Which is better – or POLYSORB activated carbon

Chelators are medicines that can bind and excrete harmful and toxic substances. In pharmacies you can find a large range of drugs, so often people have the question arises – what treatment is better to give preference? For example, POLYSORB or activated charcoal – which is better?


The enterosorbent POLYSORB contains the active ingredient colloidal silicon dioxide. It has a universal binding effect and is able to free human body from these harmful substances:

  • disease-causing microbes;
  • the toxins produced inside the body or coming from outside;
  • all kinds of allergens;
  • salts of mercury, silver, zinc, copper;
  • potent poisons;
  • ethanol and its derivatives.

POLYSORB is most often used in such cases:

  1. Poisoning by toxic substances of different degrees of difficulty for different age categories.
  2. All sorts of intestinal infection and dysbiosis and diarrhoea that are not related to the influence of pathogenic bacteria.
  3. Intoxication on the background of sepsis and purulent-necrotic lesions.
  4. Acute poisoning from chemicals used in industrial production or in the home.
  5. Allergy caused by food or drug allergens.
  6. The progression of kidney disease.
  7. The toxemia of pregnancy.
  8. Hangover and hangover prevention.
  9. Viral hepatitis and other hepatitis.
  10. Preventive cleansing of the body.

POLYSORB effectively eliminates various manifestations of intoxication, so it can be used in treatment of virtually any pathological process, including the flu, colds, dermatitis, allergies and infections.

Activated carbon

Activated carbon is the sorbent with high surface activity. The main active substance is activated carbon, but also has potato starch as a minor component. The drug acts only in the gut and does not get into General circulation.

It is able to adsorb these substances:

  • nitrogenous water-insoluble organic matter;
  • about nitrogen-free compounds of plant origin;
  • poisons of biological origin;
  • barbituric acid derivatives;
  • gases;
  • salicylic acid derivatives;
  • salts of heavy metals.

Activated charcoal is recommended under these conditions:

  1. Food, drug, alcohol or chemical poisoning.
  2. Diarrhea, flatulence, dyspepsia on a background of disturbed microflora.
  3. Different intestinal infections.
  4. All sorts of allergic reactions.
  5. Serious violations of the liver and kidneys.
  6. Disruptions in the body's metabolic processes.
  7. Prevention of gas formation prior to endoscopic diagnosis.

This treatment is successfully used for many years. And if earlier it was used solely as a means of detoxification, but now it has found wide application in cosmetic purposes. The modern woman with activated charcoal lose weight, cleanse the pores, and whiten teeth.

Which is better

Dilemma – POLYSORB or coal has no single solution, as each of these drugs has its own strengths and weaknesses. Here are some of them:

  1. Form of issue. Activated charcoal is sold in the form of capsules, tablets and powder therefore, patients can choose what is more convenient in their case. And Polisorb has 1 a standard form of issue powder for preparation of suspensions.
  2. The active surface area. Activated carbon it is much smaller and hence the number and frequency of techniques of this funds need to be increased. POLYSORB and in this respect gives odds to many other analogues.
  3. Possible side effects. Activated carbon often leads to stool disorders, disorders of motor function of the intestine and persistent lack of vitamins, proteins, fats and hormones with continued use. POLYSORB in most cases well tolerated by patients.
  4. Effect on mucous membranes. Coal has a fairly coarse particles, so in some cases may injure the intestinal mucosa. POLYSORB acts more delicately.
  5. Financial point of question. Here, of course, wins activated carbon. However, given its required amount, and over a wide range of actions POLYSORB, one may doubt this conclusion.

Someone the old fashioned way used to use activated carbon, citing the fact that cheap and effective. And someone prefers more gentle absorbents of new generation, such as POLYSORB. In any case, if required by the condition of the body, it is best to apply at least the treatment of the old generation, just to give the freedom of harmful toxins.