Effective during breastfeeding and lactation

Smectite breastfeeding is one of the main absorbents, which are completely safe and at the same time effective as in the treatment of nursing mothers, and infants. The drug does not penetrate the blood, and therefore does not fall into breast milk and can harm in feeding of newborns.

General characteristics of the drug

This natural remedy similar to clay powder. The medicine is available in a packaged version with vanilla and orange flavors.

The main purpose of smecta – quick absorption of harmful substances from the digestive system, with soft toxins from the body naturally. Smectite displays of food toxic substances in poisoning, spoiled food, chemicals in case of chemical poisoning, allergic substances in drug poisoning, and also absorbs annoying intestinal gas and bloating in the abdomen.

Is it possible to accept smektu a nursing woman

Before using any drug, even after receiving consultation from the physician, patients should carefully read the instructions for use, which should be attached.

When feeding baby feeding mother need to pay attention to the restrictions on the use of medication during lactation. Smectite when feeding your child is no exception.

Many medicines come in to the bloodstream, so will eventually get into the milk and will have a deleterious effect on the health of the little baby breastfeeding.

Smecta breast milk is not supplied, because it has the quality to penetrate into the blood. Smectite in HS my mom prescribed as a medication that is allowed during lactation. You need to remember that this tool also has a number of contraindications and side effects.

Indications for use of medication

Smectite is widespread as an effective means for different diseases. It is also prescribed for viral and bacterial diseases that occur with severe intoxication of the whole organism.

Smecta will help the nursing mother in the lactation period, when she will face one or several ailments:

  • diarrhea both acute and chronic nature;
  • heartburn;
  • bloating and flatulence;
  • peptic ulcer disease, gastritis and colitis;
  • the poisoning of various nature;
  • disorders of the stomach (dyspepsia), accompanied by pain;
  • infection of the intestine;
  • allergic diseases.

When the baby may experience a rash of allergic nature and the child is breastfed, the mother's doctor prescribes smectite and recommends to adhere to a strict diet.

In food Allergy, this treatment will help because of the diet of lactating moms will be withdrawn effective allergen, powder smecta only help to accelerate the process of withdrawal of the allergen out of her system.

When a breastfeeding woman is first born, parents often think that the cause of the rash on the baby's skin is incorrect diet mom. However, in some cases, allergies can have a character on detergents, personal belongings and items. Then smectite and prescribed diet will not remove the allergic irritation on the child's body. Therefore, before prescribing a course of treatment to properly diagnose and identify the cause of allergic diseases.

Accept smektu even to reduce body weight and cleanse whole body. You must adhere to certain rules of admission of powder during lactation, in order not to harm the mother and the baby.

How to make absorbent during lactation

Taking the powder in the lactation period, the nursing mother needs to follow some rules:

  • Make the powder you need for hour before meals or one hour after a meal.
  • You can drink the drug after other drugs, only two hours later.
  • To accept smektu, immediately after feeding the baby's chest.
  • After the adoption of the drug to feed the baby more in a few hours.
  • Due to the fact that the drugs are allowed to drink while breastfeeding, you can follow the General dosage. The mother should drink in the first three days on three packages of powder, fourth day – two pack and the fifth day – one package. However, acute diarrhea is recommended to drink a six pack in the first three disturbing days.
  • When observing the distinct side effects like constipation, itching, hives and rashes, you must immediately stop taking the drug.

Before each drug is prepared fresh solution, wherein the clay powder was thoroughly stirred.


Smectite cannot be taken with:

  • individual fructose intolerance and sensitivity;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • the lack of enzymes;
  • simultaneous reception of other sorbents.

Smectite is quite hygroscopic, so it connects everything that will be in the digestive system. The drugs that people took together with the powder, will also be neutralized.

Smectite is a good tool for providing emergency first aid for poisoning. It can be used for treatmentnursing mothers and to treat infants. Start taking the drug should preferably only after consultation with your doctor.