Headache tablets with a hangover - it is best to drink

If the morning after the cheerful festivities of all hurts, the question of what to drink with a hangover from the head, becomes particularly relevant. Alcohol affects the whole body, destroying the internal organs: kidneys, liver, nervous system, heart and others. However, the most painful is the headache.


According to statistics, pain symptoms in the head after consuming alcoholic drinks experience 75-80% of the population. The main cause is the organism poisoning ethyl and methyl alcohol. Doing in the internal organs, the substances become a powerful aldehyde, causing unpleasant symptoms. After some time the substance is converted into acetic acid and excreted from the bodies naturally.

Consuming spirits, a person loses a large amount of fluid and salts, which causes the appearance of pain in the head and the intoxication of the organism.

The amount of alcohol consumed before alcohol affects the duration and severity of hangovers: sometimes the pain symptoms can last for a long time.

The main causes of headaches during a hangover are:

  • dehydration. Drinking alcohol increases the rate of urine production, reducing the liquid content in the cells. Additionally, a hangover is often accompanied by vomiting, which leads to additional loss of fluids;
  • violation of the liver. Under the influence of toxins the liver loses the ability to produce glucose necessary for normal functioning of the brain and all internal systems;
  • disorder of metabolism, resulting in increased sensitivity to pain;
  • the presence of inflammatory processes in the vascular system, swelling;
  • the loss of sleep. Severe headache may trigger insomnia;
  • the death of nerve cells. The breakdown of alcohol causes increased sensitivity of the nervous system that leads to extreme susceptibility of man to sounds and light.

You should not try to reduce the pain in the head alcohol during a hangover. Alcohol is not only able to eliminate the headaches, but can also lead to the development of alcoholism.

Act as a hangover cure

Hangover can disrupt the rhythm of life and turn the whole problem. Pharmaceutical companies have developed many drugs that help people to get back to normal.

Cure hangover ease the pain symptoms in the head owing to the contained in them useful substances and trace elements, lack of which she experiences during the collapse of alcohol.

The use of tablets with hangover will help:

  • to clear the gastrointestinal system of toxins and toxic substances;
  • to normalize the water-salt balance in the internal organs;
  • to reduce the pain;
  • to eliminate extremely thirsty;
  • to prevent the emergence of weakness, dizziness, aching of the joints;
  • to get rid of the signs of poisoning and to relieve intoxication syndrome;
  • reduce high blood pressure;
  • to eliminate excessive sweating;
  • reduce limb tremor;
  • to organize the work of the digestive system;
  • significantly improve the human condition, to get rid of weakness.

It is impossible to say what pill is better to drink. A lot depends on the condition and amount of consumed alcohol.

What to drink head

The main recommendation in case of severe hangover is to drink plenty of liquids. Fluid displays the body of toxins and toxic substances. To quickly improve health, it is necessary to treat micronutrient deficiencies and to help the liver cope with the toxicity. For this you must drink plenty of mineral water, cucumber pickle, tea.

To get rid of the painful symptoms in the head will help some headache tablets with a hangover, related to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The most effective and safe are:

  • ibuprofen;
  • the tablets;
  • ketorol.

Good result showed painkillers in the form of effervescent tablets. Pop have the ability to quickly dissolve in the bloodstream and permeate the bodies of important minerals.


Helps get rid of intoxication, successfully brings the alcohol and toxins. However, zoreks caution: in high doses, spirits medicine may cause allergic reactions.


A well-known tool used in the hangover, has the ability to reduce pain in the head, to reduce retching, to restore the water-salt metabolism.

Alka Prim

Is almost complete analog of "Alka-Seltzer". The drug stabilizes acid-alkaline balance, eliminates toxins, and restores the brain.


It is used in severe alcohol withdrawal syndrome, accompanied by severe headache, urge to vomit, pains in the body. Effectively eliminates migraines and other symptoms of a hangover.


Thanks to the substances that the drug in a short time displays the decay products, reduces toxicity, relieves the intense pain.


The preparationincludes succinic acid and soda, which is an antioxidant. The tool allows you to establish liver and to restore the functioning of the body after alcohol poisoning. Tablets relieve symptoms of hangover, as well as relieve unpleasant feelings.

Guten Morgen

Produced as a dry brine. The drug restores the lost magnesium in the body, normalizes water-salt metabolism. If you follow the instructions on the application, you can quickly get rid of dehydration and to facilitate health.


A well-known remedy for headaches, helps with the hangover. The drug reduces the discomfort if taken tablet 2 hours before drinking alcohol, and 6 hours after the feast. In addition, aspirin can be used to thin the blood and no adverse effects on the stomach.

Herbal preparations

Also used means of plant origin to eliminate the pain in the head. Such drugs include:

  • Drink Off;
  • Cord;
  • Stalk.

