Rice water diarrhea the child and the adult

Every person faced with indigestion. This disease is characterized by severe diarrhea and is very dangerous for children, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems. For the treatment of diarrhea, in addition to the drugs used and time-tested folk remedies. One of them is rice water diarrhea, which not only normalize the chair, but the weak and nourishes the body with micronutrients. To use rice water can be for both adults and children, this remedy almost no contraindications.

What may be called the diarrhoea

Diarrhea is a condition when a person has an overwhelming desire to empty the bowel. In this state a person has seen liquid stool, often with a fetid odor, and abdominal pain. Sometimes it can be bloating and constant rumbling. About diarrhea you can tell if defecation occurs more than three times per day and the stool is liquid. Often urge to the toilet occur more than 10 times per day. Causes of diarrhea may be several:

  • food poisoning, when in the digestive tract begin to multiply pathogenic microorganisms;
  • stagnation in the stomach;
  • an unbalanced diet with a high content of fat;
  • bowel disease by disturbance of the microflora.

Diarrhea affects children and adults, but in children this condition is more frequent, as it is often taken in the mouth unwashed hands.

Treatment of diarrhea

Disease necessarily need to be treated, as it quickly leads to dehydration of the entire body. To eliminate severe diarrhea, all methods are good, so use medicine and folk recipes. Rice water for poisoning not only helps to eliminate diarrhea, but soothe irritated stomach. Many doctors suggest to make congee at the same time with medication that will quickly lead to the relief of the disease.

If severe diarrhea is observed in a child of younger age, should not self-medicate. The body weight of these children is very small, so dehydration comes quickly.

Use rice

About the useful properties of rice grains I've heard a lot of people. It includes beneficial carbohydrates, minerals and b vitaminsthat convert entering the body of matter into energy. Rice has protein, phosphorus, iron and zinc. In addition, there is an oligosaccharide which stabilizes intestinal function.

Due to these properties, rice is used in many diets and promotes cleansing the body of toxins. Complex carbohydrates contained in the product, help to quickly digest food and prevent stagnation. We must remember that rice is a source of gluten which can trigger allergic reactions.

If the grains undergo some processing, then use of it is less vitamins and nutrients are washed away.

The main beneficial properties of rice can be the following:

  • grains help to reduce weight;
  • rice rarely cause an allergic reaction;
  • promotes normalization of arterial pressure;
  • regulates the processes of digestion.

Broth cooked rice gently envelops the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines, reduces inflammation of organs and promotes proper formation of stool secretions. This is the best astringent that is equally useful for both adults and for babies. In contact with a few masses in the colon, congee is involved in the formation of soft feces and withdrawing it from the body. If you eat rice if you have diarrhea, there will be no high gas, rumbling, or fermentation.

The broth of rice very useful, as it helps to restore the sick person and strengthen the immune system. In contrast to drugs of chemical origin congee can be safely administered to neonates and the elderly.

In the treatment of diarrhea rice water digestive tract without any harm. On the contrary, the soft coating agent helps to restore the mucous.

Contraindications for treatment rice water

There are few contraindications to consider before using the broth. You should not use the remedy in such cases:

  1. Rice water is not used for diarrhea in the baby if it is accompanied by uncontrollable vomiting. In this case it is better to call a doctor who correctly diagnose and prescribe appropriate treatment.
  2. If the faeces are observed streaks of blood, mucus or other unusual admixture.
  3. Do not take the broth at a high temperature of the body, as it may worsen the patient's condition.
  4. If diarrhea is triggered by an intestinal infection, then the patient is given the adsorbents and antibacterial agents, and not otpaivat rice broth. The delay of the feces in this case does not bring relief.

If the stools are too frequent, watery stools with a strong smell is a reason to seek medical attention. You need to consult a doctor if the human condition is worsening and skin is a bluish tint.

How to cook healthful drink

When adults or children upset the digestion, which is manifested by diarrhea, do not just take syntheticdrugs. The children are usually poorly responds to medications that may manifest allergic reactions. If a baby has upset the bowels, is to cook healthful drink, which can quickly to rectify the situation.

There are many ways to cook congee. It is prepared from one of rice, and with additions of raisins or dried apricots. Fig diarrhea beneficially affects not only the intestines, but also on the whole body.

Rare kasha-gruel of rice is able to quickly regulate the bowels in infants, to relieve painful symptoms and return to a peaceful sleep. To cure diarrhea in a child, you need to unsolder it a rice broth throughout the day. The walls of the stomach and intestines enveloped in nutrients, and thereby reducing the harmful effects of pathogenic microorganisms. In this treatment, the digestion is fully restored during the day, and the work of all organs and systems come to normal.

To cook congee at home, you don't need to make a great effort and have some experience. All quite easy and simple. Recipe of the congee looks like this:

  • pour into the pan liter of clean water and bring it to a boil;
  • two tablespoons of washed rice pour in boiling water;
  • simmer the broth on low heat for about 40 minutes, stirring constantly so it doesn't burn;
  • leave the broth to cool at room temperature;
  • after 2-3 hours strain through several layers of clean cheesecloth.

Before you start to cook rice, beans need to sort out. To take a decoction of only round and smooth rice that have not been processed. Pic intended for broth should soak in water for about an hour. In this case, it is easy to boil.

Rice water diarrhea can be used in children of all ages. The small children it is given via a feeding bottle. The liquid may be minimally sweetened.

What to do when there is persistent diarrhea

Sometimes, severe diarrhea persists for several days, a very exhausting person physically and mentally. In this case, it will help the cream broth of rice. Need to know how to make such a drug:

  1. Take 5 tablespoons of rice and fry a few minutes on a dry pan without any oil.
  2. Roasted grain is crushed with blender or rolling pin.
  3. The resulting powder is poured into the pot and pour three cups of cold water.
  4. The mixture is boiled on a slow fire about half an hour. If the cereal clumpy, pour warm boiled water.

The resulting slurry eat in a day, divided into several equal parts.

The cream broth of fried rice is more effective in treating diarrhea in children and adults. In the treatment of diarrhea in babies slurry can be a little podzadorit.

What else can you use rice water

Congee and cream of rice grains it is advisable to appoint after treatment with antibacterial drugs. For young children this is a great tool that quickly restores normal digestion and at the same time not irritate the stomach. Rice water is a good tonic for the whole body, gives a person courage and strength.

In the treatment of young children need to constantly monitor their condition. If it gets worse or stays the same, then it is cause for immediate access to a pediatrician or physician-infectious disease.

As soon as the acute symptoms subsided, the use of medicinal means cease. The patient can be given a crouton of rye flour and strong tea with sugar.

How to prevent diarrhea in adults and children

Any disease is easier to prevent than to treat it. So you need to follow certain rules to prevent eating disorders in children and adults. In General, these rules apply to hygiene:

  • You need to wash your hands frequently, especially after using the toilet and after walking on the street.
  • Thoroughly wash hands after playing with Pets on the hair which may be different pathogenic microorganisms.
  • To purchase products is necessary only in stationary shops and in specialized markets. It is unacceptable to purchase food in places of spontaneous trade.
  • If the family or staff sickness intestinal disorders, it is isolated and there are separate objects.

Diarrhea very quickly comes dehydration, which can cause irreversible. To avoid this, it is necessary to organize the drinking regime of the patient. An adult needs to drink about three liters of fluid a day, and a small child up to one liter.

If a day later the diarrhea does not stop, you must consult a doctor. Only an experienced nurse can assess the seriousness of the situation and prescribe the correct treatment.