Does drug vomiting in children and adults

Vomiting in humans is caused by the poisoning stale food, alcohol, drugs, chemical substances and emissions of harmful substances. Retching can be just a reaction to unpleasant smells or stress, but the symptoms quickly leave, only to forget about the stimulus. But during intoxication vomiting accompanied by an increase or, conversely, by lowering body temperature, emaciated General condition and the accession of symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, headache and dizziness, stomach pain, bloating, etc. In such a situation without such treatment as smectite, can not do. Smectite vomiting eliminates all unpleasant symptoms, the effectively fights toxins and removes them from the body.

The description of the drug

Smecta is a powder grayish-white color, which is dissolved in a small amount of water and is available in paper bags of 3 grams. The active substance of the drug performs dioctahedral smectite (diosmectite) – is a substance that is extracted from limestone, found on the Mediterranean coast. This drug due to its natural origin permitted to take both adults and newborns. The preparation also contains sweeteners and flavourings (vanillin).

Smectite operates as follows:

  • cleans the digestive tract from harmful toxins and bacteria;
  • coats the intestines, allowing harmful substances to be absorbed in its walls and transported throughout the body;
  • reduces peristalsis, thereby stops the vomiting.

The drug acts selectively, that is, removes from the body toxic compounds that have caused poisoning, and does not violate the balance between natural microflora and conditionally pathogenic flora in the intestine. Smectite is not absorbed into the blood and excreted from the intestine with stool in the same form in which it is ingested.

The drug has a broad spectrum, and is used not only for nausea and vomiting, but in the presence of the following symptoms:

  • diarrhea of any nature;
  • heartburn and acidity;
  • pain in the digestive tract;
  • allergic reactions caused by eating foods-allergens;
  • flatulence;
  • vomiting and diarrhea in intestinal infections and food poisoning.

In addition to the above reactions, the reception smecta eases a hangover due to the fact that her main active substance suspends the absorption of decomposition products of ethanol in the intestinal wall. Therefore, this drug is recommended to drink at heavy alcoholic intoxication. In addition, it is recommended to take sachet smecta before the celebration of the powder will cover the walls of the intestines wrap and will help not to get drunk too fast.

Smectite with vomiting in children

A significant advantage of this drug is that due to the natural composition of the smectite with vomiting in children can be used immediately after birth. Given that the microflora of the baby in the first months of life is at the stage of formation, soft action smecta is the most suitable option in this case. The drug helps to cope with diarrhea and bloating, which quite often have a babywithout influence on the composition of natural intestinal flora.

But vomiting in children does not occur due to simple indigestion – the most common cause of such a reaction of the organism is the intestinal infection. Children's digestive tract is most susceptible to this disease, despite the fact that parents carefully select the freshest ingredients for a child. Most often, the vomiting, caused by intestinal infection that occurs on the background of teething, as the child pulls in a mouth everything that comes to hand. However, vomiting is only a symptom which can have many causes, such as:

  • reaction to fatty foods;
  • food poisoning or intestinal infections;
  • intolerance body a product, for example, lactose, which is present in whole milk;
  • overeating;
  • individual response to the reception of any medicinal product;
  • Central nervous system diseases;
  • bowel obstruction or volvulus. This is a life-threatening condition is particularly common among children under one year in case of incorrect introduction of complementary feeding;
  • spasm of the esophagus, including when being hit by a small object that is swallowed by a child;
  • inflammatory processes in the intestine or acute appendicitis;
  • stress, nervous over-excitation and fright that observed among children up to three years;
  • the body's response to the introduction of unfamiliar food product.

Of course, effective against vomiting in all of these cases will not help. She has a certain scope is an intestinal infection, food poisoning and indigestion.

If the child is still too small and can't say what hurts, he continues to rant and be joined by other symptoms, e.g., fever, you should call an ambulance. If a baby began vomiting, keep him upright so he wouldn't choke on it.

If the symptoms the child is only observed vomiting, without fever, diarrhea and constant whims that happened once – it can indicate that the baby ate too much fatty foods. In this case, the smectite nausea andvomiting is appropriate, since it neutralizes the effect of fermentation products in the stomach and intestines, and normalizes digestion of the baby.

Smecta dosage for children with vomiting is determined by a physician in a separate case, as it depends on the type and severity of the disease. The instruction to the drug also allows the parent to navigate, if there is no possibility to see a specialist.

In severe conditions give smektu vomiting child can be a dosage: children up to one year permitted to take a maximum of two bags, and after a year or four. The main course of treatment is three days, after which the daily dose is cut in half.

Other evidence smectite used: children under one year old can drink one sachet of drugs, children from one to two years can take a maximum of two bags, and after two years you can increase the dosage to three bags.

Smectite is dissolved in 100 ml of water and quickly drink until the powder settled. The taste of the drugs are quite specific, though it is composed of sweeteners and vanilla. However, the good news is that the baby can mix the medicine to drink, e.g. juice, breast milk or mixed in food.

Vomiting in young children may occur with motion sickness during a trip that requires receiving any medication – enough to stop and give the child to drink water and move away from pitching. In addition, children under the age of six months immediately after eating may be a so-called vomiting "fountain" of breast milk or formula feed. The reason for this may be lactase deficiency, and ingestion of air while sucking or laying of the baby in a horizontal position immediately after eating. Receiving drugs such as smectite, in these cases, inappropriate.

Smectite vomiting in adults

Manufacturers of smecta did not aim to create anti-nausea medicine. However, smectite with nausea and vomiting, are also effective, as they are able to remove these symptoms in an adult. Poisons and toxins under the action of this drug neytralizuya faster and excreted with feces. As retching occur to cleanse the digestive system and protect it from toxins, this enterosorbent action will not only help to cleanse the digestive tract, but also will stop the vomiting.

An adult with vomiting, you need to accept smektu in such doses:

  • in acute conditions children above two years and adults – 6 sachets a day;
  • a single symptoms is 3 sachets per day.

When vomiting does not stop drinking after you vomit out vomit immediately after eating it, you must repeat the admission, so as long as you will not get in the intestines, it does not give the desired result. If the poisoning is severe, you can wash out the stomach with warm water, adding several tea bags of the drug from the calculation of one liter. Thus, the treatment will gradually accumulate in the intestine.

The drug usually does not cause allergies, also it can be applied to women during pregnancy and lactation. Another advantage of smecta is its ability not to disrupt the structure of the intestinal mucosa.

Contraindications and analogues

As with any medication, smectite has a number of contraindications. Contraindications to the use of this medicine with the following:

  • intestinal obstruction;
  • poor peristalsis;
  • fructose intolerance;
  • disorder of intestinal absorption of nutrients;
  • sacharose-isomaltase failure.

Along with this drug, like smectite, is used neosmectin vomiting is an analogue that has the same active ingredient, same form of issue and is used at the same dosage. In case of intolerance replace smectite can be activated carbon, which has the same absorbent properties, but it works less gently. Therefore, smectite can be considered a universal drug to treat vomiting, and relief of other symptoms of dyspeptic disorders.

At the end we can say that the drug if vomiting occurs is shown to people of any age who do not have contraindications to the use of this drug. This treatment has many benefits – effective and gentle effect, maintaining the natural intestinal flora and fast results. Thanks to the natural components of smectite may be applied even to newborns. However, upon detection or young child elevated temperature or other symptoms, should immediately consult the doctor, because the causes of vomiting can be very different.