Remedies consist of plant extracts that has lots of medicinal properties. Medication aid in the digestion liquor immediately after its use. Successfully eliminate the pain symptoms, give strength, eliminate harmful substances and waste products from internal organs.


Adsorbing substances to absorb fluid and toxins, relieve toxins, cleanse the vascular system and circulatory system. One of the most popular and most accessible means is activated charcoal, which should be taken 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight. An excellent cure is enterosgel, as well as the means with white clay.

Vitamin C

Effectively compensates the lack of the lost minerals, tones the body, having a tonic and antioxidant abilities. A positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

Restoring electrolyte balance

Loss of trace elements may lead to convulsive syndromes, the increase in pressure.

To normalize the electrolyte balance can be a means of the Panangin and asparkamthat you need to drink plenty of water.

Drugs include magnesium and potassium, which are excreted from the body resulting from the consumption of alcohol.

Restoring the nervous system

To eliminate irritability and guilt after a great party and build the nervous system, it is recommended to take pills glycine. Tool successfully removes hyperexcitability, tremor of the limbs, providing a mild sedative effect. You can also take Valerian tablets.

Detoxification of the liver

The main burden after drinking alcohol have on the liver. To restore its functioning apply hepatoprotectors, for example, Essentiale, and fruits that contain plenty of glucose and gives necessary energy – apples, bananas, pears.

During hangover are often used enema and artificially induce vomiting. Such methods will help to get rid of toxins and brings relief.

Suffering from a hangover man the smell of food causes nausea, but to improve health, you can use warm chicken broth, which will add strength and will normalize the stomach.

Popular recipes from a hangover

One of the known methods to get rid of the symptoms of hangover is drinking cucumber pickle or tomato juicethat stabilize the water-salt metabolism in the body:

  • To get rid of nausea and to normalize the intestinal microflora can milk drinks – kefir, fermented baked milk.
  • Restore lost glucose fruit juice – Apple, pomegranate, orange juice. Fructose will help to neutralize the alcoholic poisons, and also has a diuretic effect.
  • To reduce the impact of alcohol can herbal extracts, has a mild diuretic effect, capable of spreading the liquid on the internal organs. Great efficiency have decoctions of plants: chamomile, rose hips, motherwort, St. John's wort, mint and lemon tea.
  • In some cases, drinking coffee and cocoa. Drinks have a stimulating effect on the body, give energy, but not suitable for everyone: in some cases, their use can provoke deterioration of health and vomiting.
  • To cope with the symptoms of a hangover, you can use raw eggs, which is composed of amino acids, is able to eliminate the toxins and decay products.
  • To normalize the acid-base exchange is capable of soda. 1 Cup water – 1 teaspoon of the substance. The solution can stir a pinch of citric acid.

Folk "pohmelye"

There are various recipes of traditional medicine, which can relieve acute symptoms after the feast:

  • Cocktail "Bloody eye". In tomato juice add the yolk of the egg. The composition should drink in one gulp, not stirring the ingredients.
  • The juice of tomato, lemon and onion with a hint of black pepper, salt and mint leaves.
  • Ginger cocktail. The root of a plant brewed with boiling water, keep on heat for 10 minutes. The solution is mixed with honey, lemon,the juice of orange.
  • Cocktail "Fit" is made of egg yolk, ketchup, salt, pepper, lemon juice.
  • Cabbage brine. 200 g of the brine, and 0.5 cups of olive oil mixed with pepper.

Data soft drinks will help to eliminate the symptoms and reduce the intoxication syndrome.

How to prevent a hangover

Often there is a headache in the morning, if people do not know moderation in drinking alcohol. One of the best ways to prevent a hangover is not drinking. However, if this is not possible, you must adhere to certain rules that will help avoid painful symptoms:

  • Do not consume alcohol on an empty stomach: this can lead to rapid intoxication, and problems with the stomach and digestive organs.
  • Eat spirits fat products or sweets. So you can slow down the dissolution of the alcohol in the stomach.
  • To maintain balance of electrolytes alcohol you must drink mineral water.
  • To prevent a cruel and painful hangover, to avoid the use of poor quality of liquor containing fusel oil.
  • For best processing and fast digestion of alcohol should combine drinking with active movements, such as dancing.
  • After the party comes a good night's sleep.
  • Not to combine alcohol and Smoking.
  • Not combine different alcohol-containing drinks.
  • 2-3 hours before the feast to take vitamin C, as well as hepatoprotectors – Essentiale or Kars. They will help the liver better cope with alcohol.

Red wine contains additive – tyramine causing pain in the head. Therefore, the propensity for migraines should abandon its use.

Alcohol affects each person. Someone suffering a headache by excessive use of alcohol, someone enough for one drink. So for the upcoming holiday to prepare in advance and not exceed your limits.