Sorbent Polisorb MP: what is it and how to take

POLYSORB – is a modern drug with a broad spectrum of action. Thanks to its absorbent properties, it effectively absorbs toxins in the body, sequentially outputting from the bowel these harmful substances. The tool itself does not penetrate into the bloodstream and is absorbed in the intestine. The main advantage of the drug's versatility. Because the action of POLYSORB is not limited exclusively to pathogens, and applies to all types of substances of exogenous and endogenous origin that may harm the health. Let's see POLYSORB treats, if he is not harmful and what regimens should be observed in each case.

The composition and form of release of the drug

POLYSORB is a one-component composition. As the only active component acts as a highly dispersed silicon dioxide, having properties of absorption and detoxification. The drug is available only in the form of a white powder for suspension, without any odors. The powder is packaged in plastic containers of various sizes or small bags, which contain a single dose of the drug.

The original name of the medicinal product – POLYSORB. Sometimes you can find the name without the prefix MP in the end. But really we are talking about the same medical facility, and the reduction is applied solely for the convenience of pronunciation.

Drug action and indications for use

POLYSORB – is a sorbent chemical origin, characterized by a high effectiveness against toxins of various origins. Silicon dioxide has a more powerful sorption effect than other similar substances (metalquimia acid, activated charcoal or lignin). And thanks to the high activity against poisons and the process of their elimination of the body, the detoxifying effect is manifested in a shorter time than with treatment with other drugs.

Another positive quality of the drug is its versatility in the effects on the toxins. POLYSORB equally active against both exogenous toxic substances and decay products formed in the course of metabolic processes in the body. In General, the drug is used for removing toxins, as follows:

  • pathogenic microorganisms (virus, cells, bacteria, fungi) and produced by her toxic substances;
  • food allergens;
  • medication;
  • heavy metals and their compounds (salts);
  • radioactive substances;
  • chemical poisons and vegetable origin;
  • ethanol and its breakdown products;
  • the excess amount of cholesterol, bilirubinemia;
  • urea.

Given the universality of the drug, indications for its acceptance is not limited to mild intestinal poisoning. So, in many countries POLYSORB included in the General scheme of treatment of many diseases, including viral infections such as influenza and colds. This comprehensive approach to treatment can significantly reduce the duration of illness and relieve its course.

According to the instructions for use, indications for admission POLYSORB include:

  • acute poisoning in children and adults regardless of etiology;
  • intestinal infectious diseases caused by exposure to pathogenic microorganisms;
  • food poisoning by eating contaminated or expired products;
  • indigestion, an imbalance intestinal flora;
  • inflammatory diseases, wearing purulent, provokes the intoxication of the organism;
  • acute toxic poisoning (poisons, drugs, ethanol, mercury, etc.);
  • for the prevention of Allergy, food allergies, atopic dermatitis;
  • in the complex therapy of viral hepatitis and jaundice to reduce the concentration of bilirubin;
  • renal pathology, renal failure increased concentrations of nitrogenous substances in the body;
  • in the prevention of poisoning in hazardous work conditions.

If we consider the situation in General, the reception POLYSORB justified under any conditions involving intoxication symptoms of varying intensity.

Instructions for use

Powder dosage and duration of treatment depends on the type of disease and age of the patient. Take the powder inside the pre-spreading of the necessary quantity of water. It is recommended to prepare the solution immediately before use, if necessary, allowed storage of the finished suspension for a short time (in the fridge). Absorbent POLYSORB tablets not available.

Dry powder without breeding is forbidden to eat!

Make the sorbent is necessary for an hour before a meal or after a half hour afterwards. In the complex treatment of food Allergy is shown taking during a meal. Simultaneous administration of POLYSORB with other drugs is possible only at observance of time intervals (at least 1 hour).

To calculate dosage, you must consider the weight of the patient, which will make the drug. As measuring cups uses a standard tea and dining roomspoon. 1 tsp with the top contains 1 g in 1 tbsp. with top – 3 g of the drug. The recommended single dose for a child is 1 teaspoon for adults – 1 tbsp. l. Values are approximate and can be adjusted by a physician in accordance with the course of the disease and severity of symptoms. Overdoses of the powder sorbent is unknown.

The recommended dosage according to the annotation, and depending on the weight of the patient presented in the table.

