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POLYSORB or smectite: it is better if you can accommodate

For many years in every human body accumulate many harmful substances. Poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, stress – all this contributes to the fact that over time, the body becomes clogged with unnecessary substances and overall health getting worse. For this reason, exacerbated many chronic diseases.

Elimination of toxins from the body – a serious and long process. Sorbents perfectly cleanse the body, removing accumulated toxins. Among the most popular sorbents can specify POLYSORB and smectite. Often a person faces a choice, which of the proposed sorbents to choose? The modern pharmaceutical industry offers a huge number of drugs having such action and, in their diversity, easy to get lost. Try to figure out which is better – POLYSORB or smectite? You need to know what constitutes each of these drugs.

How to apply

POLYSORB smecta and have the same purpose – to cleanse the body of of toxins, contribute to the General improvement of man.

Both drugs are similar in action but different in use and dosage, have different side effects. These drugs do not treat the cause of the disease, however, are excellent auxiliary means in the fight against many diseases.

Comparative characteristics of the POLYSORB and smecta

The active ingredient Silicon dioxide colloidal Main: dioctahedral smectite,

Auxiliary: flavorings, dextrose, sodium saccharin

Pharmacological group Sorbent Sorbent
Release form White powder for preparation of oral suspension. Diluted with water The powder blue color for making slurry.
In some cases Different types of allergies, diarrhea, food poisoning, various intestinal infections. Assigned also in viral hepatitis.

To cleanse the body and remove the effects of alcohol intoxication.

Total cleansing of toxins

Various forms of diarrhea, heartburn, bloating

In the complex treatment of intestinal infections. Total cleansing of toxins

The effect on the stomach Does not damage the wall Does not damage the wall
Side effects In very rare cases – constipation, usually good tolerability Possible pronounced constipation during a long reception. In practice, in very rare cases, an allergic reaction, nausea
Contraindications Gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract, drug intolerance, intestinal atony. In the case of long-term use can excrete calcium and vitamins Individual intolerance to the components of the drug, poor permeability of the intestinal fructose intolerance. Be wary of people with such a problem as chronic constipation
The terms of the acquisition Without a prescription Without a prescription
The duration of treatment Depends on the pathology, may be 3-5 days, and courses can be conducted up to 2 weeks with intervals. From 3 to 5 days
Interaction with other medications It is possible without fears Not recommended, as the medication can affect the speed and degree of action of other drugs. In case of emergency, break between taking smecta and other drugs should be 1-2 hours
The excretion of Displays fully Excreted from the body completely
Duration of use Possible long-term use with breaks not less than 2 weeks Possible long-term use with breaks not less than 2 weeks
The degree of toxicity Non-toxic, but it must be remembered that the powder make dry impossible, you should always dilute it with drinking water Non-toxic. It is also impossible to make dry.
Who may be appointed Approved for use people of any age, including newborns, pregnant and lactating women Approved for use people of any age, including newborns. Pregnant and lactating women without further adjustment.
The cost Available Available

Want to know more about sorbents

Smectite is easily enough perceived by the body, although many patients notice an unpleasant taste of the medication. You need to drink it in diluted form in small SIPS to avoid gag reflexes. Minor side effects when consuming this drug are rare.

In the case of the smektoj we must not forget that between doses of this drug and other drugs should be at least 1 hour.

About whether this drug can affect driving ability, are currently unknown.

Keep this drug should at temperature not exceeding 25 degrees and out of reach of children. Sealed shelf life is 3 years.

Polisorb has a very broad spectrum of action. It is much more than smecta. This medication is able to actively bind toxic substancesin the body, and quickly pull them out.

Sorption capacity POLYSORB 3 times higher than its counterparts.

Can he take the consequences of the intoxication of any kind, so it is often prescribed in the complex treatment of many diseases. POLYSORB has two main and very important properties:

  1. Absorbs harmful substances (corrosive proteins, toxins, radionuclides, heavy metals, drugs, alcohol, etc.)
  2. Removes intoxication.

The drug removes not only toxins, but also unnecessary decomposition products formed during metabolism. Application of POLYSORB helps to ensure that the treatment can significantly be reduced by the amount assigned to other medicines. Often, doctors prescribe it for colds. It helps to reduce body temperature and significantly improve the General condition of the patient without additional taking antipyretic drugs. POLYSORB is also used successfully in the treatment of skin diseases, various dermatitis, eczema.

However, POLYSORB has a defect: prolonged use can cause deficiency of calcium and vitamins, so the doctor need to take vitamins.

The result is a strong cleansing of the body with the help of this tool significantly improves the condition of the skin. Some patients note easy bad taste from suspension, but it more than covered its therapeutic effect. The ability to drive vehicles POLYSORB is not affected.

The use of POLYSORB and at the same time smecta is highly undesirable.

Sometimes the drug of choice becomes filtrum STI. POLYSORB or filtrum STI – resolving this issue should provide to the attending doctor, because each of the drugs prescribed for certain indications.

You need to remember that suspension and POLYSORB and smecta should be prepared for single use, do not dilute too much powder. Any special storage conditions both drugs do not require.

In case of an emergency, you can take one dose of any of these drugs immediately in accordance with the regulations, but further treatment should take place under the supervision of a physician. Dosage should be determined only by the specialist, based on the available analyses and the General condition of the sick. He also will determine the duration of treatment. Self-treatment may not only help, but also lead to serious consequences.