all the permanganate and manganese, which are almost in every home. Potassium permanganate from diarrhea will quickly eliminate unpleasant phenomenon and return to a normal lifestyle.

The main causes of diarrhea

In order to better understand what is the impact of potassium permanganate on the human body, you need to consider what are the causes of diarrhea. To provoke disorder chair can:

  • Disease viral and infectious nature. In children of different ages diarrhea is most often caused by rotavirus, fungus or bacteria overgrowth.
  • An unbalanced diet, which gradually leads to a General metabolic disturbance in the body. Because of the constant deficiency of vitamins and minerals occur in different pathological States.
  • The use of stale and shoddy products, and poisoning vegetation or other harmful substances.
  • Side effects after the intake of certain medications, most often antibiotics.
  • The stress and depression. Have students diarrhoea may occur before exams. In adults, diarrhea can be before an important meeting.
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol, which is a powerful antimicrobial agent. Under the influence of alcohol in the digestive tract kills the microflora and a disrupted digestive organs. In addition, we must not forget that ethanol is a toxic substance that poisons the body. The combination of these factors leads to the development of diarrhea.

To the poisoning and diarrhea can result in even soft drinks and beer, if they are consumed excessively.

In young children, diarrhea can cause high fever that lasts a long time.

Characteristics of potassium permanganate

Potassium permanganate is a salt of manganous acid. This substance looks like fine granules dark purple or Burgundy color. This chemical compound quickly dissolves in water to form a pink solution. The color saturation depends on the quantity of poured powder.

Manganese is a strong antimicrobial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. It is used for disinfection due to oxidation characteristics. Solution of this powder is used to treat many diseases, which are provoked by pathogens:

  • diarrhea;
  • uncontrollable vomiting;
  • intoxication of various origins;
  • at various damages of the skin, for washing wounds;
  • in infectious diseases of the mucosa of the mouth apply pink solution for rinsing;
  • hemorrhoids, to disinfect;
  • in gynecological practice, for disinfection.

A solution of potassium permanganate can be used as a hygienic product as it is well disinfects. Apply this medicinal drug can be both topically and internally. Potassium permanganate diarrhea quickly eliminates unpleasant phenomenon due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities. This substance is well known for its healing properties on the digestive tract.

A solution of potassium permanganate has almost no contraindications, except for individual intolerance. This drug you can safely drink both adults and children with disorders of the chair, and also to be used for rehabilitation of wounds and reduce the swelling of the bites of insects.

Potassium permanganate before use, diluted in a large volume of water, the dry matter can not be accepted!

How to apply

For starters you must correctly prepare a solution of potassium permanganate. To do this, take the crystals on the tip of a knife and dissolved in a liter of Luke warm boiled water. You can first manganese dissolved in a small volume of water to obtain a concentrate composition, and then pour in the total volume of the liquid solution.

After preparation, the solution necessarily is filtered through several layers of cheesecloth to avoid burns, do not dissolve the crystals.

For the treatment of adults solution can do well pink. Potassium permanganate diarrhea in children can be used only in a pale pink solution. Treatment with potassium permanganate usually last at least two days, even if symptoms have already disappeared completely.

If the adult diarrhea is very strong, then it is permissible to make a more saturated solution, but only if there are no chronic diseases of the digestive tract. A concentrated solution is very aggressive and can corrode the gastric mucosa.

To quickly stop diarrhea, it is recommended that a solution of potassium permanganate not only to drink, but several times a day to do enema. A therapeutic composition is prepared in this case by the standard recipe.

Potassium permanganate as a treatment of alcoholic and narcotic poisoning.

How to treat diarrhea manganese

Potassium permanganate alreadya few decades is considered the number one tool when diarrhea and vomiting. A weak solution of potassium permanganate diarrhea adults taken 3 times a day one Cup at a time, and the children are given half a Cup too, 3 times a day. This treatment solution allows you to quickly eliminate these symptoms:

  • vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • pain in the abdomen;
  • bloating.

Potassium permanganate neutralizes and removes toxins that often become the main cause of diarrhea.

Enema using a slightly pink solution allows you to quickly clean the intestines from harmful substances and pathogens, which helps to speed up recovery. Especially good to use this method, if the diarrhoea is accompanied by uncontrollable vomiting and a solution of potassium permanganate does not stay long in the stomach.

For younger children enema with potassium permanganate is often the only way to cleanse the body of toxins.

To correctly carry out the procedure of colon cleanse, it is necessary to prepare a small syringe with a soft tip. The tip of the syringe smeared with a fat cream or vaseline to ease the introduction. Into the intestine at a time, pour about a Cup of solution. The procedure should be repeated until then, until the waste water will contain impurities.

If the chair remains liquid even after treatment with a solution of potassium permanganate, is to go to the hospital. In this case, you may need treatment with antibiotics and antimicrobial agents.

To take Antidiarrhoeal drugs without a doctor's advice is not necessary. Toxins linger in the body and recovery will be delayed.

Features of application of potassium permanganate at home

To treatment of diarrhea solution of potassium permanganate was effective and brought only benefit, is to adhere to certain rules.

  • The solution is prepared slowly, the crystals thoroughly stirred to dissolve.
  • The dosage of the powder must be strictly observed. Highly concentrated solution can cause burns to the mucous membranes.
  • To make a solution can be no more than two days, more prolonged use may lead to poisoning.
  • Some people are of manganese causes hypersensitivity. In this case, after receiving observed abdominal pain, swelling, change in color of the mucous membranes and even seizures.
  • In the treatment of diarrhea, it is desirable to reduce the amount of food eaten, in this period, drink lots of water.
  • The dry matter stored in inaccessible to children and Pets.

If in addition to diarrhea, there is vomiting, fever and other health problems, consult your doctor. Diarrhea can be a symptom of a serious disease.

Could there be a drug overdose

In most cases with the right application of a solution of potassium permanganate remedy well tolerated. But if the drug was prepared incorrectly and turned out to be highly concentrated, can be observed all the symptoms of acute poisoning:

  • severe pain in the esophagus, stomach and intestines;
  • nausea and retching;
  • cramps;
  • asphyxiation due to laryngeal edema;
  • colitis.

As a first-aid shown gastric lavage and complex vitamins. In severe conditions the patient hospitalityat and symptomatic treatment.

It is worth remembering that manganese can accumulate in the human body. The substance is deposited in the lungs, bones, spinal cord and brain, and also liver.

To quickly get rid of diarrhea, you need to conduct a comprehensive treatment. In addition to potassium permanganate, it is desirable to use rehydron or a solution of salt and sugar in water. This approach will help to avoid dehydration and related complications.