Weight The recommended dose of powder Polisorb MP The amount of water to make slurry
10 kg or less 0,5-1,5 tsp during the day 50 ml
from 11 to 20 kg 1 tsp at each meal 50 ml
from 21 to 30 kg 1 tsp with the top at each meal 70 ml
from 31 to 40 kg 2 tsp with a horse at each meal 100 ml
from 41 to 60 kg 1 tbsp with the top at each meal 100 ml
60 kg and more 2 tbsp with the top at each meal 150 ml

Treatment regimen and duration of course will depend on the indication for taking the drug. In some cases, for relieving symptoms of intoxication and normalization of the patient's condition can be quite a few days, in other – reception POLYSORB needs to be extended to 2 weeks. If necessary, the treatment is carried out again.

If there are indications the rate of re-admission of the drug POLYSORB carried out only after a two week break.

Food poisoning

Timely cleansing of the body from pathogenic microorganisms, toxins and toxic substances in acute food poisoning – a mandatory stage of treatment. For maximum effect it is recommended to start therapy with gastric lavage, to preclude absorption into the blood is still spread the infection. For gastric lavage using 1% aqueous solution POLYSORB for children and 2% solution for adults (1-2 tsp per 100 ml water). 3 hours later after rinsing the sorbent Polisorb is taken orally according to dosage (2 tbsp for an adult). 2 tbsps of powder diluted with water, and the prepared suspension is divided into several stages with an interval of 1.5 hours.

In severe course of disease after 6 hours will be repeated gastric lavage. In this case, the drug carried by the standard procedure 2-3 times a day 1 tablespoon with the top. On the second day the treatment continues, additional cleansing of the stomach is not required. Depending on the condition of the patient the duration of intake of the drug may be increased to 5 days.

In addition to taking the drug recommended the use of large amounts of fluid for rehydration and prevention of dehydration due to diarrhoea.

Intestinal infection

Among the causative agents of intestinal infections include Staphylococcus, Salmonella, viruses and fungienter the body failure to comply with hand hygiene and eating contaminated food. A collection of different diseases that affect the lower digestive tract. Common symptoms of infection – vomiting, diarrhoea and fever. Treatment is selected depending on the type of pathogenic microorganisms, it can include receiving an antiviral, antifungal or antibacterial drugs. But the main point of the therapy the reception of sorbents that help to cleanse the body of toxins and relieve symptoms.

In acute intestinal infection in the first day POLYSORB taken 1 tablespoon every hour. The maximum allowable daily dose for an adult leaves 5 tbsp of the drug. The next day reduced the number of devices to 4 times. On the third day after assessment of the patient's condition the drug is canceled. If necessary, the treatment can be extended for another 3 days under the standard scheme (thrice a day).

Viral hepatitis and the sorbent in the complex of treatment

Intoxication is one of the most prominent symptoms of disorders of the liver. Bile stasis and destruction of liver cells cause the accumulation of poisons. At the same time, the drug POLYSORB allows you to effectively remove toxins, preventing the poisoning with products of disintegration. This gives you the opportunity to reduce the duration of inpatient treatment of the patient for 5-7 days.

For maximum effect, POLYSORB after a meal it is recommended to take from the first days of the disease. The course of treatment is 7-10 days subject to receiving three times a day. Single dosage of the drug must correspond to the patient's weight (3-5 g powder).

Syndrome chronic renal failure

As an aid to treatment of kidney failure POLYSORB promotes blood purification from nitrogen compounds. In this situation, the drug is recommended to take the courses. The average course duration is 1 month, repeat possible after a two week break. The methods of application, dosage of powder meet the weight and age of the patient.

Such cleansing the body of toxins is necessary for the improvement of the patient, reducing the manifestation of the main symptoms of kidney failure. The drug between the hemodialysis session allows you to increase the duration of the period betweenprocedures.

Treatment of flu and colds

We have the appointment of sorbents for colds not widespread in medical practice. As they are not being treated for primary infection. However, in modern European countries are already using sorbent preparations to remove toxins formed as a result of the vital activity of viruses. This allows to prevent the recurrence of absorption of poisons in the blood during the development of the disease, thereby reducing the temperature, reducing the load on the immune system and recovery occurs in a shorter time.

The course of treatment with POLYSORB for colds is 7 days. Dosage for children and adults match the table. To drink powder should be three times a day.

Given the broad spectrum of action, in the treatment of influenza and SARS are advised to take it POLYSORB. Analogs of the drug can be ineffective against some of the decay products.

Alcohol intoxication

Alcohol poisoning – a serious condition caused by ethanol and its breakdown products in the body. The level of intoxication may vary, depending on the quantity of alcohol and duration of its use.

Under normal hangover standard adult dose of POLYSORB prescribed 5 times per day in the first day after the feast, and 4 times a day for the next. When you exit from hard drinking to relieve withdrawal symptoms and prevent delirium tremens the drug is prescribed 3 times a day for 1.5 tbsp Duration of treatment is 7-10 days.

