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Smectite constipation and stomach pain in adults and children

Probably all adults know that you excellent help with diarrhea which is provoked by different reasons. However, there are cases when the doctor unexpectedly prescribes this drug for constipation. But this state just refers to side effects after receiving the adsorbent. Here and there patients the question, and I was right there attending? That Smectite constipation is quite effective, you know few people, but it's true.

The mechanism of the drug

The active ingredient of smecta is diosmectite, which refers to natural adsorbents. This substance is able to absorb liquid and gaseous elements, and then remove them from the body. Smectite helps our gastrointestinal tract, and thus normalizes the mucous membrane and absorbs the toxic substances and wastes. This drug is considered completely safe, so it is prescribed to young children and pregnant women.

  • The mucous membrane of the digestive organs is restored due to the formation of a physical barrier. A thin film coats the digestive organs from the inside and prevents their damage. Pathogens and toxic substances do not fall on the mucosa, and therefore not absorbed into the bloodstream, this has led to the symptoms of poisoning gradually pass.
  • Smectite has a selective activity and absorbs just pollutants and microorganisms. Nutrients, vitamins and minerals remain in the body.
  • Increased fluidity adsorbent allows him to envelop the stomach and intestines, so the drug acts almost immediately.
  • The adsorbent is completely safe as it is made from white clay and works only locally.

Smectite is produced in powder with different smells, before use it is diluted in a small volume of water. The solution is thoroughly mixed, as the active substance remains in the sediment.

Doctors prescribe smectite with pain in the stomach, as it quickly envelops the mucous and prevents the acids, toxins and pathogens. And it is precisely for these reasons that occur most often such pain. After adsorption of all the harmful substances are excreted from the body naturally.

As smectite can help with constipation

Smectite constipation in adults and children can really help. This is because it effectively removes toxins, toxins and harmful microorganisms which can cause not only diarrhea, but also constipation, and other digestive disorders. It is prescribed for such disease States:

  • infections of the intestine;
  • in case of poisoning with poor-quality food;
  • when the intoxication of the organism against high temperature;
  • when dysbacteriosis;
  • when severe bloating;
  • diarrhea and constipation of different Genesis;
  • with increased flatulence.

Smectite prescribed for constipation that appear as a result of poor eating habits, intake of certain medications and allergies. In all such cases, smectite, quickly normalizes the process of defecation and prevent flatulence.

The adsorbent has almost no contraindications, but in spite of this, should consult a physician before taking, especially if we are talking about the baby.

The appointment of smecta in chronic constipation children

A young child's digestive system is still not fully formed, so rare chair often alternates with constipation. In babies under one year often have colic in the tummy, what crumbs react with a loud cry.

Infants often leads to constipation – this may be the result of immature immune system. This condition is accompanied by anxiety and poor sleep, the baby is deteriorating appetite. When persistent constipation can be a weight loss.

The course of treatment for both children and adults can vary considerably and range from one dose to a week. Duration determined by the attending physician.

How to take drug

Dosage smecta from constipation and abdominal pain are prescribed depending upon the patient's age. Adults are advised to take one packet of the drug up to three times a day, children older than two years can also be given up to three sachets a day, depending on the severity of the disease. Children under one year old a bag of adsorbent is divided into three times and give the entire amount during the day.

Remember that children under the age of one year can not give more than one sachet of powder per day.

The rules of admission

To remedy operated as efficiently as possible, you should follow some recommendations.

  1. Before taking the powder to be diluted in half a glass of lukewarm water and drink previously well-stirred. The dry powder can not be accepted.
  2. Accept the adsorbent for an hour before eating or two hours after eating. If you drink a solution of smecta during meals can be withdrawn some nutrients.
  3. Children of younger age it is possible to dissolve the powder in the milk mixture and give a bottle.

If after receiving the drug developed a rash on the skin, fever or increased pain in the abdomen, you need to contact the doctor to adjusttreatment.

Accidental overdose

If constipation accidentally drank more of the drug than is necessary, nothing bad will happen. In this case, a violation of the defecation may worsen or occur allergic reaction.

When constipation drug has no effect, it is necessary to reduce the dose of powder. Usually the condition of the digestive system returning to normal after a few days of intake.

Smectite is the adsorbent that is most often prescribed for the treatment of diarrhea. But sometimes there are cases that this medication is prescribed for constipation. There's no mistake, the drug stabilizes the gastro-intestinal tract, thereby returning to normal defecation.