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How to make regidron at home: recipes, composition

Rehydron – a drug that allows you to quickly restore fluid in the body, and restore balance of vital electrolytes and substances. Used in case of dehydration in cases of poisoning, frequent and large exercise, sports. Such preparation should be in every home medicine Cabinet. Also the tool is recommended for regular admission with frequent and high physical exertion, overheating, hyperhidrosis. Rehydron has almost no contraindications, therefore, can be assigned to all without exception – for adults, children, pregnant and lactating women.

Home regidron

Cases of poisoning and diarrhoea occur fairly frequently, especially in spring and summer. If it was not, does not matter, just need to know a few simple recipes on how to make registratsionnyi drugs at home. If you do not have regidrona, part of it for cooking at home easy and accessible to everyone. Even in the field can be found without difficulty all the components, most importantly, to know how to prepare the medium, its composition and proportions and what can be replaced regidron.

To prepare you need the simplest ingredients – salt, sugar, soda. Such components have at hand almost always and in every home.

Part of the preparation for recovery of water-salt balance is quite simple – the chloride of sodium and calcium, and simple – salt and soda, the citrate, glucose. It is not necessary during administration of the drug to eat foods with a high amount of sucrose. It can really make a positive impact to zero.

Recommendations to receive

A solution of dehydration must be taken correctly, it cannot be combined with other similar medical drugs and some food products.

You cannot add anything to improve the taste registratsionnogo solution, even if the child refuses to take medication.

Home regidron, as well as pharmacy, it is necessary to take correctly. Immediately after exposure or at the first symptoms it is recommended to drink at least 500-700 ml of solution. Ideally, the calculation is performed according to the scheme on 1 kg of weight drink 10 ml of the drug (used in the first hour).

After the dose is reduced by half, to continue to drink the drug it is necessary to normalize the state. For children a few additional calculations per 1 kg of weight from 25 to 60 ml. with the improvement of health, the amount of the drug is reduced to 5 ml / kg.


Recipes for preparation of solution for the replenishment and electrolyte balance is not much, but, in fact, the funds may enter all four components – salt, soda, sugar and water. Different can be only dosage and methods of use received medication.

Recipe No. 1

This is a recipe by which to make a useful solution even in times of emergency. Take 200 ml of pure water, preferably boiled and purified, dissolve in it 5 grams of salt and the same of sugar. To take the same dosages as conventional pharmaceutical preparation.

Recipe No. 2

Half a litre of water you need to take two tablespoons of sugar, a quarter teaspoon of baking soda and the same of salt. Also mix thoroughly and drink as recommended. This saline solution will be much better and faster effects on the body due to the content in the composition of the soda.

Recipe No. 3

Not much different from the first. You just need to separately dissolve salt and sugar one tablespoon per liter of water. Make the solutions turns every ten minutes. You can also do two separate jars – one a solution of soda and another of salt. If you want to make rehydron home for a child, just mix in a glass of water 1 spoon of sugar, half of salt and soda.

Saline solution on the raisins

If you have time, you can prepare a saline solution on the basis of a decoction of raisins. For this, dried grapes in the amount of 100 g boiled in water for half an hour, the broth is filtered and to it added all the same ingredients – salt, sugar and soda.

The resulting mixture is boiled for three minutes and cooled to room temperature, can now be used for treatment.

If this is an emergency, prepare your home regidron without raisins. Store any solution can be no more than days at a cool temperature and in a dark place.

The main properties and recommendations

Dehydration is very dangerous for the body, especially for children, so the symptoms of poisoning, vomiting should not be allowed to drift. It is best if you have diarrhea or the vomiting immediately call an ambulance. It is advisable to start taking all necessary medications immediately, as in the process of vomiting and diarrhea dehydration and loss of nutrients by the body happen quite quickly.

Home drug and pharmacy are the main treatment, remember this! If there is a poisoning and the unpleasant associated symptoms, it is necessary to seek the cause and eliminate it.

Rehydron is used exclusively to restore the electrolyte balance, but does not cure poisoning and not removes toxic substances from the body, so taking extramedicinal drugs are necessary, but at intervals with the intake of salt solution.

Rehydron is not so harmless drug when the dose or if the wrong preparation of the solution can cause significant harm to the body, besides, there are some contraindications, in which the drug is limited or completely prohibited. It should not be given to patients in an unconscious state, for high blood pressure, as well as strong and incessant vomiting. Also contraindications are diabetes, renal colic, intestinal obstruction. Children are encouraged to drip, not to drink the solution slowly. It is the acceptance of the solution in small portions will help to prevent the next attack of vomiting, and quickly restore the body all the necessary substances.

Similar drugs

In addition regidrona, can be purchased in a pharmacy or similar in composition preparations which do not differ from the original:

  • "Normogen";
  • "Oral";
  • "Regidron"Optim;
  • "Re-Salt";
  • "Electral".

Regidron needs to be kept in the home medicine Cabinetso that when something unpredictable situations can quickly and easily use the powder and prepare a solution. The house was not in an emergency, use the recipes and be sure to consult your doctor.