POLYSORB in Pediatrics

POLYSORB MP has no age contraindications, if necessary, can be assigned to children with months of age. But many are wondering how to take POLYSORB for children. As with adult treatment, the drug must be in accordance with the weight category of the child. With low weight in infants we use the scheme of calculation: the number of pounds/10. The result is the amount of powder in grams per single dose. Total for the day of sorbent take three an hour before feeding or a half after him.

The most common indications in pediatric practice, diathesis, atopic dermatitis and intestinal disorders caused by imbalance of the microflora. The main advantage of POLYSORB – binding and removal of pathogens in the lower parts of the intestines without affecting the beneficial microflora of the baby. This allows to achieve the effect of sorption and simultaneously to avoid the development of goiter.

For infants powder sorbent can be diluted in breast milk. Young children for the preparation of suspension is allowed to use juices without pulp or other natural drinks home cooking (juice, juice).

Treatment of intestinal poisoning in pregnancy and lactation

Apply sorbent Polisorb in the period of carrying a child and lactation is possible, but only with appropriate indications as an auxiliary method of treatment of infection. The fact that the drug has the ability to wash from the body with the toxins multivitamin compounds, and calcium. And, if necessary, drug therapy of the mother are shown additional vitamin complex to restore lost minerals.

During pregnancy correction dose and frequency reception is not performed, and the treatment is carried out according to the standard scheme. The duration of intake should not exceed two weeks, and after the elimination of symptoms of poisoning, treatment should be discontinued. Under these conditions, the sorbent has no negative influence on the health of the expectant mother and the fetus. Longer courses are unacceptable.

If pregnancy occurs with toxemia, apply the standard scheme of the drug. Course duration – 14 days. If necessary, re-appointment POLYSORB possible after a break of 3-4 weeks. But it often happens that one course is sufficient for relief of symptoms of toxicity and their prevention.

Treatment of acne and acne scars with sorbent

Acne is a result of malfunction of the body, weak local immune and metabolic disturbances. Normalization of the intestinal microflora and its cleansing of toxins is a necessary component of treatment of acne at any age, the reception of the sorbent ensures that the skin will look better. And POLYSORB copes with this task, preventing the penetration of toxic substances into the General circulation.

Treatment polisorba allows to eliminate the inflammatory process in the skin and reduce the appearance of acne. For maximum effect it is recommended to take 2 courses with an interval of 7 days. Duration of one course of acne treatment is 14 days. During this period, POLYSORB from acne it is recommended to take three times a day for 1 tbsp.

To completely get rid of acne and improve skin color, it is useful to combine the internal intake of the sorbent with an external application in the form of masks. To prepare the mask you need to dilute 1 tsp of powder with water to a thick slurry. Apply mixture to face, leave on for 20-30 minutes then rinse with warm water. A purifying mask for oily skin is recommended to do once a week. Owners of dry skinbreak between treatments should be increased to 10 days.

Sorbent as part of a diet for weight loss

In the struggle for slim figure colon cleanse play a special role. Assistance in the removal of toxins from the body allows you to get rid of a few pounds, without compromising health. But self-administration of the sorbent will not give a stable result, if we neglect diet, proper nutrition and exercise.

Polisorb slimming is a tool in the fight against excess weight. It helps to clean the intestines from toxins and products of disintegration of fat cells, speeding up the process of weight reduction. The combination of the sorbent and diet can improve the effect of weight loss is 1.5-2 times, minimizing the possible complications of hard power.

Many women are interested in, how many days to receive the sorbent to achieve the desired result. For weight loss powder POLYSORB correctly to take twice a day 2 tsp pre-spreading it in the water. The course of treatment is 10 days. After a week break, the course must be repeated. It will lose a couple more pounds and fix the result.

Side effects and contraindications

Like any other medication, POLYSORB has its contraindications. So, treatment of the sorbent is prohibited under these conditions:

  • duodenal ulcer in the period of exacerbation;
  • ulcer of the stomach;
  • atony (impaired muscle tone) of the bowel;
  • bleeding in the digestive tract;
  • individual intolerance to the silica.

Overdoses sorbent is unknown. Side effects from taking the powder also are extremely rare. Perhaps the manifestation of dyspeptic symptoms, constipation or allergic reactions.

The sorbent may contribute to the malabsorption of calcium and vitamins. Therefore, if necessary, drug treatment POLYSORB course more than two weeks usually is recommended additional intake of multivitamin complexes.

POLYSORB – is a safe drug with high effectiveness and fast action. And the many positive reviews only confirm the information of the manufacturer. But remember that the choice in favor of one or another drug to do a specialist, taking into account all existing evidence.