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Aluminium phosphate gel: directions for use heartburn and pain in the stomach

"Fosfalyugel" is an antacid that protects the stomach from the harmful effects with the increased level of gastric juice, hydrochloric acid, toxins. Who is the drug, how to use it and possible side effects, we consider in this article.

The Tums

Modern industry is ready to offer us a huge number of tools that can help health at all levels – preventive, supportive, therapeutic, curative. If you have problems with the stomach most people prefer symptomatic treatment. On reasonableness of this approach will not speak – is a topic for another article. But there is a fact – not to hurt the stomach, you can go to the pharmacy and choose a different degree of efficiency funds from the factors that cause these pains.

The most common cause of pain and discomfort in the stomach – acidity, which arises from overeating, wrong diet, junk food, stress, and even lack of sleep. If you run frequent bouts of symptoms of hyperacidity, then eventually the disease will develop into gastritis.

"Aluminium phosphate gel" is a gel from heartburn, which was created in order to neutralize the increased action of aggressive components contained in the gastric juice. While it is perfectly harmless, and in conditions that I've observed the advice of a physician and carried out the necessary examination, it can be taken by pregnant women and infants. This gel of the stomach is also used in the treatment of medication, which can disrupt digestion and harm the stomach – for example, when taking certain antibiotics broad-spectrum.

A convenient form of medication in portioned bags, and a gel-like consistency made the preparation easy to consume and popular with buyers, as it can take and make at any time.

Properties "Fosfalugel"

Consumers noted the high effectiveness of this tool, which within 10-20 minutes after taking it helps to overcome even very severe heartburn. Of the shortcomings can be identified it uneconomical although the bags you can buy by the piece and in piece form tool hits the pocket, still an adult, depending on his weight, to suppress the attack you need to drink 1-2 sachets that in the case of frequent problems may seem not cheap.

This is not the case with babies and children of primary school age: for babies up to six months the drug is taken on a teaspoon 4 times a day, for older children the dose is 2 teaspoons, or Practica.

The drug is also used for poisoning, digestive disorders, and other toxic lesions of the digestive tract. Part of the drug active substance is aluminum phosphate coats the walls of the stomach, soothes inflammation and leads to normal function of the stomach, when due to the penetration into it of toxins, these functions are impaired. The drug eliminates the inflammatory process in cases of poisoning and reduces pain.

"Aluminium phosphate gel" also has an absorbent action. His ability to absorb various products of putrefaction, bacteria and viruses allows you to use the drug as a sorbent, but this feature is optional, but non-core. Through this action, "the aluminium phosphate gel" eliminates gas, bloating and other symptoms associated with the reproduction of pathogenic microflora.

"Fosfalyugel": instructions for use

Before opening the bag needs to stretch his content for a better distribution of the drug. After opening it can be taken immediately or pour into a spoon.

For ease of use for small children it is permissible to mix "aluminium phosphate gel" with water.

Depending on the type of disease, patient's age and other indicators of dose and submission deadlines vary. Detailed instructions on the use of this drug outlined below.

During pregnancy

Pregnant women are more than often suffer from stomach issues: in the early stages of their suffering from toxemia. But this problem is not limited to, and in the later stages of the growing baby begins to put pressure from below on the stomach, which leads to its deformation and the acidity. "Fosfalyugel" can you take during pregnancy, but strictly after consulting with your doctor. The maximum daily dose for pregnant women is 5 bags. Thus at a time not recommended to take more than two sachets of drugs. The drug should be taken before eating.

"Fosfalyugel" children

Helps with all the functional digestive disorders: diarrhea, gas, heartburn, belching, feeling of heaviness, cramps. Take Practica 3 times a day before meals or more often if necessary. The drug use every 3 hours. Babies under 6 months take a quarter of the package before each meal. The drug can be taken in treatment, and sporadically in the symptoms of the disorder. In the second case, you should take the medicine as long as the child's condition does not improve, becoming stable. When gas or diarrhea may one-time use of the drug. In the treatment of poisoning, in the case when"Fosfalyugel" doctor, you must continue to take the drug for several days after the stabilization.

In the complex therapy to protect the stomach from the effects of strong drugs gel half an hour before taking food – this is done to provide a kind of buffer, before the adoption of irritating the gastric mucosa substances.

At high pH

Depending on the symptoms, "Fosfalyugel" accept episodic and systemic. Pain in the pancreas, which was provoked by the high acidity (pancreatitis), a drug used every 3-4 hours before eating, sometimes combining this treatment with the administration of enzymes ("Wobenzym"). The duration of treatment is 2 weeks.

For occasional pain associated with hyperacidity (chronic pancreatitis, gastritis), you should take the drug, before eating heavy, fried food to prevent the development of attack.

In case of poisoning

In case of poisoning "Fosfalyugel" take at least three days. On the first day, every three hours, then reducing the dose to 2 sachets per day. On the first day of receiving the dose should be increased by taking two or more bags in each meal.

If the poisoning is accompanied by diarrhea, the medication also suppresses this process, as part of the active substance aluminum phosphate weakens the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines and binds to the products of fermentation.

Nausea and vomiting process will also be stopped by making several bags at once and keeping the episodic nature every 3 hours.


The drug is used for heartburn symptomatic, the dosage depends on the weight of the human body and ranges from 1 to 3 packs for adult.

When alcohol poisoning

Ideally, you should take the medicine before drinking alcohol – "Fosfalyugel" partially suppress the effects of toxins and will minimize the flow of toxic substances into the bloodstream that will allow longer stay sober and keep a clear mind. In addition, the effect of "Fosfalugel" is that it coats the stomach walls, providing protection against any irritants including alcohol. If you already come alcohol poisoning take a double dose and repeat every three hours until improvement.

The drug is distributed and resulting hangover – in this case to increase the dose is not necessarily enough only to take the pills during the day.

"Fosfalyugel" known to consumers as a convenient gel for heartburn bags, which is sold in the format of single doses and safe for the reception of different groups of the population, including newborns and pregnant women. A gel of white color, sweet taste, with a slight odor of orange.

Strengths of the drug include convenience of use, the ability to buy the piece, quick effect and withdrawal symptoms, as well as a wide range of actions. The range of actions includes, in addition to the main purpose of stabilization of gastric secretion, more and adsorptive effect as well as the ability to relieve swelling and inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. All these qualities allow you to take the drug for various problems of the gastrointestinal tract, including in cases of poisoning, as well as in case of other digestive problems. Of the weaknesses is the high price of the drug.

A wide range of actions suggests its a separate application, as the joint admission "Fosfalugel" with other drugs may weaken the action of the latter, as the gel is able to work as a sorbent with respect to its active substance. He simply swallow the second drug, not allowing him to be absorbed in the body.

Overall, the reviews show the effectiveness of this medication, its relative safety and justification of costs.