Can I drink expired activated carbon

Activated carbon is a relatively cheap adsorbent which is used for the treatment of patients of all age groups. It promotes binding of toxic substances in the body and their smooth conclusion. This drug is inexpensive, so in many families they are stored for future use, it is stored in a home medicine Cabinet for years. But on the question of whether to drink expired activated charcoal, doctors give an ambiguous answer.

General characteristics of the drug

Activated carbon refers to medicines of natural origin.

This substance has a porous structure and is produced from different carbonaceous materials like wood, nuts, shells and some fruit seeds. Get the sorbent at high temperature, the active substance is carbon.

Medicinal properties depend directly on the presence on the surface of the tablets active double bonds. In a drug many pores, which provide good adsorptive effect.

The effect of the drug on the body

The effect of the drug on the body begins almost instantly after eating him inside. It helps to remove all contaminants from the liquid by associating them with their particles. Adsorption is carried out from the moment when toxic substances begin to penetrate the fabric. The drug does not remove the toxic substance that is sucked into the bloodstream. But the toxins that contains the stomach and intestines, are absorbed.

Activated charcoal adsorbs on its surface not only toxic substances, but also vitamins, minerals and nutrients. So use it very carefully.

The shelf life of the adsorbent

Basically, the shelf life of activated charcoal in the pills is two yearswhat is written on the package. The drug is characterized by a high hygroscopicity, so it must be stored in a dry place and without damaging the integrity of the blister. The shelf life is unlimited if it is to be stored in a dry, ventilated area in original packaging.

In fact, the shelf life of activated carbon is not calculated just two years, it can be stored for a long time subject to certain conditions. Adsorption characteristics will be manifested as long as no chemical reactions occur between coal, water and air.

A home first aid kit periodically need to review and replace medications with expired!

What happens if you drink expired drug

If man drinks expired activated charcoal, then harm to the body there will be no. This medicinal product does not break down into harmful components in the storage process. If the medication was stored properly, despite the expiration date, it will be able to bind and remove toxins from the body. Improper storage of the activated carbon is simply digested by the stomach and will come in a natural way.

When the shelf life of the adsorbent has expired and pharmacies near there, it is possible to use such tablets as first aid. Worse from taking this drug definitely will not.

Is it possible to poison expired activated carbon

Poison expired adsorbent is very difficult. This can take place only in the case if you eat non-normalized number of tablets.

Poisoning as such is not just due to leaching from the body of nutrients and vitamins a person will feel weakness, dizziness and slight nausea.

While it does not matter whether there is a certain shelf life at the coal or not. The deterioration of health will lead the abuse as normal activated carbon, and overdue.

How to keep the adsorbent

To the drug when used brought only benefits, it must be properly stored:

  1. To buy in limited amounts and store on the door of the refrigerator, in a tight bag or container.
  2. Not to hold the charcoal near the volatile substances that can evaporate.
  3. Tablets should be stored only in the original package, along with instructions for use.

If tablets or capsules expired for a few months, they quietly take to treat intestinal disorders and poisoning. In other cases it is better to play it safe and buy a fresh medication.

When activated carbon that lies in the first, long overdue, the only person to decide to drink it or not. No harm it will bring, but it can also be a little.