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How to give enterosgel baby: instructions for use

How to give enterosgel for the baby and do I need it? These questions bother many mothers whose children have become hostages of any disease. Firstly, enterosgel practically has no contraindications, and secondly, helps eliminate toxic substances from children's weak stomach and intestines. All diseases, or otherwise associated with toxic damage to organs or systems, as well as blood, requires the reception of absorbent products. The best in this group of medicines to receive newborns and nursing mothers are considered enterosgel.

Brief description of the drug

The remedy belongs to the group of sorbents. The action of the basic substance is directed to the absorption and subsequent excretion of toxic substances from the body through the intestines. Sorbent preparation is a hydrogel, which is produced by the pharmaceutical industry in the form of paste or gel substance. Enterosgel adult has a peculiar chalky taste, but for children, the producers added sweet components. The drug can be carried out along with other drugs, observing certain intervals. This eliminates the risk reducing effects of other drugs. Feature of enterosgel in the ability to bind only to pathogenic substances and bacterial environment. Once in the stomach, the active substance is gently envelops the mucous tissue of the body binds toxic compounds and excretes through the intestines. The safety of the drug in the neonatal period due to the lack of absorbability into the lymphatic system and circulatory system.

In addition to the cleaning function, enterosgel helps the digestion of the child, soothes irritated mucous membranes, cleanses the blood through the membrane structures of the intestine. Regular use of the drug in a background of chronic diseases of various organs or systems can increase local immunity of the patient.

Components of the medication

Enterosgel is absolutely safe for young children due to the porous composition. Preparation includes the following components:

  • of a polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate. The porous component and the active substance means, quickly absorbing all of the toxic elements from the cavities of the digestive tract;
  • the water purified. Water is the main constituent of the substance for the formation of a gel substance. Gel is a kind of sponge which absorbs pathogenic environment, food half-life and decay of the blood and intestines. The gel allows you to quickly eliminate toxic compounds from the body of the baby after 10-12 hours.

The absence of other chemical compounds is a huge advantage among the alternative medication, as the medication carries a potential risk for the functionality of vital organs of the baby.

Key benefits

Enterosgel has many advantages because of the mechanism of impact on the structure of the digestive tract. With proper reception is possible to achieve a stable enterosorbiruyuschee action without harm to the body and the violation of the internal microflora of the child. The main advantages of the application include:

  • directed (binding only toxins and bacteria);
  • the lack of adhesion to mucous structures (unlike activated carbon);
  • soft gel substrate;
  • security;
  • the possibility of applying at any age.

The absence of specific contraindications does drug a real boon in the treatment of intoxications in infants. The molecular composition of the drug has the size of the cells of pathogenic environments, hence the focus of actions against toxins and harmful compounds.

Indications and contraindications

Enterosgel for children up to years or older are shown as subsidiary therapy in different conditions of the patient associated with the accumulation of metabolic products and toxins in the body. Major indications include the following diseases:

  • intoxication of any origin;
  • renal or hepatic insufficiency;
  • skin Allergy and skin rashes;
  • allergic reactions to foods or medications;
  • septic infection;
  • diseases of the digestive tract;
  • the prevention of poisoning (e.g., summer).

Enterosgel is permissible to drink women breastfeeding to improve milk quality and for the best work of the stomach of the baby. It is recommended to give the remedy to children older than 6 months between the first feeding to improve digestibility of the food. Visible improvement in the treatment of various diseases occur in 3 days after starting this drug.

In spite of the absolute safety of the drug enterosgel may not be appropriate under the following conditions baby:

  • severe liver disease or kidney disease (including substitution therapy);
  • intolerance of the active component;
  • malformations of the digestive tract or congenital disease.

All contraindications can be called relative, as each particular case and the dose being examined by doctors on an individual basis. If necessary, a course of enterosgel relate to the potential risks and expected benefits from reception. If you are allergic to components it is better to refrain from receiving funds.

The recommended dose

Before applying the hydrogel is ground anddiluted with water. To simplify the babies it is better to use a paste that they usually easily resolves. Dosage looks like this:

  • Enterosgel for babies (required dose, diluted with water or breast milk about 3-4 times a day, to dilute the paste is not necessary);
  • 6-12 months (calculated dose is diluted with water or diluted juice several times a day);
  • 12 months and older (increased the dose several times a day before meals).

Enterosgel was diluted in a 1:1 ratio for intake. Take enterosgel for newborns can and externally by diluting a part of the "Chingola" or water. Such a composition is treated rashes, dermatitis, potnick in the folds.

For the prevention of various diseases intoxication is permissible to take the drug every morning and evening throughout the month, then it is important to take a break.

Important recommendations

In the instructions for use for children under 1 year indicated approximate quantity and method of supply in diluted form. Many kids refuse to drink any nasty drugs. Newborns spit, frown, hold in the mouth, and the older kids deliberately refuse to swallow. Manufacturers help kids cope with unpleasant feelings during treatment, adding part of the sweeteners or sugar. The pleasant taste helps children to overcome fear of treatment and to transform the procedure into a pleasant activity. For infants you can use the following tricks:

  • pasta kids should give no sweeteners;
  • dilute desired dose in the milk, sweet tea or diluted juice.

Typically, problems in the appointment and administration of the drug in adults is not observed, and children are happy to fulfill demand with its pleasant taste and various feed options. If parents think that the child spit out the medicine or used it in smaller quantities, it is not necessary to increase the daily dosage. It is better to give less than to exceed the norm. Heavy and persistent diseases require regular correction of dosages under the supervision of attending specialists. Enterosgel is a health directed drug against various illnesses, and not suitable for self-medication.

Preventive measures with the adoption of enterosgel are usually associated with high risk of infection. With aggravated clinical history of the child enterosgel must be taken as soon as there is positive environment or factors for the penetration of infection inside the body.